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4hrue2kd83f 4hrue2kd83f 19 April 2018

Poll Results

Hydra Rocket Pods won with 15 votes. Triple Darts and MOAB Mauler tied second with 13, Robo Monkey 3rd with 11, and Balistic Missle 5th with 9.

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4hrue2kd83f 4hrue2kd83f 10 December 2017

Bloons Wiki News Revived! - December 10, 2017

Seargent Monkey here, the new manager of the wiki's weekly news, and this will be the first since December 30, 2013. The local weather here in Pineapplefort is a calm 75 degrees and sunny, and in Peanutville it's a scorching 146 degrees.

The new christmas update for Bloons TD Battles is out! Enjoy your free dart monkey skin and battle in the two new arenas, North Pole and Winter Wonderland. Hurry up and grab the Boomerang skin and also some quick medallions, as the x2 medallions sale is on! Be sure to grab the Juggerlanche card is you haven't already.

The Bloonvasion is active once again and also, the totem event has returned.

Fight Vortex in Bloons Monkey City, and the Contested Territory Milestones event is back on. MORE ROUNDS PASSED, MORE…

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Anomalous13 Anomalous13 27 May 2014

Bloons Wiki - Becoming a rollbacker?

Hello, Anomalous13 here. Yes, I am back! From time to time, redundant questions have piled up regarding the moderation here, especially on how to join the staff team.

As a fellow bureaucrat, I'm going to take the time to briefly describe how the staff works here, along with describing how you can join the staff team! So let's begin!

To start off, here's a list of the current moderation team on Bloons Wiki.

Last updated: May 27, 2014.

  • 1 Staff Structure
    • 1.1 Bureaucrats
    • 1.2 Administrators
    • 1.3 Rollbackers
  • 2 Becoming a rollbacker
    • 2.1 Are you guys hiring?
    • 2.2 How can I join, or apply?
    • 2.3 What do you guys look for in candidates?
    • 2.4 What's expected from a rollbacker?
    • 2.5 I have more questions!
  • 3 FAQ

Bloons Wiki is a friendly environment that welcomes all users to partici…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 30 December 2013

Bloons Wiki News - December 30, 2013

Wow, it's only two days until 2014!

Since the last news blog...

  • Bloons Monkey City is out! I played a little bit of it a couple days ago.
  • There were some updates in Bloons TD 5: the main menu was Christmas-themed, and there were some new tracks. The new tracks are North Pole, 3 Times Around, Ice Flow, Lava Fields, Rink Revenge, and Runway.

  • Here are the previous main page poll results:
Among the following assortment of final Path 1 upgrades in BTD5, which is your favourite?
The winner was Spectre with 49 votes.
  • Monkey Race 2 is at round 85! There are 3 available slots if players want to join. The game is at Thread:45719.
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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 19 October 2013

Bloons Wiki News - October 19, 2013

I have been busy for the past couple of days/weeks, that's why I didn't make a news blog. Anyways, here is the news for the wiki.

I have been saving every e-mail Ninja Kiwi sent to me. I sasved them for news purposes, and according to those e-mails...

  • Bloons TD 5 Android was part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 2. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see the Wikipedia article about it.
  • Bloons TD Battles is now available on Kindle Fire.
  • At the time of this posting, the current clan challenge is helping your clan to complete 20,000 tracks on easy mode to get 50,000 for your clan. Full details at (or archived version, which is a bit weird)
  • A recent update to Bloons TD 5 iOS added the Bloonchipper. The upd…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 2 September 2013

Bloons Wiki News - September 2, 2013

There was nearly nothing in the past two weeks.

  • In Bloons TD 5 iOS, there was a new update that included Co-op Mode! The update included two tracks: South Coast and Unfair Share.
  • In Bloons TD 5, three new tracks were added, two of them were first featured in Bloons TD 5 iOS, and one in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe: Fireworks, Tunnels, and Country Road. There are also some minor fixes; they can be seen in this NK blog post.
my grades. Although I will still be doing occasional editing on weekends though. :)
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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 11 August 2013

Bloons Wiki News - August 11, 2013

There were no Bloons-related news last week.

  • 1 Bloons Universe
  • 2 Community
  • 3 Editing Tip of the Week - Why are redirects here?
  • 4 Fun Fact

  • Nothing lately.

  • Monkey Race 1 has been finished! Most of the players went to the finish line. Monkey Race 2 is currently in development, see thread:43509.
  • The editing tip of the week is posted every two news weeks.

Are you wondering why redirects are? To be continued...

Source: Didyouknow

I'll do that later.

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Spike144 Spike144 31 July 2013

Risk of playing on unofficial servers


I would like to warn you about the risk of playing the NK games on the unofficial servers:

It is possible to find NK games on some unofficial servers, but when you play them, it can damage your saved data!

For example, if you play Bloons TD 5 on some website where they have an older version of the game that doesn't have a Jungle track implemented, you can lose your medals earned on the track. You can also find BTD5 versions on the internet that don't have a co-op mode implemented at all, or even specialty buildings, and it can be very unpleasant to lose all your co-op medals or specialty buildings. You can also lose a progress in some achievement, if the achievement isn't implemented in the older version of the game you played.

BTW, you…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 28 July 2013

Bloons Wiki News - July 28, 2013

Nothing that I know of, and probably none.

  • I would like to appreciate Hc19321 for helping out in the wiki, especially in the strategies section.
  • The Monkey Race is still ongoing! Anon 182.X.X.X (aka Superhero Penguin) has joined the race, and Poisoon140 leaves due to failure to send an action for three times.
  • The wiki chat has been inactive lately, due to many of this wiki's people on Skype. There is a Skype chat room for this wiki that everybody can join.
    To join, click on the following button:

Source: Didyouknow

Gary Numan is 13 days older than Gary Oldman.
What a great age difference there!

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 20 July 2013

Bloons Wiki News - July 20, 2013

There was nothing interesting last week, so I didn't do the news last week. However there are some news this week. On with the show!

  • Bloons TD Battles iOS has been released! It has many new features including:
A tutorial
Some exclusive maps
The Monkey Engineer and Heli Pilot
And all of that for free. Odd.
  • In addition for BTD Battles for mobile phones/tablets, there was an update in the computer Bloons TD Battles that included a new track: Pyramid Steps. There are also other chages:
In Assault Mode, after round 30, all sent bloons will have their speed boosted by 5% each wave. Sent MOAB-class bloons have full health after round 30. As opposed to 50% for rounds 1 - 30.
In Defense Mode, the income is capped at $3,000. MOAB-class bloon health is increas…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 7 July 2013

General News - 7th July 2013

Welcome back to another edition of the general news, decided to add a new section once again because why the heck not.

EDIT: Was wondering why no one visited the news, accidentally named the news 7th of June derpyderpyderpdedepdeprepfdy :P

Two new tracks for BTD5 iOS have been released (Why must everything always released on Android several weeks afterwards >.>)! This includes the Fireworks track (4th of July) and the Tunnels track which are both in terms of difficulty, classified as Beginner and Expert respectively.

The Fireworks track resembles a perfectly suitable beginner track with immense versatility. It has a central area where you can control the entire battlefield with all of your powerful towers while there is plenty of space out of…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 7 July 2013

Bloons Wiki News - July 7, 2013

  • In Bloons TD 5 iOS, two new tracks were released: Fireworks, a beginner track, and Tunnels, an expert track. For Fireworks, that would be a great way to celebrate the 4th of July. To me, Tunnels look hard. And i wonder if anyone would pass Tunnels on hard.

  • I talked about this for two times already. Btd456Creeper, stop making off-topic posts in the wiki forum.
  • This wiki survived the "anon ousting", but our former sister wiki Bloons Conception Wiki did not. We survived because maybe BCoW is more popular in the Video Games hub on Wikia. Check out this link.

Source: Didyouknow

The plural, and gender-neutral term for "nieces and nephews" is "niblings".
Lol. I wonder if I show this to my homeroom teacher next school year.

Daydreaming is healthy for your …

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 30 June 2013

General News - 30th June 2013

So today I chose to do the news a little bit later than usual judging by how recent the last one was. Since I have spare time once again, I don't see what the heck is wrong about writing it up again.

  • 1 Headline - Community Event/Activity?
  • 2 Everything Bloons
  • 3 Community
  • 4 Things regarding the Bloons Wiki News and my own general news
    • 4.1 Fun Facts
    • 4.2 Bloons Facts
  • 5 Bloons Facts
    • 5.1 Patched Bug - Bloons Super Monkey 2 - Precision Flight - Screw Shield Bloons
    • 5.2 Loophole - Bloons Tower Defense 5 - Regen Farming - Never Fixed?!
  • 6 Fun Fact

It's been ages since we've had anything pop up here relating to joining the community of thr wiki together whether it's having a BTD tournament, collaboration fanfic and so on, if anyone has any sort of idea of making one then …

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 30 June 2013

Bloons Wiki News - June 30, 2013

Apparently, Anomalous didn't listen to my request. I don't care. I'll try to make this news blog better than all of my other news blogs. On with the show!

  • 1 Bloons Universe
  • 2 Community
  • 3 Fun Facts
  • 4 Funny Picture

As far as I know, nothing.

  • Lol Limewire might be back.
  • Once again, between the last news blog I did and now, the "off-topicness" on the forum has not been stopped yet. Please stop if you are posting off-topic discussions.
  • If you are going to criticize my news blogs, please do it in properly, otherwise I will treat it as a joke. The first time somebody did that, I treated it as A JOKE. Literally. What I mean is correct capitalization, correct spelling, etc.
  • Everyone here, read this: w:User_blog:Semanticdrifter/Updates_to_COPPA. Edits from IP ad…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 26 June 2013

General News - 26th June 2013

Welcome readers to a third general news blog. I guess it's a fair bit late to post this now but I don't come on the wiki too often anymore. Aaanyway, let's get to it.

If you access the main menu after quitting ingame in BTD5, you might spot this thing popping up. I expected this thing to be introduced to the game eventually and here it is.Pretty typical but there's only one problem. The monkey to the right writing up the survey looks like he just smoked meth. LOOK AT HIS EYES, COME ON THAT CRAP IS SCARY, perhaps I might have been mistaken and it turns out that he is a serial psychopathic rapist...I hope I'm not the only one who noticed this...seriously...ellipses ftw...

  • Over the last few months, I've noticed a fair bit of new users as well a…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 22 June 2013

Bloons Wiki News - June 22, 2013

  • In Bloons TD 5, if you go to the main menu once in a while, it will present a screen saying to get free Monkey Money by watching a video or completing free offers. There is also a close button if you don't want to do that.

  • There has been a spike in off-topic posts in the wiki forums. To the people who are doing that (I will not mention any names), please stop.
  • There has been steady improvement on the BSM2 pages here.
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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 16 June 2013

General News - 16th June 2013

Welcome to the second edition of the General News, although not too much has happened recently and I don't have too much time to write up the news, I shall try my best nevertheless.

  • 1 BTD5
  • 2 Info on the Jungle
    • 2.1 General Info
    • 2.2 Pros
    • 2.3 Cons
  • 3 Bloons Wiki
  • 4 Things regarding mehself (about my YouTube channel)
  • 5 Your weekly dose of retarded and fun facts

A new track by the name of 'Jungle' has been released. Although it is meant to represent a jungle, I still find the design of the track rather quirky and odd, I personally think that more aesthetic features other than the similar plants coul've been added. But still, it's a pretty interesting track to play on in terms of gameplay and besides, I'm pretty sure that some more awesome points are up for the gr…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 16 June 2013

Bloons Wiki News - June 16, 2013

  • A new track in Bloons TD 5 has been released. That track is called Jungle. It is an intermediate track. It is also available in Co-op Mode. If you want more AP, play now!

  • AlthaBlade is making general news blogs. Feel free check out this week's!
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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 9 June 2013

General News - 9th June 2013

Because of my boredom, I decided to write up what has generally been going on around the wiki and in the bloons universe. The official news blog is run by Bloonstdfan360.

  • 1 Bloons Super Monkey 2
  • 2 Things regarding myself
  • 3 Community
  • 4 Random title in place for no reason other than to separate the previous heading from the conclusion of this news blog

I believe some additional features have been added onto BSM2 since its release such as:

  • Free blops - can be acquired by doing surveys/offers or watching videos but generally, I wouldn't advise it, they earn very little compared to what you could earn ingame in a far shorter period of time. Especially after you have access to levels like 2-5/3-5, those can give you tonnes of blops if replayed (also keepin…

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 8 June 2013

Bloons Wiki News - June 8, 2013

  • If you log in to the game everyday, you would get a Blop Cash reward. It is very similar BTD5's Treasure Chest.
  • Also, before you start a stage, below the stage's image, there is a friends leaderboard. An example of it is on the right.

  • Unfortunately, source mode for the whole wiki cannot be happened because Wikia has a change in policy.
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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 1 June 2013

Bloons Wiki News - June 1, 2013

  • 1 Bloons Universe
    • 1.1 Bloons TD 5
  • 2 Community
    • 2.1 General
    • 2.2 Previsous poll results

There was a Daily Challenge Vault update. It added the months of December 2012 and January 2013. If you want more AP, play now (unless you completed all of these challenges ahead of time)!

  • Don't forget to participate in Thread:39091. That thread is about to turn source mode into the default editing mode.
  • The Main Page poll has been finally updated! The question is: Which upgrades do you find most useful for your BSM2 left and right arm? Vote now!

Which of BTD5's "expansions" do you enjoy most?
Co-op Mode: 96
Bloons TD Battles: 26
Bloons TD 5 Deluxe: 14
Bloons TD 5 Portable: 17
Regular BTD5: 18

Co-op Mode is the winner!

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 25 May 2013

Bloons Wiki News - May 25, 2013

If you could see carefully, on the level select screen, there is a button called Free Blops. Click on it and a screen will pop up saying whether you want to watch a video or do offers to get the blop cash.

Join a discussion about making source mode the default editing mode and replacing the BTD5 image on the main page slider with a BSM2 one.

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 18 May 2013

Bloons Wiki News - May 18, 2013

From now on, news posts will be made at morning in my time zone. The reason is I go home every Friday night. By then, I'm really tired. I'm sorry for not doing the news in the morning today because I had to go to a parade to MARCH. I am so tired now!

Anyway, BSM2 has been released. The new features include:

  • Awesome Points
  • The Power Blops are red if you didn't get the specific one, and blue if you got it.
  • 5 upgrade paths instead of 3

A full list is at Bloons Super Monkey 2#New Features

Not much recently...

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 11 May 2013

Bloons Wiki News - May 11, 2013

I apologize for having this news post late. I usually do the news in the late night, but I was so tired that I wanted to go to sleep. The time right now for me is Saturday morning. Now, the news is on!

Not much has happened...

I don't think any of you no this yet, but I will be inactive on June 3 through June 5. I have to go to camp. If my behavior at school changes, or I don't turn in assignments in time, I might not go to camp. If I cannot go to camp, I'll update this blog post or put that info in another week.

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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 4 May 2013

Bloons Wiki News - May 4, 2013

Hello, welcome to my second news post!

A new advanced track called The Great Divide was released. Not only you could play this track in single player, you could play this track for Co-op mode as well! Also, Co-op mode matchmaking now finds someone in your clan to help fight the bloons.

  • Seems like AlthaBlade has been coming back...
  • Our WAM score for today was worse than last Saturday. The score is 91.66, and the overall rank is 332.
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MetroPortlandGeek MetroPortlandGeek 27 April 2013

Bloons Wiki News - April 27, 2013

Hello Bloons Wikians, I'm Bloonstdfan360. I am the new news moderator here. That means I will be making the news! On with the news...

A new map, Hydro Dam, has been added to the game. New Bloon Decals, the Dartling Gun, and the chat system has also been released in the game. The chat system is similar to the one in Co-op Mode.

The WAM score for Bloons Wiki for today is 94.59. Our rank for today is 223.

Well, that is about it for what I can think of.

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Spike144 Spike144 20 April 2013

Bloons Wiki News - April 20, 2013

Hello people,

Nothing big has happened in the last weeks, so this news post will be more about the wiki future.

  • We can look forward to new Ninja Kiwi games including a sequel to the Bloons Super Monkey. Here is what Ninja Kiwi guys wrote about the game: Special thanks to E360 for the link.

  • Out favorite weekly updated and events like Double Monkey Money, Double XP, or All Agents as Pro have probably gone.
  • Some changes and bug fixes in the Co-op Mode of BTD5 have been made include a partially de-randomised freeplay for a Co-op consistency, a fixed earning of the reverse medals and a better stability. Other game changes have been also made in the game such as simplified Ceramics in freeplay to reduce lag or minor fixes for sound and tracks.

  • Around 11…

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Spike144 Spike144 30 March 2013

Bloons Wiki News - March 30, 2013

Hi people,

It has been a long time since a last news was posted here, however nothing important happened … until the big upgrade on Bloons TD 5 this week …

  • People who play Bloons TD 5 iOS received a great Monkey Engineer tower to their favorite game.

  • Bloons TD 5 got a big upgrade: Now, people can collaborate in a Co-op Mode. Two players play together on one track, one player places his towers on the left side of the map, while the other player places his towers on the right side of the map. An income from popped bloons and an income from finished rounds is divided, and both players get a half, no matter who popped more bloons. Players can also send money to their team-mate, or ask for monkey if they think they need it, and both players can ch…

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Spike144 Spike144 23 February 2013

Bloons Wiki News - February 23, 2013

Hello people,

Here is a fast weekly news post.

  • Just a small update in Bloons TD5 has been made recently: Now people can see an Upgrade Locked message on the upgrade path that can't be developed further, and also some images have changed.
  • A new addition to the Bloons TD Battles was released. It is called a Defensive Mode, however I can't tell you more about it, because I don't play the game. If you do, then feel free to explain the mode in the comments.

  • When I browse the contributions history, I can see people there who contribute on a regular basis, so thanks to all of you guys.
  • Around 118 500 visitors on the wiki within last 7 days.

This is just a small question to all people who read blog posts on this wiki. I mean not only the weekly news, but a…

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Spike144 Spike144 16 February 2013

Bloons Wiki News - February 16, 2013

Hello Bloons contributors and visitors,

I have some free time, so I have decided to make the weekly news for this week.

  • A week with the Special Agents acting as Pros is over.
  • If you don't like to play early rounds of Bloons TD 5, and you have $3000 Monkey Money, then you can unlock a Fast-Track Mode, which is a new feature in the game. On this mode, you skip first 25 rounds, so you start on round 26. You also receive $5,000 starting cash instead of normal $650. If you like to use Banana Farms, then I wouldn't recommend this mode, because by skipping the first 25 rounds you lose your change to build a strong economy early. However, if you play just to farm Monkey Money or you just want to get an achievement for the finishing of some particular…

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SW8573 SW8573 8 February 2013

Bloons Wiki News - February 8, 2013

Hi everyone,

Since AlthaBlade has taken a short break from news, I suppose I could do it for this week. I'm not entirely very active, but I still aim to come to Bloons Wiki at least once per day. Especially with me progressing into senior high school, I have a lot of homework. Balancing between games and homework is hard. :P

  • Since the last news post, there have been quite a few updates, although not enough to satisfy my cravings.
  • Both the October and November Daily Challenge Vaults have been released! That's 80 free AP if you've been keeping up with your Daily Challenges.
  • Another bunch of Monkey Money and Awesome Points for the new track Brick Wall. I find it quite easy. You?
  • [And finally], today's update didn't really affect me all that much see…

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Anomalous13 Anomalous13 22 December 2012

Bloons Wiki News - December 21, 2012

Hello everyone, Anomalous13 here! During my temporarily visit to the wiki, I shall be taking over the news posts, so that Altha won't be disappointing everyone with late and lame news posts lol.  I wasn't expecting to be doing news posts again, but hey, life is full and surprises and disappointments. To start off this news post,

  • 1 Bloons Universe
  • 2 Community
  • 3 Apopalypse!
  • 4 Picture of the day!

  • Two new tracks were released - Z Factor and The Eye.
  • Double Bonus currently - Double Monkey Money and 30% off all premiums.

  • Recently, there have been a noticable amount of new contributors to the wiki! After activity levels in the past few months have been horrible, it's been rising again which is very good news.
  • I don't mean to come off as selfish, but I'd firs…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 16 December 2012

Bloons Wiki News - December 16, 2012

Greetings peoplez, apologies for not putting up the news last week but that was probably due to mah laziness and some...homework.

  • BTD Battles has been released!
  • All Specialty Buildings had all of their upgrades available for free until December 10 but that has already sadly passed...

  • Apologies for not updating the BTD5 tourney in a while, but I'm just letting you guys know the next round will start on December 27 22:00 UTC!
  • Anomalous13, one of our retired fellow admins is returning temporarily to the wiki! He also plans on finishing off his fanfics (Global Conflicts, Silver City) as well as starting a new one.
  • Speaking of fanfics, I plan on ditching my 'Endless Mysteries' one and starting a new one shortly, apologies to everyone who was looking…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 2 December 2012

Bloons Wiki News - December 2, 2012

Apologies for the slightly late by a day news blog but well, I was a bit busy yesterday so yeah.

  • 1 BTD5
  • 2 Community
  • 3 Question Mark Bug
  • 4 Facts of the Day

I haven't played BTD5 properly in a while so I have to be heavily reliant on the BTD5 page, excuse me if I miss out on anything

  • All BTD5 special agents are now pros until tomorrow as of this news blog, apparently Ninjakiwi are running out of creativity in finding another 'extra bonus'.

  • The Featured Article Nomination Page has FINALLY been updated, congratulations to the Bloonchipper article! Since no one was bothered to update it before, even Anomalous updated it to my surprise.Click here to nominate/vote for next month's featured article nomination page.
  • The Collab Fanfic has been dead for a while,…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 24 November 2012

Bloons Wiki News - November 24, 2012

Hello , welcome to yet again another weekly news blog, today is the day where I will be finally covering BTD5 IOS in details as well as some other awesomeness, anyway, here it is:

  • 1 BTD5 IOS
    • 1.1 4 New Tracks
    • 1.2 New Special Agent
    • 1.3 New Special Mission
    • 1.4 Monkey Lab and Tier 4 Specialty Buildings Upgrades
  • 2 Bloons Universe
  • 3 ​Community
  • 4 ​Facts of the Day

Roswell, Bloon of Clubs, Phase Portal, Double Double Cross

Radadactyl, it apparently flies around a nest and pops and bloons that it passes over.

No Escape - There is no exit and if you don't pop all of the bloons on a certain round by 30 seconds, you lose a life every second after that.

I'm afraid I'll have to save these till next week due to the lack of info

Please tell me in the comments if I'm missing a…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 16 November 2012

Bloons Wiki News - November 17, 2012

Hello peoplez of the Bloons Wiki, it is once again time to bring to you some more news so lets get to it.

  • 1 BTD5 iOS Has Been Released!
  • 2 Bloons Universe
  • 3 Community
  • 4 ​Facts of the Day

BTD5 iOS has been released on November 15! We haven't really gotten much info on the game yet (I specified pretty much everything on the last news blog) but I will try to bring in the new info next week when people have discovered more about the game.

  • A new game option has been added to BTD5, Reverse Mode, it can be implement from anything from Easy to Deflation so go and check that out.

  • For those in my BTD5 tounament, just letting you know that round 3 has already started!
  • The poll on the main page has been updated!
  • Featured Article Nomination Page is still up and my aw…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 10 November 2012

Bloons Wiki News - November 10, 2012

Not much news this week, to compensate for the lack of news, I've added a gallery. "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" after all :P

  • Downstream, a new advanced difficulty track has been released in BTD5!

  • Featured Article Nomination Page continues...
  • This wiki is gradually getting more inactive as time passes :(
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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 4 November 2012

Bloons Wiki News - November 4, 2012

Happy late Haloween everyone! Hope you all had a fun time getting candy and..stuff. Anyway, apologies for the slightly late weekly news but lets get on with it!

  • 1 BTD5 iOS
    • 1.1 New Tower - Heli-Pilot
    • 1.2 New Agent - Pterodactyl
    • 1.3 New Feature - Lab
    • 1.4 Tracks
    • 1.5 Specialty Buildings
    • 1.6 Special Missions
    • 1.7 Random Challenges
    • 1.8 Currencies
  • 2 Bloons Universe
  • 3 Community

Click here to watch the BTD5 iOS Trailer!

BTD5 iOS is coming this month! I don't even have my own mobile phone *sniff* *sniff*

I don't know absolutely everything about it but this is what I have gathered for all of you guys. Info with a '?' at the end of it means that I'm not sure and is just a speculation.

  • Aerial Tower
  • Fires four darts at once, possibly an upgrade?
  • Controlled by touch movements?
  • Machine…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 27 October 2012

Bloons Wiki News - October 27, 2012

Hello once again to the community of the Bloons Wiki, this will probably be my shortest news blog ever but I shall present some more news of the Bloons Universe and...stuff anyway.

  • There is now Double Monkey Money until October 30th! Take advantage of it while it lasts!
  • The free Specialty Building Upgrades offer is now over NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYWHYWHHYWHYWHYWHHWHWYHWYHWYHY *sniff* *sniff* :( I didn't get to test anything out...

  • The Featured Article Nomination page is still going, no changes happened to it since the last news blog so my nominated article is going to win AWWW YEAH to my disappointment.
  • Sadly, nothing else of importance new...
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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 20 October 2012

Bloons Wiki News - October 20, 2012

Wazzup peoplez of teh Bloons Wiki, some great stuff happened over the last seven days or so including a new rollbacker! More details in the information below.

  • From October 18 to 25, all Specialty Buildings and their upgrades will be available for free! Try the Boomerang Dojo it's so awesome plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzasdf

  • Sign-ups for the BTD5 tournament are now closed, as I have messaged the eight participants, the tournament will start at October 21 22:00 UTC! If you are not participating, you may spectate the tournament if you wish.
  • We have a new rollbacker! Look below :)
  • The featured article nomination page is STILL open and so far the page that I nominated is still winning, AWW YEAH whatcha gonna do about it?, put your opinion in if you wish to do …

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 13 October 2012

Bloons Wiki News - October 13, 2012

Hello people of the Bloons Wiki once again, it's AlthaBlade bringing you some more news, since I have nothing more to say in this introduction, I shall get on with it.

  • The July Daily Challenge Vault has been released! Now would be a great time to play over those challenges that you failed to complete before. Play the July 20 Daily Challenge :)
  • My daily challenge has been accepted :D (Oct 9)

  • I am currently hosting a BTD5 tournament! Sign up before the eight spots are taken!
  • If you haven't already voted, the Requests for Rollbacker page is still going on for another week!
  • The Featured Article Nomination page is still open! So far, we have two nominated pages.
  • The poll on the main page has been updated!
  • The Bloons and Bloons 2 articles have finally …

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 6 October 2012

Bloons Wiki News - October 6, 2012

Hi once again people of the Bloons Wiki, it's AlthaBlade here again bringing you some more Weekly News. Since no one took over the Weekly News during my absence, cos no one can do a Weekly News blog post as awesome as me :P I have to sum up everything that has happened these past three weeks. Here we go.

  • From September 20th to 23rd all premiums were 30% off! It would've been a good opportunity to get the premiums you wanted if you missed the previous discounts
  • On September 27th, all Special Agents that you have will become a pro until October 1! A perfect chance for you to tackle DCs that involves mainly special agents (like B-Day) and that special mission that pretty much no one ever bothered completing before, Special Agents Only. Of course…

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AlthaBlade AlthaBlade 14 September 2012

Bloons Wiki News - September 14, 2012

Hello people of the Bloons Wiki, you might not already have noticed but it has been displayed on the Community News already, anyway I will be taking over the Weekly News due to Anomalous’ departure (*sniff sniff*) which I will explain later. Anyway, I have a lot to get through as quite a lot happened since Anomalous last posted the Weekly News over a month ago so…let’s get to it.

  • 1 Bloons Universe
  • 2 Community
  • 3 My Temporary Absence
  • 4 Anomalous13's Departure

Finally, Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe has been released!!! The new additions to BTD5D include:

  • Two new towers- Monkey Engineer and Bloonchipper
  • Three new special agents- Mad Snowman, Monkey Farmer and Watermelon Spitter
  • Four new special missions - Mix 'n Match, Money Management, The Crucible and D…

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Spike144 Spike144 13 September 2012

New Blog Post Features

Hello, as many of you surely know, people on our wiki have created a smaller number of blog posts in average in a last few months, because most of the posts made in the past were ideas for BTD5 (or even BTD6) which are now mostly posted to Bloons Conception Wiki or another similar wiki projects. As there are not many new posts on the wiki, when you create a new post now, probably more people will notice it, so feel free to share your favorite topic.

Despite of the smaller number of posts, Bloons Wiki has been improved by some new blog post features:

  • 1 Auto-archiving
  • 2 New Blog Listing Pages

When a blog post hasn't been commented for 30 days or more, then it is automatically archived, which means that it is no longer possible to comment the post, …

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Anomalous13 Anomalous13 4 September 2012

Leaving Bloons Wiki

Hey everyone, Anomalous13 here. Although I hate to say it, this will be my last blog post on Bloons Wiki.

I remember joining back in January 2010. 2.5 years many memories. Despite all the struggles that this wiki has had, I have had a great time contributing here. The Bloons Universe was very entertaining for me, and I enjoyed going on the wiki, contributing, and talking to people here. I have met many great people here. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the Bloons Universe about two months ago. It is now extremely boring for me to play and to talk about. Some have noticed that I do not edit articles anymore. Well, I am no longer interested in contributing.

You may be wondering why I'm still here. I only go on the wiki to talk to th…

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Anomalous13 Anomalous13 31 August 2012

Weekly News

Hello Bloons Wiki community, Anomalous13 here once again! No "weekly" news today. but I do have an announcement about weekly news. As you are all aware, the last news was on August 3, almost a month ago. I have not been doing any posts mostly because of my laziness. I never do anything on the wiki anymore...(I'll explain later).

I have been on Bloons Wiki since January 2010, and there are many memores here. Good and bad...bad memories for the most part. During my time here, I have seen great people like Zelda311, AlthaBlade, Juicestain09, and KirbyRidersFamily. On the other hand, I've seen people that essentially waste oxygen for breating. Seriously, stop breathing. That oxygen could be put to much better use. I even remember when Wikia swi…

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Spike144 Spike144 29 July 2012

I am leaving Bloons Wiki


Because I found a new job, I have almost no free time, which means, that I'm no longer able to care of Bloons Wiki, and I have to end the active cooperation.

About the future administration, because SW8573 was promoted to the admin position mainly as my successor, there will be probably not needed to promote anyone else for some time, because the community is still small to have more that 2 admins.

Unlike other admins who left the wiki in the past, I'm still following my Message Wall, so you can contact me there, if you need anything, however my responce time may be long, so you should rather contact the current active admins Anomalous13 & SW8573, unless you need anything directly from me.

I'm glad, that I was here, when the wiki grew w…

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Anomalous13 Anomalous13 7 July 2012

Bloons Wiki News - July 7, 2012

salutAtionz peeples of ballOons Wikipeda, how goes it. Anomalous13 here again! For those in the U.S, my news post will come on Friday. This is because when it is Friday in my time, it will be Saturday for most people on the wiki. Anyways, on the the news!

  • 1 Bloons Universe
  • 2 Bloons Wiki
    • 2.1 General
    • 2.2 Community
    • 2.3 Poll
  • 3 Pictures of the day

  • In the most recent update of BTD5, five new Specialty Buildings were added to the game. The Monkey Buccaneer, Glue Gunner, Dartling Gun, Sniper Monkey, and Super Monkey now all have their own Specialty Buildings! As I don't use Specialty Buildings, I can't say much at the moment. More details here.
  • While I'm on the topic, there will be no Specialty Buildings for the Monkey Village and Banana Farm. I'VE BEEN WAITING …

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Spike144 Spike144 5 July 2012

New Local Helper and New Admin

Hi all, fast news from me here:

Refering to 3rd Local Helper of Bloons Wiki post, we have a new locel helper on the Wiki and it is AlthaBlade, as no other persons participated there. We wish you a good luck, AlthaBlade, and we hope, that you won't stop helping us in the future!

Also, our new admin, SW8573 has proven to be really a helpful person and a great "reinforcement" to our team. He has been the most active person in issues around reverting spam, and also his coding skills are outstanding. So, SW8573, good job, and good luck!

As our community is still small, we are not looking for new admins for now, however I would like to thank to all, who have been interested in expanding of our team.

10:52, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
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Anomalous13 Anomalous13 28 June 2012

3rd Local Helper of Bloons Wiki!

Who will get to be the third local helper of Bloons Wiki? Vote here! You can also nominate yourself as well!

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