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Not to be confused with Muddy Puddles, another map with a similar name.

Two awesome new maps and all the badges and Monkey Money that come with them - the frighteningly fun beginner map Carved and the chillingly challenging expert map Bloody Puddles!
~ Version 13.0 description

Bloody Puddles is an Expert Map in Bloons TD 6, added in Version 13.0, along with the Beginner Map Carved.


This map is a more difficult version of Muddy Puddles with 5 paths and multiple entries and exits per round. There are extra puddles on the map, a broken jeep and some mossy stones that prevent towers from being placed there (The jeep blocks line of sight too) along with a few more trees around the map. Set at night, the map setting is darker than its easier counterpart. The top-right corner tree can be tapped to let a kiwi bird run across part of the map.

Starting from Round 1, half of the bloons will move from the top of the leftmost path down to the bottom, while the other half of the bloons will move from the rightmost path from below to above. On Round 2 and 3, the same process begins but further towards the central path. On Round 4 and 5, bloons will spawn on one path away from the central path. On Round 6, the bloon spawning pattern of Round 1 repeats.

There is a gimmick where attempting to remove the broken jeep for $1,000 will result in the obstacle-removing Chinook failing, creating another block for line of sight. Afterwards, the player may tap either the broken Chinook or the jeep to remove the Chinook, the jeep and the nearby stones for a single purchase of $500. Effectively, a total of $1,500 is required to remove both obstacles at once.

Path Structure[]

Bloody Puddles has 5 visible paths that encompass 3 different entrances and 3 different exits. There are two simultaneous lanes that run every time, but alternate on a queue basis that repeats itself every 4 rounds.

  • Top 1st path + bottom 5th path (Rounds 1 + 4X)
  • Top 2nd path + bottom 4th path (Rounds 2 + 4X)
  • Top 3rd path + bottom 3rd path (Rounds 3 + 4X)
  • Top 2nd path + bottom 4th path (Rounds 4 + 4X)


Bloody Puddles was teased on this Twitter post by NK. It read "I wonder how we could make this map harder..." alongside the image of the Muddy Puddles map and the following hashtags: #btd6 #bloonstd6 #ninjakiwi.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $300
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $330
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $495
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $550
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $825
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $880
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1980
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1320
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $1980
Completed $60
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $66
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $99
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $110
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $165
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $176
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $264
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $264
MoMonkeyMoneyIcon $396


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  • TBA

Version History[]

Bloody Puddles was initially impossible to do prior to Version 14.0. At best, Bloody Puddles CHIMPS was initially only possible with 2 lives or at 99% bloon speed. The jeep's Line of Sight footprint has been decreased to make Bloody Puddles CHIMPS barely possible to achieve.

  • Added Bloody Puddles
  • BUFF Upper footprint size of the jeep decreased.


When a kiwi makes a footstep:

When trying to remove the jeep obstacle:

When removing the Chinook and the jeep:



  • Bloody Puddles as a Halloween-themed version of Muddy Puddles is similar to BTD5's Spooky Castle being a Halloween version of Castle.
    • Its name is a play on the word "bloody", implying the scary nature of Halloween, and "Muddy Puddles".
  • Bloody Puddles was teased in a post on the BTD6 Facebook page, featuring a picture of Muddy Puddles along with a caption reading, "I wonder how we could make this map harder..."
  • This is the second map where a New Zealand reference can be seen, the first being Express Shipping. In this case, a kiwi bird will run around if the top-right tree is tapped.
    • The kiwi bird easter egg was removed on around Version 14.0, but returned in Version 19.1.
  • This is the first and only map in which an obstacle-removing Chinook or any obstacle-removing methods fail its duty, in this case, failing to remove the jeep, which causes the Chinook to crash into the ground.
    • Prior to Version 14.0, it would read "Actually remove for $500" when you remove the Chinook and Jeep, probably for a joke. Now it reads the usual "Remove for $500" like every other obstacle.
  • This is easily the hardest map in BTD6 and one the hardest maps in the whole series. Other candidates for the hardest map include Bloontonium Lab, Tar Pits, Monkeys vs. Bloons, Triangle of Insanity, Down The Drain, Crypt Keeper (with Reverse Mode turned off) and Quad.
  • On December 17, 2019, Jajajosh beat Bloody Puddles CHIMPS. That was the first ever Bloody Puddles CHIMPS completion.[1][2]
  • About five months after the first completion, Jajajosh successfully completed the first legitimate Black Border run of Bloody Puddles CHIMPS on May 25, 2020 (YouTube link) with Quincy, Sub Commander, and Sun Avatar. Note that this strategy is no longer viable for a Black Border in version 20.0 due to the nerfs to Berserker Brew and Stronger Stimulant; instead, MOAB Mauler spam with Striker Jones had been the go-to strategy since then until the release of Geraldo.
    • Redditor YouFoundKnowledge had also completed a Black Border run five days earlier, on May 20, 2020; however, this was not considered a legitimate completion, since it abused a bug allowing Unstable Concoction's explosions to deal far more damage than intended.