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All five possible ZOMG damage states lined up, from scratchless and prisitine to absolutely wrecked and missing an engine.

All five damaged states of the ZOMG in BTD6

Bloon Health (also referred to as HP; short for hit points) is the number of hits a MOAB-Class Bloon, Ceramic Bloon, Glass Bloon, Shielded Bloon, or (in Bloons Pop!) Fortified Bloon takes to pop. Visually, the less health a blimp or Ceramic has, the more damaged it appears.

Health Values[]

Health is calculated in many ways and can be altered. A notable example of occurs in Freeplay, where MOAB-Class Bloon health increases each round.

In BTD6, the Fortification property doubles the health of the Bloons, barring one exception, and any of its MOAB-Class and Ceramic children. Lead Bloon health is instead increased to four in BTD6, six in Battles 2.

In BTD6, the Regeneration property regenerates the health of the Bloons. It will only apply to non MOAB-Class, and will not regenerate the Fortified property.

Shielded Bloon[]

Shielded Bloons function differently depending on the game.

In Bloons Super Monkey 2 and its Mobile counterpart, the Shielded Bloon consumes pierce from any non-explosive attack, unless the attack possesses PierceShields Pierce Shields. In the Flash version, the shielded layer has 5 hp, while on mobile, the shielded layer has 15 hp.

In Bloons Adventure Time TD, the shielded property simply grants affected bloons an extra layer with 5 hp. It does not possess the ability to instantly negate remaining pierce of existing projectiles.

In Bloons Pop!, Shielded Bloons only possess one health, but damage cannot soak through the shielded layer. Thus, attacks with more than one damage will only deal one damage to the Shielded layer. Like BATTD, piercing attacks also pierce through shielded bloons.

Glass Bloon[]

Exclusive to Bloons Super Monkey 2 and its Mobile version, the Glass Bloon possesses 5 health on its outer layer. It is immune to Plasma Type (pops Black, White, Lead, Frozen)Plasma attacks, used by Energy/Tech and Storm Arm weapons. Popping it releases one Zebra Bloon. Unlike most other bloons with multiple health, it does not have damage phases to indicate when it is about to pop.

Ceramic Bloon[]

Their Shells require 10 damage to destroy before releasing 2 Rainbow Bloons, if Ceramic Bloon has regrow property the entire shell regenerates if rainbows are left untouched. Their total RBE is 104 in BTD5 and BTD6.

In Bloons Super Monkey 2 and its Mobile version, Ceramic Bloons only release one Rainbow, and also possess immunity to Magic Type (pops Black, White, Glass, Lead, Frozen, not Ceramic) Magic weapons.

There's also another variant of Ceramic known as Super Ceramics. these ceramic shells take significantly more damage to destroy, but its children do not split as result. This variant appears in Freeplay rounds to reduce lag while providing similar, if not tougher, challenge for the player.

In BTD5 Super Ceramics take 38 hits to destroy and have an RBE of 46. In BTD6 they received a buff as they take 60 Hits to destroy, but like their BTD5 counterpart, do not release children that split.

MOAB-Class Bloons[]

All MOAB-Class Bloons contain significant amounts of health, requiring many hits to destroy. (Fortified variants have double health). Note that MOAB-Class Bloons in Bloons Adventure Time TD have health modifiers on all difficulties in which they can normally appear, meaning the "base" health of these Bloons can only be seen in the.

Bloon Health
MOAB 200 200
BFB 700 700
ZOMG 4,000 4,000
DDT 400 450
BAD 20,000 15,000

Massive Ornary Air Blimp (MOAB)[]

They are the weakest (& 2nd fastest) MOAB-Class Bloon in the BTD series. They take 200 Hits to destroy before releasing 4 Ceramic Bloons. Beware their fortified variants. Total RBE: 616

Brutal Flying Behemoth (BFB)[]

They are the third weakest (& 3rd slowest) MOAB-Class Bloon in the the BTD series. They take 700 hits to destory before releasing 2 MOABs. A noticeable upgrade from the MOAB. Total RBE: 3,164.

Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness (ZOMG)[]

ZOMGs are the 2nd strongest (& 2nd slowest) MOAB-Class Bloon in the BTD series. They take 4,000 hits to destory before releasing 4 BFBs. An order of magnitude more powerful than BFBs, be prepared when facing these mighty foes. Total RBE: 16,656.

Dark Dirigible Titan (DDT)[]

DDTs are the 2nd weakest, yet fastest MOAB-Class Bloon in the BTD series. They take 400 hits (480 hits on Round 90) to destroy (300 in BMC before accounting for MOAB HP multipliers) before releasing 4 (6 in BMC) Camo Regen Ceramic Bloons. Do not underestimate their ability to breeze through your defenses; stun, glue, and ice can help immensly when dealing with these dirigibles. Total RBE: 816 (BTD6) / 924 (BMC).

Note in Bloons Monkey City Mobile (not Flash), DDTs do *not* have Lead and Black resistances, but in all other games, they do possess their Lead and Black resistances, on top of their camo properties.

Big Airship of Doom (BAD)[]

The BAD is the strongest & and slowest MOAB-Class Bloon in the BTD series. They take 20,000 hits to destory (however it takes 28,000 hits to destroy on Round 100, due to health ramping), releasing 2 ZOMGs & 3 DDTs. This Bloon is not to be trifled with. Total RBE: 55,760.