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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    I have recently made a section in my userpage about rating each tower and its upgrades in BTD6. In my blog, I review each of the towers and their upgrades, including the base tower. I will apply a rating based on what I consider on firstly the base towers, then their upgrades, and then the tower overall.

    = Good
    = Meh
    = Bad

    (no rating) = Hasn't been reviewed yet

    Base Tower Tier-1 Tier-2 Tier-3 Tier-4 Tier-5 Overall

    Dart Monkey
    $200 (Medium)
    Sharp Shots
    $140 (Medium)
    Razor Sharp Shots
    $220 (Medium)
    $300 (Medium)
    $1800 (Medium)
    $15000 (Medium)

    Quick Shots
    $100 (Medium)
    Very Quick Shots
    $190 (Medium)
    Triple Darts
    $400 (Medium)
    Super Monkey Fan Club
    $8000 (Medium)
    Plasma Monkey Fan Club
    $50,000 (Medium)

    Long Range Darts
    $90 (Medium)…

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  • The Primordial Clok-Roo

    If you're familiar with Bloons Tower Defence 6, chances are that you have probably heard of the 2 tower CHIMPS challenge. It's pretty self-explanatory: beat CHIMPS mode using ONLY 2 towers - that's 95 rounds of the first 2 towers you purchase, WITHOUT losing a life.

    Several people have tried this challenge and found a few combinations that work. I've been trying my best to get in on the act with combinations that I feel CAN work... But with all of them something doesn't work out.

    The following are combinations that I have tried and that I believe have the potential to pull off the fabled 2 tower CHIMPS run, but as of now they cannot
    Or maybe they were just fun experiments. Either way, here's what I've tried.

    The following are the abbreviations…

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  • TheRealRC

    When I downloaded BTD6, I was really sad that the Dartling Gun did not come with it. Tell me what should be added to the Dartling Gun if it's added in a future update! 

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  • LittleWhole

    Hello reader! This blog post is a tutorial on how to play BTD6 on a PC! We will use BlueStacks, an Android emulator, to do this!

    If you already have BlueStacks, skip this step.
    1. Go to
    2. Click "Download BlueStacks 3N".
    3. Click "Download".
    4. After it has finished downloading, run the downloaded installer/program.
    5. Go through the installation wizard and install BlueStacks.
    6. After done, run BlueStacks.

    1. Go to Home > App Center.
    2. Search "BTD6".
    3. It should direct you to the Google Play Store. If it does not, press "Visit Google Play Store".
    4. Buy/Download BTD6. (You can also install an apk version of it from My Apps, but that's piracy.)
    5. Go to Home > My Apps and click on the Bloons TD 6 icon.
    6. Enjoy BTD6!

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  • Kiran9871

    Since, I only have around 4-5 5th tier towers and only the 1st tier upgrades for supermonkeys I would want to know what would happen if you tried to get a Temple of the Sun God or The True Sun God on a Carrier Flagship. Would it become a floating temple or could you not get it

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  • Chenshulun


    August 30, 2018 by Chenshulun

    What does TBA means that shows on some wiki pages?

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    What do you want to be buffed/nerfed in Version 11.0? Here are my suggestions:

    Dart Monkey
    • Crossbow Master with Path 1 upgrades now adds +5 pierce per Path 1 upgrade, instead of +1 for Sharp Shots and +2 on top for Razor Sharp Shots.
    • Plasma Monkey Fan Club now affects more Dart Monkeys (40 --> 50)
    • Ultra Juggernaut main mega juggernaut now deals pressure damage like Kylie Boomerangs.

    Besides PMFC + TT, PMFC doesn't seem to be used very often. Crossbow Master with Path 1 upgrades are a total joke for how much pierce comes with by default; +33% attack speed far outweighs the petty amount of pierce gain.

    Ultra Juggernaut is quite underutilized due to how it barely struggles against Rounds 63 for a really high price and becomes useless against Super …

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  • MikpinRYB

    Idea for Mastery: Beat all gamemodes on a map and then you can choose to play the standard or other difficulties as well to earn more Monkey Money. Example: Lets say you beat every gamemode on a map- you unlock mastery for it. There could ba a switch to mastery on the difficulty selection screen, which does BTD5-like effects to gameplay. Fortified bloons will not count as ranks, and a few will just go up on their armor (Example: fleads->double health flead, fmoab->fbfb). BADs are going to appear enmass... but what about round 100’s BAD? That could be shrouded in mystery- either 5 appear, or a new, more terrifying bloon pops up. And no, it isn’t the ghost bloon- it could be a far more titanic, feared, hellish, and ever-so bulky bloon. Round…

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  • Walter0


    September 9, 2018 by Walter0

    Hello, i am Walter. When i was about 12 years old i was really sad to see go and there was nothing i could do about it. All the levels i created in the bloons level editor were gone and even the BTD4 track editor that was sold as an actual product was removed. But times have changed since then.

    I am making my first step in reviving by making my own Bloons 1 level editor deluxe. Near the end of this day 9/9/2018 i am releasing Walter's Bloons level editor deluxe v1.0

    Download link to this is in my bloons discord: You can also hang out there and talk with each other. I post info about my current projects there aswell.

    BTD4 Track editor is also high on the priority list for me.

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  • Ezw103012213
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  • Wolfypvp123

    If there are any people out there right now that are experiencing the same thing I am because that we are in Hong Kong then you needn't worry. I have sent out a question to Ninja Kiwi asking when they are going to release Btd6 for Hong Kong users, or if they ever will release it for Hong Kong. A Ninja Kiwi staff replied to my message, and there was good news! And I know that the image is too small for people to even see what is in it so I will type it here: "Hi there,

    Thanks for your email!

    We are extremely sorry for the delay, but just before launch we found errors in our localizations, so we had to delay the launch in Hong Kong. Please accept our apologies and know that we are working hard to get a corrected version through our QA process …

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  • Kiran9871

    When I have a 5-0-2 sniper and I try to use the Monkey buccaner's pirate lord abilaty The grapple either begins to phase in and out of realieaty or disapper. I did this in sandbox and the grapple just destroyed it without the tower. 

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    Co-Op BTD6 released

    July 3, 2019 by KINGDOY

    Update 11.0 for BTD6 released Co-Op among other things

    Patch Notes:

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  • Planterobloon

    This looks ugly, since it was originally a Notepad file, but here's all the XP unlock requirements. You can't view these after you unlock the upgrades AFAIK, so I collected them during my first few games.

    Dart Monkey
    *Path 1
    **Sharp Shots: 100 XP
    **Razor Sharp Shots: 500 XP
    **Spike-o-pult: 1,900 XP
    **Juggernaut: 7,500 XP
    **Ultra Juggernaut: 22,000 XP
    *Path 2
    **Quick Shots: 80 XP
    **Very Quick Shots: 400 XP
    **Triple Shot: 2,000 XP
    **Super Monkey Fan Club: 9,500 XP
    **Plasma Monkey Fan Club: 30,000 XP
    *Path 3
    **Long Range Darts: 50 XP
    **Enhanced Eyesight: 450 XP
    **Crossbow: 2,100 XP
    **Sharp Shooter: 12,000 XP
    **Crossbow Master: 35,000 XP

    Boomerang Monkey
    *Path 1
    **Improved Rangs: 100 XP
    **Glaives: 520 XP
    **Glaive Ricochet: 2,500 XP
    **MOAR Glaives: 8,500 XP
    **Glaive Lor…

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  • LeafyFan4000

    I have done the next stage of my tournament. I have found out the best towers of each category. They will be listed below.

    Primary, Glave Lord Military, Apache Prime( I knew the Flying Fortress would win so I demoted it). Magic, True Sun God(Still vanilla) Support, Perma Spike.

    The champion of the tournament will be announced tonight.

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  • Haydensnake

    We need more transparent PNG artwork for heroes. It's really hard for some people to find artwork for heroes at certain levels, and the artwork isn't even on the wiki. Please, if you can, upload them if they're not on the wiki. Some things include:

    1. Pat Fusty's artwork at different levels.
    2. The same, but Ezili.
    3. The same, but for Benjamin.
    4. Hero skin artwork for the base and different levels.

    Remember, it is prefered that these are transparent PNGs.

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  • The Primordial Clok-Roo

    OK, so, seeing as I have made numerous attempts to make Carrier Flagship work in 2-Tower CHIMPS, and that I have had SOME success with the tower, I figured I might as well create a separate page specifically listing off the combinations I've tried with this tower and how well they did.

    People underestimate just how good the Carrier Flagship is a standalone tower. With little to no assistance, it is capable of soloing all the way to Round 82! If you're smart with your money, you can have it as early as Round 55, which might as well then be a free ticket to the endgame, basically. More attack damage; lead popping power; good super ceramic damage; even if you don't have any other water towers, the tower specific gains alone justify the purchas…

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    To become a real honorable Sniper, you’ll effectively have to undergo various physics-based theory exercises, physical exercise exercises, camouflage exercises, psychological exercises (since they’d often be alone much of the time), and even more various exercises relating to sniper-based training. Link.

    I suppose all Snipers in the game would have such the honorable qualification to get awesome upgrades too.

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  • LeafyFan4000

    I have done the final part of my tournament. The results have come in. And I will list them below.

    First, Apache Prime Second, True Sun God(Vanilla) Third, Glave Lord Fourth, Perma Spike

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  • StarCookie3

    Xmas Strategy

    June 23, 2019 by StarCookie3

    xmas is a fun strat to use on winter map. you get on winter mapp and play with darts and ice towes . get tree darts and turn them into spiky pults. then get one wizard monkey. make it tempste tornado and your done..

    the lead is very hard but torano help it a lot. moabs and very hars though. I don't know if realy possible. and the camo is extremem.

    it is a lot of fun to use this so do it .

    those cone bloo s are very imposibel to beet./ I think moab possible but cone nono no t possible...

    there are zombies in thi game but now o there ar peashooters and suns. whut happened?

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    I personally would request including additional Pre-Round Comments than simply the currently existing round descriptions. I reckon a bit more of these pre-round comments could be expanded upon.

    New suggestions are italicized.

    (I will do BTD6 ABR later)

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  • Autade

    5 years

    August 10, 2018 by Autade

    It has been 5 years and an idea, let NK know about a BTD6 animated show.

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    Which is the best monkey out of these three? If you want, you can put your answer in the comments after you have done the poll so people can see what you think, so let's begin with the poll!

    Voting fairly makes it fun for everyone! If somebody tells you what you should do, than don't do it if you don't want to! Besides, if they use you they will just get a double vote for whatever it was, and that wouldn't be fair, and then it wouldn't be fun for everyone, so don't vote unfairly!

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    I got another achievement! It's UNBELIEVABLE how I killed almost this many MOAB's in 1 run!

    BEST ACHIEVEMENT EVER! And this proof isn't fake, I don't know how to hack!

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  • ShinkaPlant

    This is an new game that an fan named ShinkaPlant will create, It'll have Lots of Bloons, Bosses, Maps, Heroes, Towers, and most of old features from all the Bloons games (excepts the Power-up Bloons), The release date is unknown, but will have Bloons from BTDX as well as Plasma Monkey and Bosses from BTDX.

    It'll Crossover with Macgyver (2016), Adventure Times, and possibly an Paw Patrol, The Lookout, Map and inside the Phoenix Foundation Map type, also will have permission of Fanmade Maps, Heroes, and Towers, as well as Bloons.

    • Tokens and Monkey Lab
    • Special Agents
    • Building of Towers (Hint: It costs Monkey Money)
    • Old BTD5 Towers (Including your favorie sucking tower: Bloonchipper!)
    • Old Maps
    • Old Bloons (BTD4 Camo Bloons and Orange Bloon)
    • 6th Tiers …

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  • Kiran9871

    Just wondering on what you think about captian churchill, shooting range, and the prince of darkness

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590


    June 22, 2019 by TerrariaBEAST64590

    what is dis

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  • Dktu

    ARE YOU READY!!!??? 2 Spectre + 2 Robo-Monkey XD

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  • The Primordial Clok-Roo

    NOTE: This page is still a work-in-progress. To be updated with more information at a later date. Also, any assistance to help me with making the table look better is appreciated.

    Who is the best hero in Bloons Tower Defense 6?
    Actually, that question has no answer. There really is no one 'best hero,' despite whta many would say. Each hero has their own pros and cons, and distinct uses that make the fun to use. For instance, Quincy is the cheap all-rounder, yet extremely potent late-game; Striker Jones caters more to support with his affiliation for Bomb Towers and Mortar Monkeys; Benjamin is the money making master; and so on.
    That said, one question many like to answer is how far each hero can go on their own. And I'm going to help answer i…

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  • Fun Blob

    hes not fast enought to kill that evil pink bloon

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  • Kill

    2000 pages

    July 11, 2018 by Kill

    We reached 2000 pages, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Note: please edit Pre-Emptive Strike

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    Here is a list of "speed quantities" that I have graded based on the rate of attack speed dispensing (Note: lower end is inclusive, upper end is non-inclusive):

    Grade Attack Speed Examples
    Extremely Slow (>6.0s) MOAB Press (knockback kylie), Berserker Brew (brew), Stronger Stimulant (brew), Acidic Mixture Dip (dip), Unstable Concoction (concoction potions)
    Very Slow (3.0s-6.0s) Permaspike, Super Mines, Sticky Bomb (sticky bomb)
    Slow (2.0s-3.0s) Caltrops, Flash Bomb (stun bomb), Heart of Thunder (lightning), Druid of the Storm (tornado)
    Moderately Slow (1.2s-2.0s) Spike-O-Pult, Grape Shot (grapes), Enhanced Freeze, Bomber Ace (bombs), Ballistic Missile (missile)
    Moderate (0.9s-1.2s) Even Faster Production, Rapid Reload, Cryo Cannon, Juggernaut

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    Which of these two Heroes is the best? Of course, I will come with results lots of days!

    Don't listen to the people that tell you to answer what they want you to answer, because that wouldn't be a very fair vote, would it?

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  • 14mMyS3lf13N0w

    Medium Logs Standard

    September 21, 2019 by 14mMyS3lf13N0w

    May work with other maps and difficulties

    Here are the steps

    1: Ninja 3-0-2 (Rounds 1-11)

    2. Wizard 3-2-0 (Rounds 12-25)

    3. Engineer 3-2-0 (Rounds 26-32)

    4. Sub 2-0-3 (Rounds 33-36)

    5. Sniper 2-0-3 (Rounds 37-41)

    6. Upgrade All +1 except Wizard (Ninja 4-0-2, Engineer 4-2-0, Sub 2-0-4, Sniper 2-0-4) (Order is Sub, Engineer, Sniper, Ninja) (Rounds 42-49)

    7. Alch 4-2-0 (Round 50)

    8. Village 2-2-0 (Rounds 51-54, Sold bcuz bad spot)

    9. Super 2-0-3 (Rounds 55-65)

    10. Upgrade Wizard 5-2-0 (Rounds 66-82)

    11. Upgrade Engineer 5-2-0 (Rounds 83-92)

    12. Chill until Round 98

    13. Sell Engineer for 5-0-2 Ninja (Round 98)

    14. Engineer 4-2-0 (Round 98)

    15. Obyn Level 7 (Round 98)

    16. Another Sub (0-4-0) (Round 100)

    17. Use First Strike on BAD

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  • Needlesstrikeninja


    October 25, 2018 by Needlesstrikeninja

    It's voic is different and skin too. No stats changed or weapon change.

    It's cost is 2500

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  • Legofan9o5

    A Great Awakening

    October 29, 2018 by Legofan9o5

    So after doing some well-deserved research and linking up of some of the item articles for BATTD, I found myself admiring the series again. Not saying that I will binge-watch it again, as I simply do not have the time or the means to do so. But from what I have seen from the Adventure Time Wikia compared to our related articles, I came to one conclusion:

    Wow, BATTD is fan-servicey as heck!

    I implore anyone reading this to check out the articles there and play a little game of "Spot the BATTD material". Lumpy Space Princess' final upgrade is in reference to the title of a whole episode. Mind Games is an item based completely on an episode. Some of the alternate versions of Heroes are designs not even used for a single episode. Many of the in…

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  • Haydensnake

    Hey guys! I just wanted to talk about some cool things about the Wizard Monkey in BTD6.

    1. Archmage and Wizard Lord - I personally think the Archmage upgrade might be a reference to the Wizard Lord from BTD5. Why? Because Archmage lets the Wizard Monkey use Dragon's Breath and Shimmer without buying the upgrades. The Wizard Lord was a 4/4 Monkey Apprentice. I think they just wanted to add in a cool little easter egg for the players who played BTD5.
    2. Shimmer's Bright Secret - Do you want to know something ironic? The Shimmer upgrade. It's called Shimmer, but it's dark magic. Pretty ironic, eh?

    That's all I had for now. *insert cool outro here*

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  • EpicCreeper39

    I use asmany max temples as i can (17 in monkey lane) then 4 2-4 ninjas to slow down the bloons, 8 2-4 ice monkeys to slow them further and the rest of the space with 4-2 bloonchippers set to strong to stall the blimps, is there a better strategy? Im at round 280 and moabs are already way faster than pinks

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Spike-o-Pult balls weigh about 20 lb. Juggernauts weigh 100 times more. Juggernaut balls have lead tips for smashing bloons fast. SMFC and PMFC are fictitious, though. Ultra-Juggernaut weighs 20 thousand pounds, compared to Juggernaut's 2000. Longer Range and Enhanced Eyesight are just ups in visual acuity and for Enhanced Eyesight, also contrast sensitivity. The archery upgrades are just ordinary crossbows from mideval days.

    • Faster Shooting: Just better circuitry, and also more tacks.
    • Even Faster Shooting: Even better circuitry, and even more tacks.
    • Hot Shots: Tacks are blowtorched before coming out.
    • RoF: Propane and thermite are pumped out ignited by an internal 2000 degrees F blowtorch inside of a tungsten chamber.
    • Inferno: Propane and therm…

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  • The Primordial Clok-Roo

    Originally, I was going to list off ideas for buffs and nerfs for some of the heroes that I thought needed it... but it became too much, so I gave up on it. Instead, I'm going to focus on just the one for now: Striker Jones!

    This hero is one that I really enjoy using, mostly because I love to also use Bomb Towers and Mortar Monkeys. The benefits he supplies to these towers, plus how powerful he becomes late game and when fully upgraded (seriously, Tech Bot him at Level 20 with full hero Monkey Knowledge - he stuns EVERYTHING), make him one of my go to heroes for a lot of cases...!
    But not enough, I feel.

    The big problem with Striker Jones isn't his direct damage output; while that is low, that's not what he is there for. "Biker Bones" best at…

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    For June 14th 2019’s Race Event, start with a 001 Ice Monkey going towards 011 and 012. Race a few rounds to Round 5 or so. Add a 000 Sub at the bottom-left corner of the top triangle lake and put on Strong. Race a bit more. Possibly get an Alch targeting towards the Ice Monkey to neutralise the negative frozen property (which I did). Get Gwen ASAP. Put somewhere sensible, maybe the middle like I did, but maybe more near the start. Once her cocktail ability is available and off initial cooldown, activate it immediately then race up to Round 30 or so. Then go for 400 Sub immediately ASAP, and start selling the 012 Ice Monkey beforehand immediately prior to that purchase. Then start getting Berserker Brew for the Reactor, nearby. Put lots of…

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  • LeafyFan4000

    Td 6 Tournament

    June 23, 2019 by LeafyFan4000

    I am doing a tournament in Bloons TD 6 that involves every towers best fifth tiers. Some of the fifth tiers where randomly chosen because their ability was broken. I will list it with this symbol,*. I will be posting more blogs of this tournament in new stages, the next stage is king of each category. I will list the class below.

    Dart Monkey, Crossbow master. Boomerang Monkey, Glave Lord* Bomb Tower, Bomb Blitz. Tack Shooter, Inferno Ring. Ice Tower, Absolute Zero(This one surprised me a lot). Glue Gunner, Bloon Solver. Sniper, Elite Defender. Sub, Preemptive Strike. Buccaneer, Airship Carrier. Monkey Ace, Flying Fortresses. Heli Pilot, Apache Prime(At first I thought it would be the Comanche Commander). Mortar Monkey, The Biggest One. Wiza…

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    This is a poll for what your favorite MOAB-class bloon is!

    Please don't tell people to answer this the way you want them to!

    My Favorites

    • 1. DDT
    • 2. BAD
    • 3. ZOMG
    • 4. BFB
    • 5. MOAB
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  • TD5 master

    Rank progression

    March 24, 2019 by TD5 master

    I have got to rank 196 (4billion XP points to pass) and the game has stopped saving with just 1.4billion to go. Wondering if this game just cant cope with the numbers any more? Bit annoying really, as wanted to finish at rank 200 but whenever the computer is turned off the saved game now is always the same, never progresses.

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  • Original Name Do Not Steal

    I did it.

    February 15, 2019 by Original Name Do Not Steal

    Obyn + Archmage + Tack Zone = Good.

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  • Kiran9871


    July 12, 2018 by Kiran9871

    Hi Just a Test

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  • Toppy the Alien

    Hi guys. Let me tell you something: I don't know about the hacker pool! This may sound silly but can someone tell me what is the hacker pool? Because i am curious to know! I heard it from the Bloons TD Battles/Strategies page and tried google-searching for it but it still didn't work. I will say this one last time: Can someone please tell me what is the hacker pool?

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  • TerrariaBEAST64590

    A ZOMG has appeared! In the comments, fight it with any monkey(s) you want! Now let's start with this for a warmup, do the warmup if you want.

    A MOAB has appeared! Fight it in the comments for a warmup!

    2 MOABS have appeared! Fight them in the comments for a warmup!

    A BFB has appeared! Fight it in the comments for a warmup!

    100 Rainbow Bloons have appeared! Fight them in the comments for a warmup!

    Now... for the real fight...


    Now, that wasn't the only thing, once you are done, there are a few more challenges you might want to try getting through... ones that are impossible, that is.




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  • QlnwtheOctoGuy

    Face it.

    After playing it for quite a bit, I figured out that this game isn't a really finished Bloons game. It lacks a lot of things to make it a complete experience, not just as a game that asks you money (or asks on forums for pirated copies), but if it's F2P, it's still imcompleted.

    We are hard at work on a BTD Battles mobile update, we're looking into what development time/resources we can swing towards SAS4 mobile/Steam (no ETA) and Bloons TD 6 is looking to be feature complete before the offices close down in December. With that we have some sad but encouraging news: BTD6 will be released next year. Putting the game together in a stable, fun and freakishly awesome package is our main priority. BTD5 is a lot to live up to and we don't w…

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    I had watched the movie Frozen last night. While watching this, I was thinking about the Ice Monkey and all the different upgrades that seem to somehow match different scenes of the movie. Plus, I also found a couple of other upgrades from other towers that match scenes in the movie too, such as the Crossbow.

    So I found the following so far:

    • Icicle Impale
    • Super Brittle
    • Metal Freeze
    • Ice Shards
    • Icicles
    • Arctic Wind
    • Plus... Crossbow
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