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Upgraded to 6 barrels and massively increased damage. Bloons are excluded from existence.
~ In-game description

Bloon Exclusion Zone (also known as BEZ) is the fifth upgrade of Path 3 for the Dartling Gunner in Bloons TD 6. Compared to Bloon Area Denial System, it increases the attack speed by +50% (every 0.25s, or 0.167s with 0-2-5) by shooting from a total of 6 barrels instead of 4, increases projectile number from 6 buckshots to 12, increases pierce from 4 to 6, and overall damage of each buckshot increases from 4 to 8. The two top barrels additionally are tall enough to ignore almost all forms of Line of Sight.

When set to Target Independent, the Bloon Exclusion Zone now sets barrels to, in order from top to bottom: First, Last, Close, Strong, First, Strong.

It costs $49,300 on Easy, $58,000 on Medium, $62,640 on Hard, and $69,600 on Impoppable.



Bloon Exclusion Zone is significantly taller than its preceding upgrade, on account of the two additional barrels; the 2nd, 4th, and 6th are also given a darker grey color, in conjunction with the entire tower being painted a darker blue. This extends to the monkey, who sees more of their body obscured, with only their head being properly visible; they wear a dark blue helmet with white stripes, yellow side guards, a yellow emblem on the forehead, and a pair of blue-tinted glasses.


Bloon Exclusion Zone fires 50% faster than Bloon Area Denial System, with an attack cooldown of 0.25s, 0.167s with 0-2-5, on account of firing from 6 barrels; the top 2 are considered tall, and thus can fire over obstacles.

The actual shots retain the knockback from Buckshot, but deal 8 damage instead of 4, have 6 pierce instead of 4, and 12 are shot at once instead of 6.

As with the previous upgrade, it receives Target Independent, detailed below.

Targeting Priorities[]

Bloon Exclusion Zone customly aims based on direction and angle of where the Dartling points towards. It shoots straight movement projectiles controlled in a aim-based mobile style guided by touch-based mobility, albeit with some erratic angular deviation. Barrels alternate based on the turret's set targeting priority, from top to bottom.

  • Normal: Rotates towards the direction of where the player last tapped. On desktop versions, always rotates towards direction of the cursor inside the game.
  • Locked: Locks the Dartling in place. By default, locks at center of map, but can be adjusted in the same way as a Mortar Monkey. On desktop versions, using a hotkey to switch to Locked will default to wherever the mouse currently is pointing.
  • Target Independent: Barrels alternate in standard target priorities from top to bottom, and back to the top again for every cycle.
    • Bloon Exclusion Zone alternates between First, Last, Close, Strong, First, Strong.

Since all Dartlings already attack based on custom aim, Dartlings don't receive Camo Prioritization even with Advanced Targeting.



Bloon Exclusion Zone is a powerful option for popping grouped bloons and single-target bloons due to its high projectile count and high damage. Bloon Exclusion Zone doesn't necessarily require support to become usable in a real game, but for the best results, it should be buffed with supports that greatly benefit high-projectile towers. Because it shoots lots of projectiles per shot, it benefits a lot from Alchemist buffs, most specifically Stronger Stimulant, as well as from Pat Fusty.


  • Bloon Exclusion Zone does not pop Lead Bloons by default, as it has the shatter damage type, so adding a Monkey Intelligence Bureau is a good idea.
  • It requires camo detection or the Advanced Targeting upgrade to pop camo.
  • The 0-2-5 Bloon Exclusion Zone is the better upgrade, as the higher attack speed gives the Bloon Exclusion Zone with more overall DPS than simply increasing the accuracy of its projectiles.
  • Just like Bloon Area Denial System, Bloon Exclusion Zone greatly benefits from Alchemist buffs, especially Stronger Stimulant. It attacks quite fast, but still slower than a lower-tier Dartling Gun, so a Bloon Exclusion Zone actually will have nearly 100% uptime with Stronger Stimulant.
    • However, Acidic Mixture Dip will run out between shots. For better damage vs DDTs, consider stacking 4-5 Acidic Mixture Dip alchemists next to this tower. This gives it more damage and is cheaper than an MIB.
  • Because of how many projectiles it produces per shot, Bloon Exclusion Zone is a good candidate with Pat Fusty, although with Pat Fusty multiple Bloon Area Denial Systems might benefit better from him.
  • It produces many projectiles per shot, and because of this, it should be placed a little closer to the entrance, as it deals the most damage versus MOAB-class bloons. Add some space so that it is able to clean up Super Ceramics too.
  • When fighting against small groups of weaker bloons, the sheer amount of projectiles will simply wipe them out clean. It takes many more hits for Bloon Exclusion Zone to take down higher-HP MOAB-class, especially BADs, but it does a decent job otherwise. Its main weaknesses, however, are densely grouped MOAB-class and DDTs.
  • By placing the Bloon Exclusion Zone near the bottom of the gear on Geared, it can be seen that it has slightly more range than its previous upgrade, the Bloon Area Denial System.

Version History[]

Bloon Exclusion Zone's power remains fairly similar compared to when it was first released. It is strong at dealing high damage to MOAB-class and bloons, but slightly more for the former. Bloon Exclusion Zone got buffed in a few updates, but only by a slight amount.


Initial release.

As our most recently added tower we are very happy with all the excitement surrounding this beloved monkey tower and the general middleground play position. We're happy enough with its time in the wild to make some first impression changes here which we hope you'll continue to enjoy.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to multiple Dartling upgrades
  • Buff BEZ's projectiles now knock back non-MOAB-class bloons by a small amount on hit, similar to Super Monkey's Knockback but sends hit bloons ~33% backwards.
[...] Finally Bloon Exclusion Zone's price has as well been reduced slightly for edge case balance.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Bloon Exclusion Zone price decreased ($60,000 → $58,000).
Even though we like the theme of the slow hitting upgrade, Buckshot has struggled to live up to its potential, so attack speed has been further increased through all tiers. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Buckshot
  • Buff BEZ attack cooldown reduced from 0.3s -> 0.25s, because of the Buckshot attack speed buff.
The bottom path Bloon Exclusion Zone on the Dartling has had a lot of talk about damage types, with points raised on the viability here due to the high price. It did recently get a strong buff from the T3 up, but in order to work more into other synergies we have decided to finally do a damage type change here as well, starting from early on in the path.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to BEZ and Powerful Darts
  • Buff Bloon Exclusion Zone damage type from Sharp → Shatter
[...] Finally as the Laser Shock crosspath is not so favorable for Buckshot path dartlings, we have doubled down on the ‘Focus’ of Focussed Firing to also increase projectile travel distance.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff 1-0-5 BEZ’s Focus Firing crosspath grants distance to projectiles +25%


Official artwork[]


  • An "exclusion zone" is a terrestrial region where human access is forbidden.
  • The first Dartling Gunner 2TC was achieved by Dabloon, with 0-2-5 Prince of Darkness + 0-2-5 Bloon Exclusion Zone.[1]
  • At $58,000 for the upgrade alone, Bloon Exclusion Zone was the most expensive upgrade in the game that retains the sharp damage type until Version 29.0 where it now has the Shatter damage type.
    • The 2-0-5 and 0-2-5 Bloon Exclusion Zone both tied as the most expensive tower in the entire game that only has the sharp damage type.
    • That status has now been passed into 0-2-5 Avatar of Wrath.
  • The top 2 barrels possess high ground.
  • Bloon Exclusion Zone is the only Tier 5 Dartling without an appearance in the Dartling Gunner trailer video.
  • In one of the Dartling Gunner concept artworks, Bloon Exclusion Zone had a helmet similar to Elite Defender. It was later adapted into the Bloon Exclusion Zone's helmet by adding goggles into the operator's helmet.