BTD Science 101 - of all towers in the game, only the mortar with bloon buster upgrade can strip more than 1 layer of bloon at a time.
~ BTD4 after Round 56

Bloon Buster is the 3rd upgrade for the Mortar Monkey in BTD4, the 3rd upgrade in path 1 in BTD5, and the 2nd upgrade in path 1 in BTD6. It pops 2 layers of Bloons. It is powerful against a group of Bloons. The Mortar Monkey's color changes from green to white (red in BTD4). Groups of Bloon Buster Mortar Monkeys can really thin massive amounts of Bloons. As stated in the Bloons TD 4 Pre-Round Comment, this upgrade is the only tower that can strip more than one layer at a time in Bloons TD 4.

In BTD4 and BTD5, this upgrade costs $680 on Easy, $800 on Medium, $865 on Hard and $960 on Impoppable. In BTD6, this is reduced to $550 on Easy, $650 on Medium, $700 on Hard, and $780 on Impoppable.

Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

  • Nerf.png Explosion random deviation radius increased (18 --> 30)
  • Buff.png Attack speed without Path 2 upgrades increased (2.2s --> 2.0s)
  • Buff.png Attack speed with Faster Reload increased (1.54s --> 1.5s)
  • Nerf.png Attack speed with Rapid Reload decreased (1.07s --> 1.08s)
  • Buff.png Reverted random deviation radius change

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It adds the explosion sound again to the Mortar Tower in BTD5.
    • Not only that, but it also makes the explosions smaller again. This is probably unintentional.
  • There is a small orange skull symbol on the Bloon Buster in BTD5.
  • It was the name of WW1 Anti Balloon plane units.
  • In BTD5, the monkey controlling the Mortar Tower has the same suit as a Glue Hose Glue Gunner.
  • Using this can reduce a Lead Bloon to four Pink Bloons, making it much more effective against them, especially with Burny Stuff (as this reduces those to Blue Bloons).
  • Despite being said to be the only tower to pop more than one layer of a Bloon at a time in BTD4, a Bomb Tower with the Frag Grenades Premium Upgrade can do so as well (due to the frags).
  • So far, this is the only upgrade that was downgraded from a tier 3 to a tier 2 upgrade in BTD6.
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