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The bloon beacon has activated! Playing a map tagged with the bloon beacon will give much better rewards than usual.

You can only play the bloon beacon once but it will respawn on a new map every few hours so check back often.

~ Cuber's introduction to Bloon Beacon once the player unlocks it
Bloon beacon 1

Bloon Beacon map ready

Bloon Beacon is a game mechanic in Bloons Adventure Time TD which serves as a reactivating event that allows the player to play a previously completed track to win a chest of loot with the potential inclusion of Star Level Tokens, Wish Orbs, Shards, Powers, and (items of types that may have been awarded anyway) Coins, and XP.


There's no great hurry to complete Bloon Beacon challenges as the activation of a Bloon Beacon automatically sets going the 4 hour countdown for the future availability of the next beacon. The current beacon will indicate a selected track. Previously completed levels of difficulty for that track will be indicated as immediately offering beacon rewards. However, players still retain the option of playing the track at a previously unplayed level of difficulty. When completed, that difficulty option will belatedly be highlighted as offering beacon rewards. It just needs to be played again. Bloon spawns and rounds will be exactly the same as what it would normally do without Bloon Beacon.

Bloon Beacon is unlocked at Level 5. Bloon Beacon is active once every 4 hours, before resetting to a new map and reward. Player may speed up cooldown of Bloon Beacon, 15 minutes per watching an ad (Mobile only) or 1 gem per 5 minutes.

If the bloon beacon map is not conquored within the time for the activation of the subsequent beacon, a map will again be randomly chosen but players may need to close and reopen the program for a possible change of map to take effect.

Prior to the 1.2 Update, each time the Bloon Beacon was available, it would direct to a random track that the player has already completed on a random difficulty that the player has also already completed for that track. The reward system was also not dynamic, meaning a Bloon Beacon on an Extreme Difficulty yielded as much Star Level Currency as one at Normal difficulty.


Potentials for loot provided are dependent on the difficulty level tackled for the track.

  • Beacon chest

    Bloon Beacon chest

    Normal : 1 Star Level Token, 25~50 coins, 20~40 shards, 50~80xp, 1 Common/Uncommon Wish Orb
  • Hard : 2 Star Level Tokens, 50~75 coins, 40~60 shards, 75~120xp, 1 Common/Uncommon Wish Orb
  • Extreme : 3 Star Level Tokens, 75~100 coins, 54~80 shards, 100~160xp, 1 Uncommon/Rare Wish Orb, 1 Power
  • Impoppable : 4 Star Level Tokens, 112~125 coins, 72~100 shards, 120~150xp, 1 Rare/Super Rare Wish Orb