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Can glue one additional Bloon per shot and solvents melt two layers every second.
~ In-game description

Bloon Dissolver is the third upgrade of Path 1 for the Glue Gunner in Bloons TD 6.

This upgrade improves the glue to dissolve bloons at a much faster rate, particularly against Ceramics. Bloon Dissolver glue deals one damage every half a seconds (or two damage against Ceramics). Given enough time, it is capable of fully neutralizing Rainbow Bloons and below even without Stickier Glue. Additionally, it gains +1 pierce.

This upgrade costs $2,125 on Easy, $2,500 on Medium, $2,700 on Hard, and $3,000 on Impoppable.



Bloon Dissolver BTD6 2

Bloon Dissolver dissolving Fortified Ceramics into nothing

Bloon Dissolver now sports a blue suit and gas mask with green lenses, and the glue it fires is now green. It gains a tank of this green glue on its back, with a dark grey strap, and a green tube linking it to the blue-gray glue gun, which itself bears a small green tank on top.

Crosspathing with path 2 colors the nozzle orange and adds an orange stripe on the monkey's head. Crosspathing with path 3 adds a yellow glue splatter then switches it for a magenta stripe on its head.

Bloon Dissolver technically upgrades the glue into a Level 3 glue, allowing it to override Corrosive Glue status effects, including 2-0-3 MOAB Glue. Bloons affected by Bloon Dissolver, including MOAB-class, are inflicted with one damage, two to Ceramics, every 0.5 seconds for the duration of the glue. MOAB-class bloons receive half the duration.

Targeting Priorities[]

Bloon Dissolver targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Full Popology[]


Updated as of Version 43.0
Base stats
  • Glue:
    • Projectile, acid type, detects partial hitbox, 46 range, 1.0s attack cooldown, 0 damage, 2 pierce. Applies Dissolver Glue DoT, slowing bloons down by 50%, soaking all bloon layers, and dealing 1 damage every 0.5s or 2 damage every 0.5s versus Ceramics, lasts for 11s. Classified as a Level 3 Glue. Can target MOAB-class bloons but lasts for half duration.
Crosspathing interactions
  • 3-1-0: Pierce increases from 2 to 3.
  • 3-2-0: Pierce of Dissolver Glue decreases to 1 impact but upon collision creates Splatter that deals 5 pierce.
  • 3-0-1: Dissolver Glue lasts for 24 seconds instead of 11.
  • 3-0-2: Dissolver Glue slows by 75% instead of 50%.
Monkey Knowledge interactions

Attack Interactions[]

See also: Attack Interactions/Bloons TD 6/Primary
Updated as of Version 36.0
Base attack(s)
  • Glue:
    • Acid Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Acid
    • Single Projectile Single Projectile
    • Straight Attack Straight Attack
    • No damage to all bloon types (unspecified damage) No Damage
    • Dissolver Glue (Deals 1 damage (2 damage for Ceramic) every 0.5s for up to glue duration, lasts 11 Dissolver Glue (1 damage per 0.5s, 2 Ceramic damage per 0.5s, all layers, lasts for 11s, 5.5s for blimps)
    • Slowdown (50% speed, regular bloons) Slowdown (50%)


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (3-X-X) $2,125 $2,500 $2,700 $3,000 -
Total (3-0-0) $2,740 $3,225 $3,485 $3,870 $1,918 $2,258 $2,440 $2,709
Crosspath (3-1-0) $2,825 $3,325 $3,595 $3,990 $1,978 $2,328 $2,517 $2,793
Crosspath (3-2-0) $3,650 $4,295 $4,640 $5,155 $2,555 $3,007 $3,248 $3,609
Crosspath (3-0-1) $2,980 $3,505 $3,785 $4,205 $2,086 $2,454 $2,650 $2,944
Crosspath (3-0-2) $3,320 $3,905 $4,215 $4,685 $2,324 $2,734 $2,951 $3,280

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: BonusGlueGunnerIcon Bonus Glue Gunner, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



Bloon Dissolver increases the power of Corrosive Glue so that the Glue Gunner becomes built as an offensive cleanup tower versus bloons. It is more vulnerable to layering compared to alternate cleanup options, but Bloon Dissolver comes with the benefit of combined slowdown and decently quick damage-over-time. Its damage-over-time is fast enough to outpace Regrows (assuming normal regeneration rate), and reliably takes down Rainbows given enough time. Bloon Dissolver can be combined with Ice Monkeys with Re-Freeze to maximize the numbers of glued bloons.


  • Similarly in BTD5, this upgrade is great against any bloon type up to Ceramic (but not Super Ceramics). It deals low damage to MOABs, and since glue lasts half as long on MOAB-class bloons only minuscule damage is inflicted anyway.
  • Regrow Bloons can be easily countered with a minimum of Bloon Dissolver, assuming Regrow rate is at the normal rate.
  • Because the glue lasts for 11 seconds by default (24 seconds with 3-0-1 or 3-0-2), it will deal a maximum of 22 damage before the glue wears off (or 44 damage with 3-0-1 or 3-0-2), thereby neutralizing anything below a Ceramic. Note that it deals double damage to Ceramics, which against Ceramics is more like 96 damage for 3-0-2 or 44 damage for all other crosspaths.
  • Bloon Dissolver can pop a whole normal Ceramic for the duration of the glue given enough time. It is also able to pop whole normal Fortified Ceramic without Path 3 upgrades, given enough time.
  • Like many low-pierce layer-penetrating towers, try to avoid letting other towers damage stronger multi-layered bloons too much, or else the multiple children may clog pierce of the Bloon Dissolver, wasting Bloon Dissolver's high rate of damage on individual targets.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Bloon Dissolver has received price buffs to make its role as a cleanup tower more viable, especially versus other more popular early mid-game options.

Initial release (compared to BTD5)
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver can now target MOAB-class Bloons, although they won't be slowed and glue lasts for half duration compared to normal bloons
Many people seem to agree 5xx Glue is 'good', but simply outclassed (mainly by 5xx mortar at a similar price). This won't completely fix that, we hope to work on making the earlier stepping stone tiers a little easier to use and provide the 520 crosspath with a better niche by making Bloon Solver benefit from all pierce twice as much (which x2x provides).
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to buffing Bloon Solver and its earlier stepping stone upgrades
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver cost decreased ($3,300 → $2,700)
Adjustments to top-path upgrades to make each step more noticeable. [...] We are still looking at future improvements here, including reworking the priority tree of glue stacks.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver cost decreased ($2,700 → $2,600)
More tweaks with the intent of viable stepping stones toward The Bloon Solver. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver cost decreased ($2,600 → $2,500)
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver damage-over-time now deals +1 Ceramic damage. Bloon Liquifier DoT ceramic bonus unchanged
Glue Gunner base level doesn’t fit in as a starter placement, while not really changing that at all we feel for now if it was cheaper than $250 you'd be able to start with 2 dart monkeys & a glue on medium for more casual variety. [...] Bloon Solver appears to be in a fair state now but with low value save up into it from Dissolver & Liquifier, slight improvements have been made here to assist them in cleaning up in some cases it feels they should.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver pierce increased from 1 → 2
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver dissolve rate increased (0.65s → 0.575s)
  • Change Description changed from "Extreme solvents melt two layers every second." to "Can glue one additional Bloon per shot and solvents melt two layers every second."
Small stepping stone buff on top path Dissolver as top glue is quite limited until 4th tier. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloon Dissolver dissolve rate increased (0.575s → 0.5s)

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


Official artwork[]



  • Like its previous upgrade but unlike its BTD5 counterpart, Bloon Dissolver's hands and feet seem to be fully exposed, despite the artwork depicting it flinging out glue wildly.
  • Since the Ceramic damage-over-time buff to Bloon Dissolver, Bloon Dissolver with Path 3 crosspath deals just enough damage to pop a normal Super Ceramic into exactly Red Bloons.
  • Prior to Version 34.0, the glue corrosion rate indeed was every 0.65s, not 0.575s as initially believed by most of the BTD6 community, as a tested 3-0-2 Bloon Dissolver versus Super Ceramics would dissolve enough to leave out exactly Red Bloons.