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There's a new frontier, crazy special missions and a whole lotta Bloons that need popping!

Your monkeys can now journey to a new area, Bloon Dunes! Once your first city is level 15 you can venture forth and start building a second city on new terrain. New tracks, new items, new special missions and for the first time on a BTD web game, you can build the Engineer Workshop to get access to Monkey Engineers! The Bloons will be tougher, so you'll need all the help you can get.

~ "Introducing Second Cities" ingame description in Bloons Monkey City
When you start your 2nd city, you'll be faced with stronger bloon types early on. Sharpen your skills by taking more 'hard' rated land.
~ "More preparation" Quest description
Monkey City News

Bloon Dunes as first introduced

In Bloons Monkey City, Bloon Dunes is an area in which players can set up a second city (provided their original city in Grassy Pass is Level 15+). Players can switch between cities anytime by clicking the 'My Cities' button. It is a vast desert, and it has some exclusive terrains including the Badlands Terrain, High Desert Terrain, and Arid Grassland Terrain. There is also one extra map for all terrains except Snow and Caves. Bloonstones, Monkey Knowledge, progress with Quests, and special items are shared with your old city, but everything else is separate. There are also new special missions. Achieving a level 5 city will allow the player to unlock the Monkey Engineer (for both cities).

Tiles in Bloon Dunes are more difficult than in Grassy Pass:

  • Tile difficulty scales with distance from the center at an increased rate, meaning tiles with stronger Bloons generally appear closer to the center of the City.
  • MOAB-Class Bloons have approximately 21% more base health.
  • Most Special Missions have more rounds.


  • The main theme in Bloon Dunes is a heavily remixed version of Grassy Pass's theme.
  • Bloon Dunes was updated into Bloons Monkey City Flash on October 14th, 2014, but Ninjakiwi did not make the public announcement until the next day, October 15th.
  • Along with the Bloon Dunes update, the artwork for the Monkeys was also updated.
  • The map in the Bloon Dunes Contested Territory is different to the one in the Grassy Pass.
  • Some vultures can be seen flying around Bloon Dunes.
  • Bloon Dunes is not available for Bloons Monkey City Mobile, possibly because the Monkey Engineer is unlocked via the Special Mission, Engineer Rescue. Since Monkey Engineer is unlocked via Bloons Dunes in Bloons Monkey City Flash, it would make less sense to add it to Mobile.
  • Code for River 6 is included in Bloons Monkey City Mobile, which possibly means that Bloon Dunes was once intended to be added.