Bloon shattering explosions do massive damage and can stun MOAB-Class bloons.
~ In-game description

Bloon Crush is the fifth-tier Path 1 upgrade for the Bomb Shooter in Bloons TD 6.

As an upgrade from Bloon Impact, Bloon Crush can stun both regular bloons and MOAB-class Bloons for two seconds, making it extremely effective in later rounds where many Z.O.M.G.s and D.D.T.s are spawned. Combined with its fair attack speed, it can essentially permanently stun any bloon (except the B.A.D.).

It costs $46,750 on Easy, $55,000 on Medium, $59,400 on Hard, and $66,000 on Impoppable.



The Bloon Crush absolutely halts almost every round up to 99 as long as there is damage support for the dense clumps of MOABs and Super Ceramics, such as in Sun Avatar. Unfortunately, the Bloon Crush lacks self-sufficient attack and comes with a very high price, making it fairly difficult to use in a normal game. However, with farms, the Bloon Crush is able to be bought earlier, which is an important synergy when using Bloon Crush. In freeplay late game, Bloon Crush occupies the role of a staller, which makes it fairly useful in late game too.


  • It is extremely important that you are able to defeat the MOABs and ceramics the Bloon Crush will leak.
  • The middle path upgrades are always better and should always be bought, to encourage permanent and distributed stunning by the Bloon Crush.
  • An extremely powerful combo is to use Bloon Crush with Pop and Awe and Striker Jones. The stun from Bloon Crush roughly triples the damage from Pop and Awe due to the latter's special properties, and Striker Jones can reset the Pop and Awe ability, provide additional stun and increase all properties of both towers. This combo struggles against the BAD, so some BAD-specific support (like a Perma-Spike or First Strike Capability) is recommended.
  • Place a Bloon Crush in areas where the track intersects itself multiple times. This will make the Bloon Crush more effective, as it will be able to stun MOAB-class Bloons multiple times over instead of just in a small area.
  • Use Jungle Drums to increase the attack speed of the Bloon Crush to ensure that it stuns as many Bloons as possible.
    • A Radar Scanner is also recommended as it will allow the Bloon Crush to target D.D.T.s.
    • Striker Jones' ability Artillery Command is useful as it gives double damage and pierce to all Bomb Shooters on the screen for 10 seconds.
      • For this to work, Striker Jones must be level 20.
    • Additionally, at level 4, Striker Jones makes all Bomb Shooters on screen fire ~11.1% faster.
      • This can be buffed to a ~23.4% increase if Striker Jones is level 18.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Bloon Crush damage increased (6 --> 12)


Buff Bloon Crush (along with Bloon Impact) can now refresh their own bloon stuns.


Buff Bloon Crush range increased (40 --> 43)


Buff 502 Bomb Shooter increases pierce of frags from 1 -> 2

Buff 502 Bomb Shooter increases damage of frags from 1 -> 2

Buff 502 Bomb Shooter increases lifespan of frags from 0.191s‬ -> 0.322s



  • Sometimes the upgrade "Bloon Crush" is referred to by fans as "Bloon Crunch", due to how it essentially perma-stuns bloons and blimps.
  • Bloon Crush is the 76th unique 2MPC combo in the fan-official 2MPC spreadsheet, and it was achieved several hours before the release of Version 20.0.
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