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Red Bloon Types

In Bloons TD 5, a single color of Bloon, as shown above, can be in 4 different varieties.

Lead Bloon Types

In Bloons TD 6, a single color of Bloon, as shown above, can be in 8 different varieties.

Bloons are the main "enemies" in the Bloons Games.

In Bloons and its sequels, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow (and also Pink in Bloons 2 Spring Fling) will pop with one hit, no matter which color. Some bloons also activate special abilities.

In the Bloons Tower Defense Games and Bloons Super Monkey, Bloons come in different layers, taking multiple hits to pop them. Bloon is a play/pun on the word Balloon, and as such Bloons resemble balloons in the games Bloons appear in. Beginning in Bloons Tower Defense 5, and extending to Bloons Monkey City and BTD Battles, bloons are able to spawn with two different types of abnormal statuses, Camo and Regrowth. BTD 6 added Fortified to the list of possible statuses. These make bloons harder to pop and bloons can have any combination of statuses they can have individually, or none at all.

  • Camo: Can only be hit by Towers that are stated as having Camo detection, either by default or through upgrades. DDTs have a similar property by default, and BTD 4 had a specific Camo bloon with this property.
  • Regrowth: After losing layers, will regenerate layers to full health over time. Cannot apply to blimp layers.
  • Fortified: Allows the Bloon to take extra damage before its outermost layer gets popped. Only applies to specific bloon types such as Lead, Ceramic, and MOAB-Class Bloons.

As of June 2018, there are 119 different types of Bloons.

In the games of Bloons series, there are 23 Bloon types, and some Bloons also have special effects, like exploding when popped or dropping a spiked ball when popped. Usually, they get popped in one hit regardless of type or color. Other effects include providing an extra dart to throw, launching eight tacks in all directions when popped, and freezing bloons when popped. Later in the Bloons series, there are also bloons that require multiple hits to pop, like the Helium Bloon which floats up after being touched once, then it can be touched again before popping.

Bloon typesEdit

Normal bloonEdit

Takes one hit to pop and has no special effects before or after popping. It can have the following colours:

Tack BloonEdit

Shoots tacks in 8 directions upon popping. Each tack can pop one layer of bloon and pop up to three bloons at once. They can dodge Rubber Blocks but not Metal Blocks and their effect will stop upon touching a Tile Block or Ceramic Block. This bloon appears in every game in the Bloons series. It is represented by a pink color with a tack on it, a mistletoe berry with leaves in Bloons 2 Christmas Pack, or a rose in Bloons 2 Spring Fling.

Triple Dart BloonEdit

Upon popping, it will allow the monkey to shoot three darts at once at the next shot. The closer the mouse is to the monkey, the more darts' spread will be. Before Bloons 2, if the player pops this bloon along with a Boomerang Bloon, the next shot will consist of two darts and a boomerang; if the player pops more than one of them, the next shot will consist of an extra dart; after Even More Bloons, if the player holds the mouse and meanwhile another Triple Dart Bloon gets popped, the player can shoot three darts for two turns.

Ice BloonEdit

Upon popping, it freezes all bloons surrounding it (in a 7x7 range except the four bloons in the corner of that range) except for other Ice Bloons. Frozen bloons can't be popped unless Pacman eats them, a Lightsaber Bloon pops them, or a Bomb Bloon causes them to explode. If a dart goes over it, the dart will bounce. Pacman will disappear if it eats this bloon. It is represented by its white and light blue color.

Bonus Dart BloonEdit

Upon popping, it gives an extra dart. It is represented by a purple color with a star on it, or a gift in Bloons 2 Christmas Pack.

Boomerang BloonEdit

Upon popping, it will allow the monkey to shoot a boomerang, at the next shot, instead of a dart. The boomerang covers a 3x1 area (or 1x1 after Bloons 2). It is represented by a greenish color with a boomerang on it. Before Bloons 2, if the player pops this bloon along with a Triple Dart Bloon, the next shot will consist of two darts and a boomerang; if the player pops more than one of them, the next shot will consist of an extra dart; after Even More Bloons, if the player holds the mouse and meanwhile another Boomerang Bloon gets popped, the player can shoot a boomerang for two turns.

Bomb BloonEdit

Upon popping, it causes an explosion which covers a 7x7 area except for the bloons in the corner of that area. The explosion will pop every bloon, even frozen ones, and will destroy Tile Blocks and damage Ceramic Blocks. The dart stops upon popping a Bomb Bloon, as well as Pacman. Every bloon will have its effects negated. It is represented by its red color with a bomb on it (or an egg in Bloons 2 Spring Fling).

Pacman BloonEdit

Releases Pacman upon popping, which can be moved by using the keyboard arrow keys. It can destroy Tile Blocks, pop frozen bloons and damage Helium Bloons. Pacman will disappear after a while, or if it pops a Bomb Bloon or Ice Bloon. It is represented by a dark green color with Pacman on it. If this bloon gets frozen, it won't appear to be frozen, but it can only be popped by other things that can pop frozen bloons. Also, if it gets popped, music "representing" Pacman game can be heard until Pacman disappears. This bloon no longer appears as of Bloons 2 due to copyright reasons.

Spikey BloonEdit

Upon popping, a spike will fall down popping bloons along the way. If there's a Rubber Block, the spike will bounce on it. The spike will disappear if it destroys more than five Tile Blocks, if it bounces too many times on Rubber Blocks, if it hits a Metal Block, or if it touches more than one frozen bloon or if it pops a Bomb Bloon. It is represented by an orange color with a spike on it.

Lightsaber BloonEdit

Upon popping it releases a sword that covers a 9x1 area (horizontally), which can pop frozen bloons as well. It pops bloons no matter if there are blocks surrounding the popping area. It is represented by a dark blue color with a sword on it. This bloon was introduced in More Bloons and it no longer appears as of Bloons 2 due to copyright reasons.

Helium BloonEdit

Normally, it's covered in a jar. After destroying the jar, it will raise up, and then it can be popped. Even if it gets frozen during a flight, it will still raise up. The bloon only stops raising if there's a block or another bloon on top of it. The bloon can also be popped slightly off-screen. This bloon was introduced in Even More Bloons and it no longer appears as of Bloons 2.

Bee BloonEdit

Upon popping it releases a swarm of bees which can be moved by using the mouse. They disappear after a while and they die after touching a block. It is a black and yellow bloon and it only appears after Bloons 2.

Spawning BloonEdit

This bloon has three layers (green, then pink, then yellow) and they can appear as green and pink, while yellows are the "equivalent" of a normal bloon. Therefore, these bloons require multiple hits to pop. They are transparent and they are green, pink or yellow depending on their layer and they only appear after Bloons 2.

Bloom BloonEdit

This bloon spawns 7 more bloons (6 yellow ones placed in an hexagon form, and 1 red bloon at the centre), and thus requires multiple hits to pop. If a Bomb Bloon pops it, it won't spawn anything and strangely, it will count as only one bloon popped. It is represented by a green color with a flower on it. It only appears after Bloons 2.

Monkey Ace BloonEdit

Upon popping, it will allow the monkey to summon a Monkey Ace from the right or left by using flags. There will also be an arrow moving up and down, requiring the player to time their Monkey Ace correctly to summon them in the place they want. If the Monkey Ace hits a block, it will crash and fall down using a parachute. If the Reverse Gravity Bloon is activated, the plane will raise up. It is represented by a blue color with a target symbol (a dark blue circle, a white circle and a red dot at the centre) on it. It only appears after Bloons 2.

Reverse Gravity BloonEdit

Upon popping, it reverses the gravity. Darts and spikes will disappear at the top instead of bottom. If it is popped while gravity is reversed, it will revert the gravity back to normal. It is represented by a white color with various black circles on it. It only appears after Bloons 2.

Camouflage BloonEdit

This bloon becomes visible and invisible, pulsing in and out slowly. It can only be popped when very visible. When invisible, it won't be affected by anything, including Bomb Bloons and Ice Bloons. It is represented by a grey and green color with white patches in it. It only appears after Bloons 2.

Orange BloonEdit

This bloon gets popped in one hit and has no special effects. It only appears in Bloons Pop 3. It is unknown how strong this bloon would be if it appeared in the Bloons Tower Defense games.

Popcorn BloonEdit

This bloon only appears in Bloons Pop 3. After popping, it spawns popcorns all over the screen and it has no effects other than giving more points than usual.


A group of Masters of Air fighting a plethora of regrowth Ceramic Bloons.

The Bloons Tower Defense series introduces bloons in a different way to pop them. Unlike the Bloons in previous Bloons games, different colors of bloons contain different layers of bloons, represented by a term called Red Bloon Equivalent (shortly RBE). For example, a Red Bloon has an RBE of 1, but a Blue Bloon contains a red Bloon, meaning its RBE is 2. A Green Bloon contains a Blue Bloon which contains a Red Bloon, so its RBE is 3 and so on.

Bloon layersEdit

Below are the different layers of Bloons in the Bloons Tower Defense:

Bloon hierarchy

The Bloon Hierarchy.

Red BloonEdit

Red bloons are the weakest bloons in the game, and all stronger bloons contain this bloon, they however don't contain any bloons inside it. After they are hit they just pop and if they reach the end it costs just 1 life. First bloon in the game. The last natural red bloon comes on round 50 in BTD5 and BTD6.

RBE: 1

Blue BloonEdit

A blue bloon contains 1 Red Bloon and, in BTD5, moves at the relative speed of 1.4 compared to Red Bloon. It is more than twice as hard to pop then a Red Bloon, as it has 1 more layer, and is faster. First comes at round 3. Last seen on round 27 in BTD5 and BTD6 (14 in BTD4, 24 in BTD3, 23 in BTD2, 39 in BTD1). When reaching end it costs 2 lives.

RBE: 2

Green BloonEdit

A green bloon contains 1 Blue Bloon, and, in BTD5, moves at the relative speed of 1.8 compared to Red Bloon (faster than blue). First comes at round 6. Last comes at round 49 in Bloons TD 5 and BTD6, 19 in BTD4, 24 in BTD3, 23 in BTD2, 39 in BTD1. When reaching end it costs 3 lives.

RBE: 3

Yellow BloonEdit

A yellow bloon contains 1 Green Bloon, and, in BTD5, moves at the relative speed of 3.2 compared to Red Bloon (faster than green, but slower than pink). First comes at round 11 in BTD4 and BTD5. The last natural yellow bloon comes on round 34 in Bloons TD 5 and BTD6, 27 in BTD4, 42 in BTD3, 38 in BTD2, 49 in BTD1. when reaching end it costs 4 lives.

RBE: 4

Pink BloonEdit

A pink bloon contains 1 Yellow Bloon, and, in BTD5, moves at the relative speed of 3.5 compared to Red Bloon, which makes it currently the fastest bloon, tied with the DDT in Bloons Monkey City because the DDT is slower in BTD6 and BATTD. Introduced in BTD4, first comes at round 15. Last comes on round 62 in Bloons TD 5 as a camo bloon, 45 in BTD4. when reaching end it costs 5 lives.

RBE: 5

Note: All bloons of higher layer than Pink split into multiple lower layer bloons after being popped.

Black BloonEdit

A black bloon. This bloon, along with the white bloon, are the smallest bloons and are the two strongest bloons appearing in BTD1. RBE: 11 (9 in BTD3 and before then) - contains 2 Pink Bloons (Yellows in BTD3 and before then). Immune to explosions. In BTD5 it moves at the relative speed of 1.8 compared to Red Bloon (like a green). First comes at round 20. Last comes at round 69 in BTD6, 41 in BTD4 and BTD5, 44 in BTD2 and 50 in BTD1. when reaching end it costs 11 lives. In BTD3 it appears in Freeplay Mode.

White BloonEdit

A white bloon. This bloon, along with the black bloon, is the smallest bloon and is one of the two strongest bloons appearing in BTD1. The white bloon contains 2 Pink Bloons (Yellows in BTD3 and before then). Immune to being frozen. In BTD5 it moves at the relative speed of 2 compared to Red Bloon (Slightly faster than a black). First comes at round 22. Last comes at round 70 in BTD6, 39 in BTD5, 44 in BTD4, 45 in BTD2 and 50 in BTD1. when reaching end it costs 11 lives. In BTD3 it also appears in Freeplay Mode.

RBE (before since BTD3): 9 RBE (after since BTD4): 11

Purple BloonEdit


A Purple Bloon. Introduced for the first time in BTD6, the Purple Bloon is immune to all energy, fire and plasma attacks. The Purple Bloon moves at a relative speed of 3.0 to a Red Bloon, which makes it slower than the Yellow Bloon. Due to its immunity to many attacks from towers, it can easily pass though a player's defenses unscathed, especially when large Purple Bloon clusters appear in high rounds where the player begins to rely on strong towers that mainly use energy, fire, and plasma attacks which the Purple Bloon is immune to. First comes on round 25, last comes on round 120. The Purple Bloon contains 2 pink bloons and has a RBE of 11.

Camo BloonEdit

Camo Bloon BTD4

Not to get confused with the type of bloon added in BTD5, the camo bloon appeared in BTD4 and BTD4 Expansion, stayed in BTD4 iOS and disappeared when BTD5 came out, to get replaced with the camo bloon type. The camo bloon could not be detected by most towers but could be accidentally popped by anything, which meant that a rush of camo bloons could easily be detected with a single pile of tacks, as each of them contains 2 normal Pinks. RBE: 11, even though each makes you lose 9 lives only. Same speed as a Blue Bloon. First comes at round 24.

Lead BloonEdit

A bloon encased in lead. RBE: 23 (19 in BTD3 and before then) - contains 2 Black Bloons. Lead bloons were introduced in BTD2 and appeared in every Bloons TD game since. Lead Bloons are immune to any sharp stuff. Certain upgrades like Red Hot 'Rangs and Depleted Bloontonium Darts allow the aforementioned attack types to pop Lead Bloons. They are also immune to the Super Monkey's Laser Vision and a Laser Cannon without a Depleted Bloontonium Darts upgrade. Unlike other Bloons, Lead Bloons are too heavy to be picked up by Tempest Tornadoes or Whirlwinds (But they still get popped by the tempest tornadoes).They can't be destroyed by most sharp objects without using Monkey Intelligence Bureau, with the exceptions such as white hot spikes. In BTD5 lead Bloons move at the same speed as a Red Bloon and M.O.A.B, and hence moves at a relative speed of 1. This bloon can be even slower than a Z.O.M.G with glue, arctic wind, permafrost, sabotage supply lines, etc. First comes at round 28. Last lead bloon comes at round 163 in BTD6, 75 in BTD4 and BTD5, 46 in BTD2. In BTD3 it also appears in Freeplay Mode. It costs 23 lives when it reaches the end of the track.

Zebra BloonEdit

A zebra-striped bloon. RBE: 23 - contains 1 Black and 1 White Bloon. Immune to explosions and freezing, however it can be frozen by the Absolute Zero ability. Additionally, having a Monkey Intelligence Bureau nearby allows any Ice Monkey in its radius to freeze Whites and Zebras. A tier 3 Ice Fortress will allow Ice Monkeys to freeze Whites and Zebras. In BTD5 Zebras move at the relative speed of 1.8 compared to a Red Bloon (like a green). First comes at round 26 in BTD5 and BTD6 and 25 in BTD4. Last zebra bloon comes at round 65 in BTD5 and BTD6. In BTD3 and BTD4 it also appears in Freeplay Mode.

Rainbow BloonEdit

A rainbow bloon. Also the strongest bloon in BTD2. RBE: 47 (37 before BTD4, 6 in Bloons Super Monkey), contains 2 Zebra Bloons (BTD4-BTD5). In Bloons Tower Defense 2 and BTD3, it contains 2 Black Bloons & 2 White Bloons. In BTD5, Rainbow Bloons move at the relative speed of 2.2 compared to Red Bloon (faster than a green, slightly faster than a white, but slower than a yellow). First comes at round 12 of BTD2 and BTD3, but round 35 in BTD4, BTD5 and BTD6. Last comes at round 79 in BTD6 as a regrowth Rainbow, 82 in BTD5 as a camo regrowth, 50 in BTD2. In BTD3 and BTD4 it also appears in Freeplay Mode.

Ceramic BloonEdit

Previously known as Brown Bloons, this is a bloon with a clay covering. If the clay layer is broken no money will be given until the bloons inside it are popped. RBE: 104 in BTD5, 82 in BTD3, 16 in Bloons Super Monkey, contains 2 Rainbow Bloons. Takes 10 hits to break it open (38 in freeplay, 8 in BTD3). Although it can be hit by Glue Gunners, it won't be slowed down by them. It can be harmed by Corrosive Glue and all upgrades after it, however. In BTD5, ceramics move at the relative speed of 2.5 compared to Red Bloon (Slightly faster than a Rainbow Bloon). First comes at round 38 in BTD, 40 in BTD5 and 31 in BTD3. When you pop the clay layer, it makes a different sound in BTD5 than in BTD3 and in BTD4. It also appears in Freeplay Mode (until Round 120 in BTD6, but also in rounds 163 and 10,001 after that). Costs 104 lives. They can be dangerous at round 55, 63, 76, 78 and 163.

Golden BloonEdit

Oie transparent

A bloon that appears in a Bloons TD 5 Mobile special event only. It has camo and lead properties and moves faster than the Pink Bloon. No cash is given upon popping it, however it gives Monkey Money after certain damage, and the player also receives Special Agents after popping the bloon. Unlike other bloons, the Golden Bloon appears from the exit of the track and moves to the beginning of the track, where the Golden Bloon leaves. It requires 300 hits to pop. It can be glued, frozen or distracted. It costs 0 lives after escaping the track.

Ghost BloonEdit

Ghost Bloon

The ghost bloon was first implemented in BTD6, and only appears in sandbox mode. It moves as fast as a red bloon, but takes 10,000,000 hits to pop. It only consumes 1 life when leaked. Any tower can target it.

Massive Ornary Air Blimp (M.O.A.B.)Edit

A big blue blimp debuting in BTD3. RBE: 616 (458 in BTD3). Like all other MOAB-Class bloons, it is immune to freezing and cannot be glued. After 200 hits (140 in BTD3), it cracks open to reveal 4 ceramic Bloons. Fans often call it the Mother Of All Bloons (round 38 of BTD3 even tells you that it's not called the Mother Of All Bloons. "Either way, it brings great pain.") Speed: relative speed (to a red bloon) of 1. This is the only boss type bloon that has no eyes in BTD4 and up, not including Bloons Monkey City. The MOAB changes appearance through the series, In BTD3 it is surprisingly small, being a small blimp with 4 brown tiny circles representing the ceramic bloons. In BTD4, The MOAB is changed to a more reasonable size, has blue stripes to it instead of just mostly plain white, still has the ceramic bloons on its back. In BTD5 the blimp is now mostly blue with 3 white stripes (seen in picture) & does not have ceramic bloons exposed on its back anymore. First comes at round 40 in BTD6 46 in BTD5 and 37 in BTD3. It is fairly hard to defeat.

Brutal Floating Behemoth (B.F.B.)Edit

A giant red blimp making its first appearance in BTD4. It is the slowest bloon in BTD4, and the 2nd slowest in BTD5. RBE 3,164. After 700 hits (400 in BTD4), it gets popped and opens to reveal 4 M.O.A.Bs. Also called Big Fat Bloon by fans. The Brutal Floating Behemoth (B.F.B.) moves at a relative speed of 0.25 of the speed of a Red Bloon (slower than a Red). It contains 4 MOABs; the first BFB appears at round 60. Its appearance changes from BTD4 to BTD5 as well. In BTD4, the BFB is mostly white with red stripes, is noticeably larger than a MOAB (as it contains 4 of them) and its eyes are glowing red, like a vampire. In BTD5, the BFB retains its large size but is now mostly red with some white patches, its eyes don't glow anymore, the turbines are larger, and the Dart Monkey symbol on its back is in a different pose. The "no monkey" sign on the B.F.B. is removed in BTD6 and replaced by two white curved lines.

In Bloons Monkey City, it is called the Brutal Flying Behemoth.

Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness (Z.O.M.G.)Edit

Nicknamed the Zoh My God by some players, the Z.O.M.G. is a giant black and green blimp debuted in BTD5. The Z.O.M.G. is a MOAB Class Bloon type that appears in BTD5, BMC, BTDB, and BTD6. It is a black blimp with a skull on top. When the Z.O.M.G is near to the point of being popped, it has a bandage on its skull symbol. The Z.O.M.G. is the second strongest non-Boss Bloon in Bloons TD history, only weaker than the B.A.D. that was introduced in BTD6. The Z.O.M.G. appears on Round 85 in BTD5 (the final round on Hard Difficulty and Impoppable Difficulty) and round 80 in BTD6 (the final round of Hard difficulty, but Impoppable continues until round 100 in that game) for the first time. The Z.O.M.G. contains 4 BFBs. It has an RBE of 16,656. After 4000 hits, it gets destroyed and opens to reveal 4 BFBs. Z.O.M.G. bloons are immune to many abilities, such as Monkey Pirates, Glue Striker, Absolute Zero, (And only takes 350 damage from Ground Zero and only takes 1000 damage from MOAB Assassin and Bloon Annihilation Ability). It's the second slowest bloon, moving at a relative speed of 0.18 of the speed of a Red Bloon (slightly slower than a B.F.B). It can hardly be immobilized by the Cripple MOAB of the Sniper Monkey, and Artillery Battery's Pop and Awe Ability, though easily destroyed by First Strike Capability.

Big Airship of Doom (B.A.D.)Edit

Big Airship of Doom

The B.A.D. is a massive, slow, and strong blimp that recently debuted in Bloons Tower Defense 6. It is massive purple blimp with three turbines, white eyes and dark purple stripes. The B.A.D. first appears on round 100, the final round of the Impoppable and C.H.I.M.P.S. difficulty in Bloons TD 6. The B.A.D. is the strongest bloon in Bloons Tower Defense, excluding the Boss Bloons in Bloons Monkey City. The B.A.D. moves as fast as a Z.O.M.G., which is a relative speed of 0.18. The B.A.D. has a whopping RBE of 55,760 and can handle 20,000 hits before it pops and releases two Z.O.M.G.s and three D.D.T.s. In fact, the B.A.D. is resistant to most abilities and attacks, such as glue.

Dark Dirigible Titan (D.D.T.)Edit

The D.D.T. is a blimp first introduced in Bloons Monkey City and then later in Bloons Tower Defense 6. It has the properties of a zebra bloon, camo bloon, lead bloon, and a MOAB-Class Bloon. It spawns 4 Camo Regen Ceramic Bloons upon popping, which is after 400 hits. In Bloons Monkey City, the D.D.T. takes 300 hits before it pops and releases 6 Camo Regen Ceramic Bloons. The Camo Regen Ceramic Bloons cannot regenerate back to D.D.T.s. It has a RBE of 816 in Bloons Tower Defense 6, or 927 in Bloons Monkey City, even though its in-game RBE is 16,656 similarly a Z.O.M.G. The D.D.T. moves the relative speed of 2.64 of a red bloon. In Bloons Monkey City, however, the D.D.T. moves at a relative speed of 3.5 of a red bloon, being as fast as a Pink Bloon. D.D.T.s come in groups of 3 or more (in multiples of 3) in the Flash version of BMC. It is a black blimp with transparent and grey patches representing its abilities. Signal Flare from Mortar Towers, Monkey Engineer's Cleansing Foam, and the Anti-Camo Dust ability can remove the camo, although it will still look like it has its camo properties. First appears on round 90 in BTD6.

Bloonarius the InflatorEdit


This is a boss blimp introduced in Bloons Monkey City, and later BTD5 Mobile. It only appears in certain events. It is the slowest bloon in existence, with a relative speed of 0.1. Its health changes depending on the level of the boss - from 2,000 at level 1 to hundreds of thousands at level 25. When its health reaches 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4, it will spawn a random bloon - this ranges from lead to ZOMG. The higher the stage, the stronger bloon it will summon every degrade. When it passes the exit, IF it passes the exit, the player will get an instant game over. However, the player may decide to attack again with City Cash, in which case the boss will have the same health as when it leaked the last time. If it goes back into hiding, however, when the player fights it next, it will have full health.

Vortex: Deadly Master of AirEdit

It is the second boss bloon introduced in Bloons Monkey City, and later introduced in BTD5 Mobile. It appears in an event similarly to Bloonarius. It moves slightly faster than a ZOMG, at a relative speed of 0.2. The boss fight is similar to the Bloonarious battle and both have levels. However, Vortex does not summon a bloon on each time it gets degraded. Instead, it leaves a trail of smoke that slows the attack speed of nearby towers for a short time. The higher its level, the more health it has. It has less health at a given level than Bloonarius does. Like Bloonarius, the player gets an instant game over if it passes the exit.

Dreadbloon: Armored BehemothEdit


It is the third boss blimp to be added in Bloons Monkey City, later introduced in BTD5 Mobile. Like the other bosses, it appears in a limited time event and get stronger as it levels up. It moves at a relative speed of 0.15. The main difference between it and its predecessors is that it has properties of a lead Bloon, meaning it cannot be damaged by sharp objects, and it shields itself with yellow rocks at 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% health. It is weaker than both Bloonarius and Vortex. Dreadbloon looks a little bit like a ZOMG in terms of bodily color patterns; it has a nearly-black body with green parts in it. Like Bloonarius and Vortex, the player gets an instant game over if it passes the exit.

Blastapopoulos: Demon of the CoreEdit


Originally named as Blastopopoulis, it is the fourth boss blimp to be added in Bloons Monkey City, and later introduced in BTD5 Mobile. Just as with all of the other bosses, it appears in a limited time event and get stronger as it levels up. It moves at a relative speed of 0.18, which is as fast as a ZOMG. Though it is vulnerable to most anti-MOAB towers and upgrades, this boss has the ability to throw a fireball at the most expensive (determined by total cost, including placement and upgrades) tower on screen which stuns the targeted tower. Later on they can permanently stun towers and/or shoot more fireballs. Blastapopoulos appears to have a red ZOMG blimp base plus added hot-red eyes, extra fins, and some lava around it. Just as with all other bosses, the player gets an instant game over if it passes the exit.


Camo BloonsEdit

Camo Bloon

In Bloons Tower Defense 4, the Camo Bloon was a unique bloon type of RBE 11 (the in-game RBE says 9), containing 2 Pink Bloons, and can be "accidentally" popped by towers without camo detection. In Bloons Tower Defense 5, however, any bloon lesser than a M.O.A.B. may have a camo attribute. Bloons Monkey City has the D.D.T., which is a fast-moving camo explosion-immune MOAB-class bloon. Any bloon with this attribute may only be targeted by certain towers unless under the influence of a 0/2 Monkey Buccaneer with the Tier 3 Pirate Cove building, Radar Scanner Monkey Village or the BTD5 Special Agent Meerkat. First camo bloon comes at round 24 (it is a green in BTD5).

There are three types of tower that can pop Camos without upgrades: the Ninja Monkey, the Dartling Gun and the Spike Factory. Other towers may require upgrades to detect Camo Bloons, or require assistance of a Radar Scanner close by. You can remove the camo status with a X/3 Mortar Tower, a tier 4 Ice Fortress, foam from an 3/X Engineer, a 3/X Sub when submerged, or a projectile from a Ninja upgraded to Counter-Espionage.

Regrowth BloonsEdit

Regrowth Bloon

In Bloons Tower Defense 5, any bloon under the rank of a M.O.A.B. may have this attribute which causes them to gain back lost layers over time (hence its name).

No layers over its original may be gained. Bloons on a higher tier than Pink may multiply. (A Black Bloon gets popped into 2 pinks, which turn into 2 blacks, which get popped into 4 pinks...) This caused a problem where players could get infinite amounts of money by using Tempest Tornado wizards to endlessly pop and blow back bloons which they regrowed into more bloons and had a strong defense in the back (like a Sun God) to avoid losing the game. This was called Regen Farming and was fixed in an update. It is still possible to do on Deluxe and iOS Versions.

A form of regen farming that does not exploit glitches or bugs is the use of Tempest Tornado and the Supply Drop ability. As long as the bloons are not completely destroyed and the round is dragged out so that the ability will continue to recharge, this will help players gain large amounts of in-game cash fairly easily.

Fortified BloonsEdit


In Bloons Tower Defense 6, a bloon that is a Lead, Ceramic, or a M.O.A.B. Class Bloon, may have have a fortified attribute which allows bloons to have "armor" that allows them to take more hits to pop. The Fortified layer of an ordinary bloon does not pass on to its children when popped. For example, a Fortified Ceramic Bloon pops into two normal Rainbow Bloons, as Rainbow Bloons cannot have the Fortified ability. M.O.A.B. Class Bloons can also be Fortified, making them much stronger and generally more dangerous. Fortified MOAB-Class Bloons can pass on their Fortified ability to its children, until its Fortified Ceramic Bloons from them are popped.

Zombie BloonsEdit

Low qualtiy zombie bloon icon placeholder

First appearing in Bloons Adventure Time TD, a zombie bloon is another type of bloon. When a zombie bloon is popped, it will leave behind a gravestone, which during the next turn the gravestone will release a non-zombie version of the base bloon. The new bloon can have camo, regrow, and fortified properties as well.

Shielded BloonsEdit


First appearing in Bloons Adventure Time TD, shielded bloons are regular bloon variants that take a few hits to destroy their shielded layer, revealing the regular bloon once the shield layer has been destroyed. Notably, they function the same as their BSM2 counterparts.

This game introduces various new bloons never appeared before, and keep the bloons that appeared in the Bloons Tower Defense games except the Z.O.M.G, the D.D.T and the camo and regenerating properties.

Bloon typesEdit

Bomb BloonEdit

This bloons reappears in Bloons Super Monkey 2, and it only appears in stages 1-4 and 2-4. It keeps its Bloons series effects: it causes a little explosion popping the surrounding bloons.

Coconut BloonEdit


The coconut bloon is found in the bloons super monkey 2 game files, but was never implemented in the game.

Mini MOABEdit


This is a MOAB-class bloon that only appears in stages 1-5 and 2-5. It's a weaker version of the original M.O.A.B. It takes 100 hits to pop and it explodes in a cloud of Red to Yellow Bloons(mostly red and yellow). Its only parent is the boss M.O.A.B appearing in stage 1-5 which releases 10 Mini MOABs. Normal Mini MOABs have no parents.

Golden BloonEdit

This bloon appears in every stage except 2-5, 3-4, 4-1 and 4-5. Only one appears for each stage. After being touched once, it starts flying at extreme speed all around the screen, releasing golden blops every time it gets touched. After 8 hits they release a power-up for the Super Monkey. If it stays on screen too much time, it will escape. This bloon is needed for getting a Diamond Trophy. In the Mobile version, it appears on all levels.

Power-Up BloonEdit

This bloon appears in stages 1-4, 2-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4. It's usually located at the center of a clump of bloons. When popped it spawns a power-up for the Super Monkey. It's a red bloon with a question mark on it.

Glass BloonEdit

This bloon appears in stage 2-2, 2-4, and every stage after 3-1. This bloon is a transparent white bloon that is immune to any tech weapon (laser, plasma, doom energy, Junior Monkey, etc.) unless research is utilized. After popping, it spawns a Zebra Bloon. In the mobile version of BSM2, it's immune to energy weapons.

UFO BloonEdit


This bloon appears in stage 2-4 and every stage after 3-1. This bloon has the characteristics of an UFO that can be green or purple. Green UFOs will appear certain times in the screen, stealing blops. They can be popped after three hits, and when hit, they will give the stolen blops again, if they didn't disappear. Purple UFOs, only appearing after stage 3-5, will instead chase the Super Monkey trying to steal blops quickly, but they get popped in a single hit. Buying the Blop Safe powerup at the beginning of a stage will negate the stealing of blops. It is not in the mobile version.

Prickly BloonEdit


Prickly Bloons hiding under Green Bloons

This bloon only appears at the end of stage 2-4. When popped, this bloon spawns darts in 8 directions (similarly to the Tack Bloon) popping bloons along their way. It's a grey bloon with spikes on it.

Calamari BlimpEdit


Calamari Blimp(Masked)

This is a MOAB-class bloon that is originally covered in Black Bloons, Red Bloons as its eyes, and Glass Bloons as a sort of tentacles. After all the bloons have popped, the player can see the real appearance of the blimp. It's a greyish blimp with three blue eyes, which turn white at the fifth popping stage. It attacks the player with a red trail and "bumpers" made of Black and Glass Bloons which push the Super Monkey away. It only appears in stage 3-5 as boss.

Heavy Metal BloonEdit

Also occasionally called Lord of All Bloons (LoAB), it is a MOAB-class bloon covered in Shielded Lead Bloon gears and Black Bloons that appears only in stage 4-5. It's a grey blimp made of metal, but it can still be popped by the dart and boomerang powersets.. It also has a Shielded Bloon (sometimes called Lightning Shielded Bloon) surrounded by electricity which can not be popped.

Bloons super monkey 2 final boss

that may be powering or controlling the bloon, and it releases a flame at the bottom. Sometimes it spawns huge groups of packed shield bloons and more Lead Bloon gears. It can shift Shielded Lead Bloons into many shapes to protect itself from Super Monkey.


Shielded BloonEdit


Shielded Bloons made their debut in Bloons Super Monkey 2's 1-4 stage. In the middle of the bloon is a lightning symbol. These bloons take several hits to pop their outer layer, before revealing non-shielded children. Super Monkey cannot move through these Bloons.


Starting in Bloons TD 5, bloons and blimps gain health and speed in freeplay mode.

In Bloons TD 5, the speed multiplier can be calculated by this formula: max(6.6 * (waveNumber - 85) / (200 - 85),1)

Speed starts increasing on round 103.

  • For bloon health, see the table below:
Round Bloon Health
1-85 1x health +0% per round
86-115 1.5x health +2% per round
116+ 2.1x health +5% per round

In Bloons Monkey City after round 30, the bloons get a 25% (15% in mobile) increase in health and 5% increase in speed for each round until round 103, at which point it becomes exponential and uses the BTD5 speed formula alongside the 5% per round. As of May 5, 2016, boss bloons also receive the speed increases starting on boss level 31, although this buff has only been confirmed on the Flash version.

In Bloons TD 6, as of the 11.0 update, ramping has changed drastically due to the co-op update. Previously it was +2% speed and health per round from 81-115, then it was +5% per round from that point onwards without the speed increment changing.

Round Bloon Health Speed
81-100 1x health +2% per round 1x speed + 2% per round
101-124 1.4x health +5% per round 1.4x speed + 5% per round
125-151 2.6x health +20% per round 2.6x speed +5% per round
152+ 8x health +50% per round 4x speed + 5% per round

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Bloon Health

City 1 66% of normal blimp health
City 2 80% of normal blimp health
  • There is an official name for a large cluster of bloons, verified in Bloons Monkey City. Such a cluster is called a Bloon Rush.
  • In the pre-release Bloons Monkey City trailer, it states bloons as being "Rubbery" and "Annoyingly squeaky" and "Threatening the social fabrics of monkey society".
  • The term "bloon" came from the word "balloon", but has one syllable instead of two.
  • Out of all 101 types, there are 24 that have the RBE of 1, and 28 that can have the RBE of 1.
  • In the Mobile version of BMC, DDTs usually come in singlets and they don't have lead or black properties. Probably for making the mobile BMC easier, according to sources, but it still hasn't been confirmed whether it was intentional or not.
  • The second tier upgrade for the Heli Pilot, Enhanced IFR Instruments, reveals that bloons are of higher temperature than their surrounding, this is shown when a Camo Bloon is frozen under a Ice Tower next to a 0/2 Village.
  • In Bloons Adventure Time TD, Hunter Marceline has an upgrade which allows her to devour the souls of bloons, confirming that bloons have souls.
  • Despite the fact that Bloons are seemingly made of rubber, a researcher in Bloons Monkey City mentions studying their genetic makeup.

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