Bloon containment unit

Bloon Containment Unit in the Flash version

Bloon Containment Unit is the Special Building required for allowing research the Bloon Trap upgrade. It costs $35,000 and awards the player 700 XP. It takes 1 day and 12 hours to finish construction. It consumes Lightning thing-060 and takes up a 1x1 tile space. It requires Level 21 to unlock.


  • The building in the Flash version appears to have trapped Red Bloons, while the mobile version appears to be a large glass building with a wider variety of non-MOAB-class bloons, including camo bloons. Ironically, Bloon Traps in the mobile version do not trap Camo Bloons unless the traps themselves are under Camo Bloon detection.
  • The building in the mobile version displays a camo rainbow bloon, a blue bloon, a regrowth red bloon, a green bloon, a ceramic bloon, a camo lead bloon, a white bloon, a zebra bloon, a lead bloon, a camo pink bloon, a camo blue bloon, a camo black bloon, a regrowth black bloon, a camo green bloon, a yellow bloon, a black bloon, a regrowth white bloon, a rainbow bloon, a pink bloon, a camo ceramic bloon, and a red bloon.
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