The Bloon Inflation Factory is needed for you to send your own Bloon attacks or get revenge on other players.
~ BMC Mobile description
The Bloon Inflation Factory is a building exclusive to the mobile version of Bloons Monkey City. It costs $1500, Lightning thing-010 and gives player 300 xp. It consists of three Bloontonium Storage Tanks (that when filled, are green), two Bloontonium Generators, a Bloon Inflation and Deployment Facility, and a cooling tower. It also replaces the buildings listed above; they cannot be built separately in the mobile version. The building takes up a 2x2 tile space. Once built, the building cannot be built again, just like all other BMCM Monkey v Monkey buildings.
Screenshot 2018-06-06-16-14-42

A Bloon Inflation Factory filled to 179% capacity.

The building also does not require the player to collect the bloontonium, and does not have or display a definite amount of bloontonium. It will simply show the percentage of how full the tanks are. A Bloon Inflation Factory that's 100% full is required to launch Monkey v Monkey attacks. Filling from empty takes 50 minutes.

The building can be filled above 100% bloontonium, the maximum being 200%, similar to the Bloontonium Storage Tanks. If filled above 100%, the storage tanks will shake.


  • When you have 99% Bloontonium filled, the Quick Fill button will display cost BloonstoneIcon0, so you can earn Bloontonium Icon1 for free.
    • This may be considered as a bug, yet has been noticed true by several people.
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