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The mysterious Bloon Beacon has appeared on the border of your city. Capturing it involves shorter, more intense games but winning guarantees a Monkey Knowledge Pack.

New secrets have also been added to Monkey Knowledge Packs. Can you find one of these special Bounty Cards?

~ Version 1.8.1 update in iOS message

Bloon Beacon is a special event for Bloons Monkey City and Bloons Monkey City Mobile that appears on tiles. It typically appears on the lowest XP reward tile left uncaptured, just like Monkey v Monkey, but will never appear on Volcano, Cave, Treasure Chest or Special Mission tiles. The Bloon Beacon will reduce the number of rounds the tile will take to complete (by half, rounded up). Once the beacon has been captured, 6 hours will be needed for the beacon to automatically recharge. A "Recharge NOW" facility is available that will cost BloonstoneIcon.png50 for the full 6 hours, BloonstoneIcon.png10 for up to 1.2 hours (1 hour, 12 minutes), or BloonstoneIcon.png1 for up to 7.2 minutes (7 minutes, 12 seconds).

You get a Monkey Knowledge Pack whenever you beat a Bloon Beacon tile, whether or not you fight the boss. Bloon Beacon can be unlocked at Level 12, which also appears with Monkey Knowledge Packs.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are half as many rounds, but 2.25x cash is earned per pop. Bloon progression is as if half the rounds were missing, so if the tile would have had a MOAB on round 10, it would appear on round 5. Do note that a tile with an odd number of rounds will be divided by 2 and then rounded up (such as a tile with 27 rounds, which then becomes 14 rounds).

Hardcore Mode is not available during the Bloon Beacon gameplay.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The player is rewarded with 1 guaranteed Monkey Knowledge Pack for beating the tile. This is in addition to any other rewards that would normally be earned, whether they be event, or normal.

Further effects[edit | edit source]

If a Boss Battle event is active, the Bloon Beacon will summon the appropriate boss, for example, Bloonarius the Inflator, Vortex: Deadly Master of Air, Dreadbloon: Armored Behemoth or Blastopopoulos: Demon of the Core.

Rounds[edit | edit source]

Strongest bloon type Number of rounds
Red 2
Blue (Mobile Only) 2
Green 3
Yellow (Mobile Only) 4
Pink 4-6?
Black 6-7?
White 6-7?
Zebra (Mobile Only) TBA
Lead 7?
Rainbow 8-9?
Ceramic 11?
MOAB 12?
BFB 14-15, 14? (Mobile)
ZOMG / DDT / MOAB Pack / BFB Pack 15-16

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since its introduction the Bloon Beacon Event has never gone away. It is the only event that never goes away, however it isn't always active, unlike the other events.
  • Other than a chest tile or tiles during the Monkey Knowledge Madness event, no other tile type has a 100% chance of giving a MKP.
  • The Bloon Beacon is the only event that recharges. While boss events are functionally recharge based the actual recharge for these is the Bloon Beacon.
  • The Bloon Beacon is the easiest way of getting a "Trivial" tile, as it lowers the difficulty by one level.
  • Sometimes, the Bloon Beacon will float right above the Bloon type on the tile, making it difficult sometimes to see what the highest bloon type will appear, so it is smart to look at the screen when deciding strategies. This is the only tile that does so.
  • If a Bloon Beacon appears on a red bloon tile, the game will only be 2 rounds long.
  • It is possible to earn two MKP from a bloon beacon, due to the fact that the guaranteed pack can be earned alongside a random one.
  • Always play a Bloon Beacon Event after the free Level 1 boss, as otherwise you'll have wasted an opportunity to fight the boss.
  • Spike Factories are better on Bloon Beacon tiles, because if the levels are longer, the spikes stay on the screen longer (unless they despawn).
  • A bloon beacon tile will push down the name of the special assault type (Ex. Hard and heavy) onto the map preview.
  • A bloon beacon tile never appears on a chest tile.
  • A bloon beacon tile may appear on a MvM attack on Mobile (see gallery).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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