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Blons (also known as Corner Map) is an Expert Map[1] in Bloons TD 6. It is one of two maps that were introduced in 24.0, the other being Balance. Unlike all other maps in the game, it is only initially accessible by hitting the "Random" button in the Challenge Editor repeatedly until the editor creates a challenge using it. After beating a challenge on Blons, the map becomes accessible in the editor's map selection menu. Because of its limited accessibility, medals cannot be earned for this map.

As of Version 24.1, it was no longer accessible by hitting the "Random" button repeatedly in Challenge Editor, but players who still have the map in the testing challenge save will still keep it. In Version 24.2, the Blons map is available since April 1st 2021 on Challenge Editor and Custom Challenges only, including Advanced Challenges. The Blons map can now be unlocked by simply completing any challenge involving Blons.


Blons is a grassy place with an extremely short path wrapping around a small part of the top-left corner. Bloons enter from the left. There is a small pond near the bottom-right. Several pigeons wander in the grass. Like on Another Brick, the pigeons can be scared by tapping on them.

This map has the absolute shortest path in the game, with a Red Bloon only taking around 4 seconds to reach the exit on Medium difficulty.


Due to its exclusivity to the Challenge Editor, Blons gives no rewards for completion.


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  • There was a bug where challenges set on Blons could not be shared. When attempted to share, the error read "Unavailable: Requires internet connection code 00" even if the player has had an active internet source. Three days later, the error message for attempting to share a Blons map was then "There was a problem sharing this challenge".
  • Any posted challenges on challenge browser that used this map were then no longer able to be played, although typing in the code would show the challenge and the correct map. Attempting to play this challenge will result in the game rendering a small loading button over the "play" button, which then disappears, with the map not loading. (Can be experienced by typing ZMUUXEY into the challenge browser, and attempting to select the map.) This was possibly intentional, however.

Version History[]

  • Released secretly
  • Nerf Can no longer be accessed via pressing "Random" on the Challenge Editor. Players with this map still active on the testing challenge save will still keep it.
  • Buff Now can be accessed by pressing "Random". Challenges with this map can also be played on Challenge Browser.


Teasers and concept art[]


  • Blons was originally teased on April Fools' Day 2020 on the official subreddit. In the teaser post, Ninja Kiwi jokingly claimed that the map was originally playable in version 16.2, which was soon found to be false. The post offered a challenge code allegedly leading players to Blons, but in fact the code was for a custom challenge on #Ouch. This version of Blons lacked water and the birds.
  • The concept for Blons was inspired by a leading joke map in the Bloons TD 6 community called "Slons", which uses almost fully the same concept as this map. The only difference is that the path direction was reversed.
  • In a reddit comment on a post referencing the new map (post was later removed), a comment pinned by a moderator mentioned that the map was not yet supposed to be available to the public, according to Ninja Kiwi. Some have speculated this was meant to be released on April 1st (April Fools Day), then removed after. This speculation has been confirmed by Ninja Kiwi, and the Blons map was first released on April 1st.
  • This map has the shortest track in the entire series, with a RBS of 4.5 seconds.
  • Blons was featured on the April 1st 2021 Advanced Challenge. It was the first appearance of the map outside of Challenge Editor and Challenge Browser. It appeared again for the May 14, 2021 Advanced Challenge.
  • The first 2MPC on Blons goes to The Tack Zone, done on around 9th May 2021.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's June 24th 2021 blog, Ninja Kiwi has no plans to make Blons an official playable map in the Play menu. According to them, Blons is a "very specific creation from the Reddit community".


  1. This is based on observations by NK Discord members on hero XP leveling, and also because it appears in the Expert section of the map selection menu of the Challenge Editor upon completion.