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  • BestBMCplayer

    Had anyone been concerned of Monkey Knowledge? Here are the good methods of having them:

    • Contested Territory Rewards: I often go to round 100 in CT in most of the terrains (except DESERT and HIGH DESERT), they give a lot of Monkey Knowledge Packs: 7 Normal and 4 Ancient MKP. 

    ​         Comments for playing CT: I am not sure if anybody has not enough a high city level, but they are really guite good way, just try to farm in the early rounds, if no farms, try 0/4 snipers and 4/x village in the early rounds too.

        Notes: Desert Terrain and High Desert Terrain are pretty well impossible to go to round 100, so I will choose going to round 52, which is easy for both you and me.

    • Contested Territory Occupation Rewards: It gives more a lot of MKPs, but …
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  • Super Saiyan 7 Somebody

    It's called Vortex, and is apparently going to make an appearance in some sort of timed event thing like Bloonarius. It's located in a SWF file used by Bloons Monkey City.

    Here it is inside the flash decompiler. In the second picture you can see the timer like how Bloonarius has.

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Okay, so I've been playing Froggy Splash for a year or two, and have developed what can be called an addiction to it. It has such cute music, and it's lots of fun. So if there was no music, what'd the point be?

    Also, what's better for splashing - PERFECT or ACE? I personally think ACE.

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  • Pingo Penguin, the Scientist

    This blog has been archived. Sorry.

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  • Gargantuar333

    Here is most of the stuff I dug up in the BMC files on Vortex: Deadly Master of Air, the upcoming boss bloon. There's more stuff in there, but it's a lot less interesting and is basically just small sprites for it's animation and other boring stuff. This is all the cool stuff.

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  • Batty1776

    BTW, there are some hard rounds and tracks in my opinion, have fun! If you already able to counter these, you can read it as a reference.

    Round 59
    This round can be very problematic if you don't have camo-lead popping power, or even the weak. Should you don't have camo-lead popping power, have a 1/2 Sniper. As Sniper is quite slow compared to another towers, 2/2 Apprentice will get you in the edge.
    Fun fact: In 'Low Tek' Random Challenge, you cannot pass round 59, obviously because you can't upgrade your towers, road items are disabled too.
    Round 63
    Named so much for its hard round, round 63 consists Lead Bloons and 3 Ceramic rushes. Better be ready for counter those bloon rushes and leads, 4/0 bomb, 4/0 tack and 3/0 boomer will do the trick.

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  • BTD Master


    As you see, this is short. Just tell me in the comments which tower do you think is most OP!

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  • Dtoborg

    I think that the highest bloon type in Bloons Monkey City has been changed so that tiles are easier? Or is this just happening to me?

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  • Huang588021

    Late Game

    November 30, 2015 by Huang588021

    This Blog is about late game, and tips for late game.

    There is no specific round in which it becomes late game, but it becomes late game somewhere after round 23, where the first MOAB comes out.

    Remember, since each opponent is different, these tips I post may help, but if you opponent decides to send some kind of bloons to rush you, these defenses may not hold up. This also relates on which type of map it is, some maps the bloons takes more time to get through the whole map, others the route for the bloons are alot shorter, allowing less time for your towers to pop the bloons.

    First things first, your AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU RECEIVE EACH ROUND IS IMPORTANT! I personally like to use eco, and if you use choose to use bannana farms, their income is…

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  • Bananamelon808

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions to level up easily. I am currently level 12, and I am trying to get to level 15 to unlock the second city. Ok, thanks for reading.

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  • Jamesddong

    Make BTD6

    August 12, 2016 by Jamesddong

    Hey bloons wiki, can you make BTD6 that includes BTD5, BMC, and BTD Battle. When you make it, can you make the 5th tire. However, superjombombo2 made an announcement about BTD6.

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    BTD5 has Specialty Buildings for all towers but Monkey Villages and Banana Farms. If I were to create Specialty Buildings for the Monkey Village and the Banana Farm, I would name the Monkey Village Specialty Building "Village Developments Centre" and the Banana Farm one "Banana Greenhouse". If I were to create any specialties for the buildings, I would do this...

    1. Reduces the cost of Monkey Villages and their upgrades by 5%. 750
    2. Range increased by 10%. 1000
    3. All towers have camo detection if a Radar Scanner is bought. 1250
    4. (Mobile only) Based upon Bigger Beacons. 2500

    Disadvantage: Increases the cost of Banana Farms and their upgrades by 5%.

    1. Reduces the cost of Banana Farms and their upgrades by 5%. 1000
    2. All bananas and boxes value and Monkey …

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  • Supermonkeysupreme


    Yesterday I contacted ninja kiwi because I had a cool new tower idea

    Daphne (ninja kiwi) emailed back and said:

    This is a pretty neat tower idea.we have a few tower ideas that we want to add into the game

    This is not the whole email as I cut out the boring bits and left the interesting bit in

    Comment down below what you think the mystery tower(s) could be

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  • WhiteSpice

    I've improvised a strategy great for dealing with most Bloon types in general, which I have dubbed "Spike Stalling".

    The idea of Spike Stalling is to use Spike Factories at the end of a track for popping power, and using Ice Towers, Glue Gunners and other slowdown towers to slow the bloons down, giving the spikes time to generate.

    Generally it's good to begin Round 1 with a Spike Factory if playing on Easy. If on another difficulty, you should complete Rounds 1 and maybe 2 with Road Spikes or purchase a Dart Monkey to quickly buy a Spike Factory without losing lives.

    Once a Spike Factory is set up, a Glue Gunner or Ice Tower should be purchased, and basic upgrades should be purchased. As time goes on the Spike Factory should be upgraded, and …

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  • Pingo Penguin, the Scientist

    So at 2:36 in the morning at Las Vegas, I was reading around in a BTD5 - BTD6 blog that people really like. And then I randomly see someone online in "Online Chat". So I see what has happened and he is away from his device. It said that there was a sort of Skype Chat room or so which I don't understand still. And there are only five participants in the chat. No one was there. Please reply admins or moderators. And please don't ban me! :|

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  • Blue The Raptor
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  • PePsIadZwiki

    This is a subject that has been spoke about for a very long time, but since this question is affecting me more and more often, I think it's time to say my opinion.

    Personally, I think rushers in BTD Battles are noobs and/or trolls, trying to earn as much medallions as they can with cheap tactics: such as regrow rainbow rushing and sending BFBs. At the other end of the scale, there is another question that I thought I'd answer as well, whilst I'm at it. Late game is not for pros, it's for people that want to get as much out of the game as possible: People who decide to go late game just want to spend a lot of time on the game, and have fun in the process; rushers just want to take as many medallions they can in the battle arena, so they can …

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  • Towerdefence661

    What does it take to fully upgrade a temple of the super monkey god? Also, how do you even tell if it's upgraded more or less? I've seen things how to do it, but it's really confusing and it doesn't get to the point.

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  • Yossipossi


    May 30, 2015 by Yossipossi

    (M) = Manditory

    (V) = Volintary

    (M) Called (If Acrynom, Say what it stands for)

    (M) H.T.P. (Hits To Pop)

    (M) Speed:

    (M) When Popped:

    (M) Appears After ________ is Popped

    (M) Abilities:

    (M) Appearance:

    (V) Picture

    (M) Appears on Round:

    (M) Desc:


    D.E.A.T.H. (Dasterdly Exertion After The Heat


    x2 of Z.O.M.G.

    x3 Z.O.M.G., and will Explode, stunning towers for 3 seconds


    Will Melt Darts, Blow up bombs before contact and is immune to all special powers

    Half is Black, and the other half has a fire with crossbones, with thrusters and flamethrowers on all sides.

    No Picture Available

    Appears on Round 125


    ENJOY MAKING YOUR OWN BLOONS! (P.S. It doesn't have to be a M.O.A.B. Class Bloon)

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  • Bloons Fan 4567

    Moab Maddness Remake

    September 5, 2016 by Bloons Fan 4567

    ]] Rage5.9

    Tier 1/0

    Deals 17 Damage

    Blast power6.8

    Range 6.4

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  • TheMysteriousHood

    Tower ideas

    August 23, 2016 by TheMysteriousHood

    Because i cannot find any blog about tower ideas i decided to make my own

    In order to make a tower you have to add the following:

    Price,range,upgrade price,firing speed,can it pop camo or lead bloons,activated ability cooldown.when it is unlocked and what level is needed to unlock its powers

    You can add something else if you want

    My tower idea -

    Blazer monkey.

    price - 1200 

    range - slightly bigger than dart monkey

    firing speed - somewhat fast

    can it pop camo - no

    cano it pop lead - yes

    activated ability cooldown - 1 minute

    unlocked at level 19

    upgrade 4 unlocked at level 46

    Description -

    Blazer monkey shoots constant fire stream that pops bloons.Similary to 0/3 monkey appentrice but with different attacks.

    Blazer monkey looks like glue gunner but glue can…

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  • Prabir Roy
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  • Blue The Raptor

    Is this a good start?

    November 29, 2015 by Blue The Raptor

    needs a ninja

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  • 4thDimensionTraveler

    Since it is possible to farm Pro agents for free using the Random Challenges (in mobile), this is a list of the special agents and the most effiecent random challenge to farm them. (Mission where it gives the most amount of a certain type of agent)

    Merkrat - Tribal Warfare

    Tribal Turtles - Green Eyed Monsters

    Bloonsday Device - B Day

    Super Monkey Storm - Nature Calls

    Angry Squirrel - Mount Boom

    Beekeeper - That Special Bunch

    Bloonberry Bush - Nature Calls

    Portable Lake - Pool Party

    Pontoon - Summer Time!

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  • Cybercloud

    BTD Battles Clan age

    January 3, 2017 by Cybercloud

    I just started playing Battles on ios in Dec. 26 2016 (right before I turned 13) so when I pressed the cln button and I HONESTLY confirmed my age, they didn't let me do all the stuff and try out the clan feautures like searching clans. And since I am now 13 I still dont get to do the other exciting stuff with clans. Pls. help really appreciate it

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  • BowDownToAbsorbency


    June 20, 2016 by BowDownToAbsorbency

    TestTower is a tower that exists in Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD Battles (Currently only found in Mobile code, not confirmed if it exists in the web version)

    The cost to place the tower is $9001, and the rank to unlock it in Bloons TD 5 is 1337.

    This tower is also related to TestAircraft.

    The full code for the tower in Bloons TD 5 as well as Bloons TD Battles can be viewed at

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    THis wiki...

    October 16, 2015 by ShroomstagramUser

    I'm new here, and I see all kinds of grammar errors and false info.  I would like to help/see this wiki improve and get better.  It isn;t bad by any means, but it needs work.  :)

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  • ClonaClox9999

    Bloons Story

    December 20, 2016 by ClonaClox9999

    Not much is known about the backstory behind Bloons. Questions have been asked on how the war between Monkeys and Bloons began, or why Monkeys basically use Bloons as assault weapons while they're popping them to capture land.

    However, according to an email between User:CloneClox9999 and Aaron (who is a Ninja Kiwi LTD), Ninja Kiwi has purposely kept quiet about the backstory.

    It turns out User:CloneClox9999 only sent that email to ask about what he could do to make the games run faster, as he was only emailing to complain on how BTD4 was running too slow for him.

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  • Blue The Raptor


    December 22, 2015 by Blue The Raptor
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  • Bloons Fan 4567

    Update Cental

    September 5, 2016 by Bloons Fan 4567

    Updates are small but are good

    If I release mymoab m madness game 

    I need time to build

    Thats all for now..

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    I managed to figue this out with this: I clicked on "Open in Media Viewer" and then clicked on the download icon. A download window appeared and clicked on the "Download original file". And I got the original SVG!

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Sprint Track.

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  • MutantEnders

    Pyro monkey is a monkey that upgrades from Ray of doom.

    Shoots flame orbs that line up like ray of doom .It also has a different outfit.However,This only Burns,slows and takes bloon layers off.

    This is an upgrade with some amazing pops up ahead.

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  • Kid Sheldon

    Beat No Escape rounds 14-65 with 1500 lives and 1000 starting cash. Support Chinook and Healthy Bananas premiums are banned.

    Find a strategy to build up enough cash to farm lives with the Support Chinook. Build up about 2000 lives (or however many you think you need to maintain 1500) (some levels in Ability Cooldown may help you, since the first crate from a Support Chinook always gives cash and you need the second, fourth, etc. crates for lives). On round 13, bring all of the ZOMGs down to a low-enough level that a Ray of Doom will be able to clean it up instantly. I did this with Tech Terrors to destroy the ZOMGs and most of the bloons, then sold it and placed the RoD facing away. Once you're at 1500 lives, pop the remaining bloons. When …

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  • Blue The Raptor


    January 9, 2016 by Blue The Raptor

    Bottom right corner

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  • BowDownToAbsorbency

    TestAircraft is a tower that appears in the Mobile code of

    Bloons TD 5 and Bloons TD Battles. It only has a weapon definition, so very little information is known about it.

    This tower is also related to TestTower.

    The full code for the tower in Bloons TD 5 as well as Bloons TD Battles can be viewed at

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  • Supermonkey 2-2

    (Please do not edit) I personally use a very weird strategy. I usually put a Ninja Monkey in the front of the track on tracks like Monkey Lane, then I put a Juggernaut behind the Ninja Monkey. I put these monkeys so that when they throw their objects it goes all the way through the first set of bloons.(Should work until round 27). Then, I put a 2-3 Dart Monkey Above that line. (Will post photo soon).

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  • XJaquar


    July 23, 2016 by XJaquar
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  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    I've decided to return to this place. My reasons? I want to see how far you have all come. I want to see if you have redeemed yourself from when I LANCBed this place.

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  • Gracchus Mccarthe

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  • Had and for good as new for

    I have never seen such a wiki page:

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  • Towerdefence661

    Special Buildings

    February 18, 2017 by Towerdefence661

    What specialty building is the best for co-op? I currently have about 13k M.M and i have engineer and bloon chipper building fully upgraded. I want the best one for late game co-op(say mabye round 60 and over) because i'm tired of just using super monkey you temples.

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    My idea for the Spike Factory is to add targetting options. There are four that I had thought about: Random (the one we have currently), Close (shoots more spikes closer to it), Far (shoots more spikes far from it), and Attack (will do Random mode until bloons come, where it will automatically shoot spikes at bloons).

    You can suggest some.

    You can suggest some.

    You can suggest some.

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  • Blue The Raptor

    Pretty Strange...

    December 23, 2015 by Blue The Raptor
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  • Moosecraft22

    Round 2- Red bloons $25, Blue bloons $25 Round 4- Blue bloons, Pink bloons Round 6- Green bloons

    Soory finsh today or tomorrow

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  • Huang588021

    Rushing Stratagies

    October 19, 2016 by Huang588021

    This Blog is a strategy on how to win easily by rushing and losing minimal health.

    This is different from the other blog I wrote, since now I have been playing the steam version of Bloons TD  Battles, which is the same as the mobile version. Of course, as I mentioned in my other blog, THESE STRATEGIES MAY NOT WORK AGAINST SOME PEOPLE. THIS GAME IS AGAINST REAL LIVE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF THE CPU, AND THEY MAY HAVE WAYS TO COUNTER THIS STRATEGY.

    If this is a regular match and not one of those special battle rooms with bannanza, then I recommend using the three troops the dart monkey, the wizard, and the bomb tower, and whatever your fourth random tower is. (These three towers are able to go late game and be able to withstand many main rushes.) If y…

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  • JacquIreBriggs

    Sub Construction Yard:

    Level 1: Only Sub Building and water area was shown

    Level 2: A radar was built

    Level 3: 2 cans were built at the front

    Dart Training Facility:

    Lvl 1: A regular wooden building

    Lvl 2: Building now has darts on it

    Lvl 3: A dart board is shown next to the building

    Lvl 4: Two barrels appeared on the left side of the building

    Tack Research Center:

    Lvl 1: The Tack Research Facility was built.

    Lvl 2: The door opens to reveal Tack Shooters

    Lvl 3: A box of spilled tacks appeared on the right side of the Research Center

    Boomerang Dojo:

    Lvl 1: Only Dojo was built

    Lvl 2: A hanger with boomerangs and glaives appeared on the left side of the dojo

    Lvl 3: Bloon dummies both scratched appeared on the right side of the dojo

    Lvl 4: Metal supporters are…

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  • BestBtd4Player

    1000th Edit

    December 24, 2015 by BestBtd4Player

    Well, I think I wasted being able to make this my thousandth edit, but anyways...


    Sorry if I am overreacting, I just saw 999 edits on my userpage and got really excited. I have been on this wiki around 1-2 years ago, and then I came back with 999 edits. After about a week, I finally made an edit and now I have 1000 edits. Maybe 1001 because of this, but still. I see this as a milestone.

    Idk what else to say.

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  • Dinner111

    These are my strategies for Battle Knot.

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  • Dtoborg

    So I thought this would be a good idea to help beginners so they would know which upgrades they should absolutely get. First off you need MOAB Maulers. Second I would go for an Arctic Wind. It also depends on which special terrain are near your city. Third would probably be the Semi-Automati Rifle. Fourth Bionic Boomer, and fifth Double Shot.

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