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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    In this series, people will comment which tower is stronger attacking a certain bloon. answers go in the comments section. good luck!!!

    1. Wizard Ace Upgrades: intense magic & lightning strike 2. Ninja Monkey: Ninja Discipline & Sharper Shurikens & Double Shurikens

    VS. Regen Ceramic

    We need at least 4 comments to reveal the winner!

    1.Ninja Monkey- anonymoustyd 2.Ninja Monkey- AlthaBlade 3.Ninja Monkey- anomoulys13 4.Ninja Monkey- SW8573

    And the winning monkey is------------ NINJA MONKEY congratulations all!!

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  • AlthaBlade

    Hello there, I know I haven't made any sort of bloon fanfic of any kind in a while but I felt that by making another interactive fanfic where the audience gets to choose the decision made at the end of each half of every chapter by a poll :D

    Note: Some language utilised might be offensive, user's discretion is advised.

    Q. How do the polls work?

    A. The polls can be voted on by anyone who happens to visit this blog and are spilt into two categories : Normal and Special polls.

    Normal polls are polls that will be at the end of practically every single half of a chapter and will each have several options to choose from, all of which having five possible outcomes:

    • A strong positive outcome (e.g. a character destroying a large horde of bloons when tho…

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  • Bloonsmaster5963


    Once there was a city with monkey civilians and balloons who lived in peace and harmony. The children would always play together and never have fights. But one day a monkey named Gerson was playing with a balloon and he accidently popped him with his wooden sword they were playing with. The balloon's mother and father then came out and went to the parents of Gerson and killed them. Since then the whole village argued and started a war that lasted a year. One day a balloon used a nuclear missle on the monkeys and half the village was dead. But some monkeys accidently stepped on the nuclear waste and transformed to stronger ones as well has the bloons. They generated abilities like the monkey turned to a Super Monkey, Ninja, and Wiza…

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  • Mr.OAH

    BTD5 Bloon Attempts

    September 29, 2014 by Mr.OAH

    HI everyone, I'm not a very active member of this particular Wiki but I still wanted to share some my pic of my attempts of Drawing the BTD5 Blimps and Bloons. :D

      Hope ya'll like it!

    For "individual" images of them go here! 

    BTD 5 Bloons

    MOAB and DDT



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  • The Gatling Pea

    This game is fun, but there are things that you should do:
    Save all your MM. Always save your MM, even if you want to spend it.
    Avoid hard tracks. Until you get some more experience at this game, don't play on Advanced/Expert/Extreme until you get experienced.
    Save all your NK coins. Even if you want to spend them. Keep them so you can buy the best advantage of all: The MMEP!
    Try to get a 2/x super monkey by round 46. This plasma-shooter will vaporize that MOAB in 10 seconds flat!
    Play easy tracks, until you feel comfortabale with hard tracks. When I was a newbie I started playing BTD5 on monkey lane easy. I just beaten it like a boss. Now I'm comfortable with hard tracks, which most sound easy but not Down the drain, Scorched Earth.
    Use X/4 nin…

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  • Dinner111

    Keener Super Strategies

    January 26, 2014 by Dinner111

    These strategies are my most poptastic. They are made to get players far in Freeplay, just as my series as a whole was intended.

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  • Suckingjombombo

    Oh boy, Oh boy! It's the 4th of July! (actually, I'm writing this on July 5th :P) 

    So you're here to learn more about the event, right? Here's what the event is.

    Make a celebration party on a bloons game! 

    For example, 

    The rule is that you can ONLY USE games that have bloons in it.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Oh, the prize? That's a secret... maybe 20 ninjakiwi coins...or not...

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  • BloonjitsuNinja12
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  • AlthaBlade

    Hi all, although BTD Battles has been out for a while, I figured I'd make this blog post for all those only starting to play the game as with the right knowledge, you can pretty much be undefeatable up until you reach around 250 battle points. Anyway, I made a new NK account to play BTD Battles for the lulz because it'd been an eternity since I last played it but I didn't want to get wrecked by experts on my main account. I KNOW I KNOW it's kinda cheap destroying newbies that have only just started but I figured that by doing so, I can give a lot of essential *emphasis on preceding word* tips for you on how to play better. Also keep in mind these tips are designed for assault mode as I never play defend mode. Anyhow, in case you're wonderi…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!


    October 7, 2014 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    How many Technological Terrors will it take to pop 1 ZOMG? 

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  • Anomalous13

    Hello, Anomalous13 here. Yes, I am back! From time to time, redundant questions have piled up regarding the moderation here, especially on how to join the staff team.

    As a fellow bureaucrat, I'm going to take the time to briefly describe how the staff works here, along with describing how you can join the staff team! So let's begin!

    To start off, here's a list of the current moderation team on Bloons Wiki.

    Last updated: May 27, 2014.

    Bloons Wiki is a friendly environment that welcomes all users to participate in Bloons discussions and content sharing. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the Bloons Wiki Staff. So how do things work here? Well:

    • Bureaucrats have all privileges that come with adminship and also have the ability to grant an…

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  • Milesprower2

    Okay, now I like to play Private Matches in BTD Battles, so whenever I open a Private Match, I'm posting the ID in the comments of this Blog. BUT, this isn't just for any Private Matches, this is for a special challenge. Anyone who plays one of these Private Matches with me (which will be Battle Park Assault Mode btw) must read the rules of this challenge first:

    It's simple, only Tack Shooters and 0/2 Villages allowed (the Villages are for Camo Detection, nothing else).

    If you want to play this Private Match Challenge with me, simply copy the Battle ID I leave in the comments and go to BTD Battles and paste it to join the match.

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  • Suckingjombombo

    Welcome to the bloons battles! Vote for the tower that you like more in the comments!


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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for the Lobby.

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  • Suckingjombombo

    Hello Fellow monkies, Suckingjombombo here!

    This is just a blog where I do experiments about bloons games and show you guys the results.

    So, here we go!

    I : Is the tack shooter's blade maelstrom upgrade have infinite pierce?

    Anwser: It seems like it does, but it doesn't.

          blade maelstrom is well known for it's near-infinite bloon popping power, and it seems to have infinite                 pierce. However, some person hacked into the game and found out that the blade maelstorm can pop               9,999, 999 bloons each. Okay, it's not infinite, but still, that's a lot.

    II: Does the temple of the monkey god have a sacrificing limit?

          In BTD5, BMC, BTDB, no. It can sacrifice infinite amount of towers if it is in it's range. However in B…

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  • Derpinator9001

    How'sit Goin' Bros, This is Derpinator9001, resident forumer and user at Bloons Conception wiki, I just want to know how this D.D.T. Image got here. Because believe it or not, I made it myself by editing a Z.O.M.G. So yeah, If you could find the Time to answer this question of mine, thanks a lot in advance, I'd appreciate it.

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  • Technobot5000

    "On The Wiki" Tab

    March 19, 2014 by Technobot5000

    I have a question for all the admins of this wiki and the Wikia Staff that know about Bloons Wiki. How did you guys get the "Our Policies" link into the On the Wiki tab? I thought nobody could edit that section. Answers are appreciated.

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  • Bloonsman


    February 13, 2014 by Bloonsman

    Excuse me, I have a question. The monkey town gives you 50% more cash per pop, right? But it's no use to buy because you get only 1 dollar per pop. How can you get 1.5 per pop?

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    I'm camo!

    October 7, 2014 by Chilly Bean BAM!
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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    Pt. 2 of BTD Story

    Chapter 2: The Discovery

    Everybody is screaming and a hole is ripped through the iron bunker with Dr. Hepto's robot.

    Character: Dr. Hepto - Mad Researcher Scientist of the monkey force

    Dr. - Hello, sorry to disturb you but I have urgent new!!

    Sergio - Really?! At this time of night pepto bismo?

    Dr. - OH don't call me that or I'll use you for research!!

    Sergio - -__-

    Dr. - Everybody to my lab now!!

    Everybody rushes to the lab in the dark cold night across the camp and once they get there they enter the door to the lab. They soon see one of the strongest balloons, the ceramics lying on a table struggling to get out the force field around it.

    Sergio - So whats this, this isn't any help to me is it?

    Marlton - He helped me. If I didn't …

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  • Bloonsman

    How On Earth...............

    February 18, 2014 by Bloonsman

    Ok. Something frustrates me. How do you join monkey race 2?

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    I will be showing you my personal and very good strategies on BTD Battles for the desktop and Tablet / IPad E.T.C.

    1. Need- Wizard Ace, Boomerang Monkey, Bomb Tower The reason I choose these towers is because the Wizard Ace can pop multiple bloons with the upgrade Lightning Strike. Also it can pop leads and camos if upgraded to Monkey Sense thus popping any type of bloon. Why I chose Boomerang Monkey is because it can pop multiple bloons at a curve and with Glaive Richoccet it can pop more than multiple as long as there packed in groups. The reason why I chose Bomb Tower is because it can pop multiple bloons with Cluster Bombs and its M.O.A.B Maulers can easily destroy a M.O.A.B and to make it better with M.O.A.B Assassin it can take down a…

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    Please add anything that does Z.O.M.G stands for:

    • Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuanness
    • ZOhMyGods
    • Zeppelin of Ornery Machinery and Greatness
    • Zetta Omega Much Gear blimp
    • Zeppelin Of Many Greedness
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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    the lots of bricks special missions is you need fight with lots of bricks. (killing one brick you will get 5 000 money)

    money: 250 000

    lifes: 1

    mode: you can choose mode

    rounds: 30

    Rank: 105

    reward: 30 omeganium

    1. 1 BRICK
    2. 2 BRICK
    3. 1 BRICK (pink bloon speed)
    4. 3 BRICK
    5. 6 BRICK
    6. 2 BRICK (pink bloon speed)
    7. 1 GIGABRICK
    9. 10 BRICK
    10. 3 GIGABRICK
    11. 15 BRICK
    12. 6 BRICK (pink bloon speed)
    13. 20 BRICK
    14. 6 GIGABRICK
    15. 25 BRICK
    16. 9 BRICK (pink bloon speed)
    17. 1 BOSSBRICK
    18. 10 GIGABRICK
    19. 12 BRICK (pink bloon speed)
    20. 2 BOSSBRICK
    21. 35 BRICK
    22. 15 GIGABRICK
    23. 3 BOSSBRICK
    24. 50 BRICK
    25. 20 GIGABRICK
    26. 6 BOSSBRICK
    27. 25 BRICK (pink bloon speed)
    28. 10 GIGABRICK (pink bloon speed)
    29. 8 BOSSBRICK
    30. 1 FINALBRICK
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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    When i click play on btd5d, It says i need to enter the serial key. BUT... when i enter a code, it says "Error code: 3007". My mom shoud look it all up. 

    Edit: Never mind, it's working now.  

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  • Doue

    Bloons Fangame

    August 8, 2014 by Doue

    I have created a Bloons Fangame.

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Easy now, because this is battle royale. What track is easier for you? Monkey Lane or The Rink?                                   


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    This is my Bloons Monkey City blog. Currently, my city is level 24 and has around 260 tiles. I do have a second city, which is level 13 and has around 70 tiles. Here are some of my recent achievements:

    • Beating Phase Crystal special mission - I just spammed ninjas, added some spike factories at the exits and some glue gunners at the front. I do have Bloonjitsu, and I'll never regret buying it!
    • Setting a new personal best on Contested Territory (33). I think that contested territory is fun, but I have seen videos of level-40 people reaching rounds in the 100s. To solve this, I think that bloon speed and blimp health should increase slowly after round 30 (2% per round), then faster at 40 (5%), and really fast above 50 (10%).
    • Unlocking all …
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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    Bloons TD 9 is the sequel of Bloons TD 5.

    ,,oo'' means infinity of something

    bloonFirst RoundhpRBE regen12as selected bloonas selected bloon

    camo23as selected bloonas selected bloon

    spanwer36as selected bloonas selected bloon

    double camo105as selected bloonas selected bloon

    triple camo498as selected bloonas selected bloon

    sprint234as selected bloonas selected bloon

    gorgo246as selected bloonas selected bloon

    drull247as selected bloonas selected bloon

    krallen248as selected bloonas selected bloon

    supersprint253as selected bloonas selected bloon

    ninja225as selected bloonas selected bloon

    gunner227as selected bloonas selected bloon

    super regenin special missionsas selected bloonas selected bloon

    hyper regen151as selected bloonas selected bloon

    ultra regenin spe…

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    The B.R.I.C.K (Boring and Really Impractical and Continuous King) is yet another boring poor BFB edit that just moves to the screen.It takes 30000 to pop and spawns 4 other B.R.I.C.Ks that'll again just sit there and block the way.The process will continue till eternity until you die of boredom and frustration because you just can't win like this,or until there're so much B.R.I.C.Ks your hi-end computer lags like hell it waekness is 2/5 monkey ship or 2/4 blaster.

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Water Hazard.

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Down The Drain.

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  • Anomalous13

    Hey there, Anomalous13 here again. Being bored and having the time, I'd like to mention the things I've learned here on Bloons Wiki. (Despite my multiple leave of absences, I will always find myself coming back here, even after four years of claiming to "leave the wiki".)

    I would also like to express my gratitude towards the positive contributors here, the staff, and anyone else who has helped the wiki's development.

    While losing interest in Bloons, I continue to visit this wiki and moderate it. You might ask, "If you have no more passion for Bloons, why are you still moderating it?"

    Well you see, I've always had a knack for moderating things, and I find it to be enjoyable. Not because "i'm an admin and have power!!!" (let's be honest, who do…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    You'll need a 2/4 Bomb Tower, a 2/4 Glue Gunner, a 4/2 Ice Tower a 4/2 Monkey Apprentice, and a Super Monkey.                                                                                   

    • Place a Super Monkey.          
    • Place a Bomb Tower and upgrade it. (Mortar Tower works too!)                                      
    • Place a Ice Tower and upgrade it.                                                                                                      
    • Place a Glue Gunner and upgrade it. 
    • Place a Monkey Apprentice and upgrade it.                                      
    • Upgrade the Super Monkey to Temple of The Monkey God.                              

    YOU DID IT!!!

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  • Mattycn

    Epic Lag

    September 9, 2014 by Mattycn

    Hmm... epic lag is appearing on BTD5 iOS... any reasoning for why? Its after the update with checkers

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    The B.O.S.S.B.R.I.C.K (Big Overpowered black Singed bit Slow bloon and Boring and Really Impractical and Continuous King) is yet another boring poor BFB edit that just moves to the screen.It takes 490000 to pop and spawns 4 other B.O.S.S.B.R.I.C.Ks that'll again just sit there and block the way.The process will continue till eternity until you die of boredom and frustration because you just can't win like this,or until there're so much B.O.S.S.B.R.I.C.Ks your hi-end computer lags like hell it waekness is lots 2/5 monkey ships or 2/4 blaster.

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  • Thethirdpathcometh

    - Hard Hat Area -

    Construction Ongoing

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Crypt Keeper.

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    The F.I.N.A.L.B.R.I.C.K (Finalist Infinity Never-ending And Living Boring and Really Impractical and Continuous King) is yet another boring poor BFB edit that just moves to the screen.It takes 1200000 to pop and spawns 4 other F.I.N.A.L.B.R.I.C.Ks that'll again just sit there and block the way.The process will continue till eternity until you die of boredom and frustration because you just can't win like this,or until there're so much F.I.N.A.L.B.R.I.C.Ks your end computer lags like hell it waekness is lots 2/5 monkey ships or 2/4 blaster also its boss of special mission Lots of bricks....

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  • StarryStar34

    To sum this up, I'm leaving this account to rot in Bloons Wiki history.

    Some of you might know me as the Bloons Wiki troll, but listen, I'm leaving this account with its reputation behind, and starting a brand new account under WAZZUPYOSHI. I know this is a bad idea, but it's really my only option to help myself and others on this wiki, and along wikia more or less. If anything can come out of this, it's hope to try again and continue. It's not game over for me yet, but for this account, it's game over. 26 months later, it's about time I apologized to every single person on Bloons Wiki, active or inactive, trolls or admins and above. I will be creating this new account 1 week from now. I can also be found on other wiki distributions with th…

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Dune Sea.

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    The G.I.G.A.B.R.I.C.K (Giga Invisible Giant Awesome Boring and Really Impractical and Continuous King) is yet another boring poor BFB edit that just moves to the screen.It takes 90000 to pop and spawns 4 other G.I.G.A.B.R.I.C.Ks that'll again just sit there and block the way.The process will continue till eternity until you die of boredom and frustration because you just can't win like this,or until there're so much G.I.G.A.B.R.I.C.Ks your hi-end computer lags like hell it waekness is 3 2/5 monkey ship or 2/4 blaster.

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    I have 2 new tower ideas so maybe these you guys will really enjoy having in BTD5 one day.

    1. Glaive Budha Cost:550 Basically its a tower that has 1 permanent glaive orbiting it and pops 1 layer but it does 1 full circle in 1.5 sec. upgrades: fast glaives: glaives make 1 full spin around the tower in 1 sec. sharp glaives: glaives can pop 2 layers of bloon. faster glaives: glaives make 1 full spin around the tower in 0.7 sec. fastest glaives: makes 1 full spin around the tower in 0.5 sec. other tier: hot glaives: pop through leads. double glaives: 2 glaives now orbit the tower. Triple glaives: 3 glaives now orbit the tower. direct shot: special ability- shoots a powerful wave of glaives directly at bloons

    2. Burper Monkey Cost:300 A t…

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  • 210577bloons

    BMC Before MOABs

    July 18, 2014 by 210577bloons

    Hello! I'm 210577, an active user nowadays, and I'm willing to talk about how to expand in Monkey City before you get to blimps, beacuse everyone is talking about how to pop Triple MOAB Regrow Assault tiles on volcanoes, but nobody is saying "this will do in all ceramic tiles and below". So, here's my advice:

    1. Get powerful upgrades. To expand your land, you will probably need:

    -Triple Darts: 8 of these can pop a whole Ceramic on Switch.

    -Tack Sprayer: Closely packed tacks can pop multiple layers of bloon.

    -Glaive Richochet/Bionic Boomer: Cleanup on Rainbows and above

    -Double Shot: It doubles the ninja's firepower for a discount. How nice!

    -Cluster and Frag Bombs: They can thin out most bloon rushes.

    -Crow's Nest: Camo detection where ninjas are…

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  • CoolKidztv21
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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    To start off very well in btd5, here is a guide to help you.

    First of all, this does not work on 2 way tracks for example: the great divide, down the drain and treetops.

    First u need to get a ninja monkey and put it near the track and upgrade these

    ninja discipline->sharper shurikens and seeking shuriken

    next put a bomb tower next to it and upgrade these

    longer range->frag bombs->cluster bombs bigger bombs->missle launcher

    After getting upgrades for these 2 towers u will need to get to the next step. Set up 6 banana farms together and upgrade them to more bananas. After that put a super monkey kind of far from the 2 other towers. Next put a monkey village and upgrade all of them except for the last 2 on tier 3 and 4. Next upgrade your super monk…

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Skull Peak.

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  • 210577bloons

    Hello! I'm posting this for people who want some Monkey Money or achievements for their next Agent or Level Spin. I have a few previous Daily Challenges that I completed really easily and would like to tell you how to beat (although most don't yield much cash). You can earn $68 by completing all challenges on this post.

    ZOMG (March 11, 2012)

    1. Buy 6 0/4 Bomb Towers.

    2. Use all abilities and sell them all.

    3. Buy 3 0/4 Aces.

    4. Use all Ground Zeros and win. Reward: $2

    That Was Quick (April 8, 2012)

    1. Buy a 3/0 Ice Tower and a 0/3 Village next to each other in the second loop.

    2. Start the round.

    3. Buy a buccaneer and upgrade 0/4 ASAP. Use MOAB Takedown when the BFB comes on screen.

    4. Sell the Buccaneer when completed and upgrade Village 2/3.

    5. Wa…

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  • Commando Conceptor L5

    • Triple Trouble ($8,000): Operate the Juggernaut to shoot out 3 giant spiked balls for maximum poppage. Wait, where's the dart monkey?
    • The World of Laser Monkey ($11,500): The World of Laser Monkey ability: Join in the fan club, every Dart Monkeys onscreen are now Laser Super Monkey. Hangout time.
    • Unlocked at Rank 57

    • Ring of BLOONTONIUM! ($3,500): Delivers tons of pain to the bloons. With this, pop up to 2 layers and has a whopping popping power of 128.
    • Gloomy Nightmare ($2,800): Blasts out fumes from the Shooter at quadruple speed. Fumes pop up to 12 bloons, and detect camo. Fume Maelstrom ability: Blasts out way more than the Blade Maelstrom and shoots fumes everywhere to hunt down those bloons. (lol, it came from PVZ)
    • Unlocked at Rank 58.

    • BFB …

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  • Spike144

    Two Years on the Wiki

    January 28, 2014 by Spike144

    Hi all,

    Even if blog posts haven't been much needed since our forum was opened, I would like to write this one. Today, it have been two years since I joined Bloons Wiki. The wiki has been growing fast thanks to all our contributors, and even to our visitors (134.2K visitors last week). More visitors means a better position in web search engines, and the better position in web search engines means even more visitors and editors, so thanks to all of you.

    Have a nice year,

    14:01, January 28, 2014 (UTC) Read more >
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