Blade Maelstrom Ability: Covers the area in an unstoppable storm of blades.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description
  • The Blade Maelstrom in action
  • The upgrade icon of Blade Maelstrom
  • The official artwork for Blade Maelstrom
  • Tons of Blade Maelstroms about to destroy a Regrow Farm
  • Blade Maelstrom In Bloons Tower Defense 5
  • Blade Maelstrom upon being sold, in BTD5 Mobile
  • Blade Maelstroms in BTD Mobile. Note translucency.

Blade Maelstrom is the final upgrade on the second path of the Tack Shooter. It is unlocked upon reaching Rank 20. It is the special ability for the Tack Shooter in BTD5, BTD Battles and BMC. When activated, the Blade Maelstrom rapidly shoots two streams of blades, which spiral outwards. It costs $2295 on Easy, $2700 on Medium and $2915, Hard and $3240 on Impoppable. Its ability cooldown only lasts for 20 seconds.


  • There is a bug where the ability will never hit Camo Bloons, even if the tower is next to a tower permitting Camo detection. This doesn't happen in Mobile.
  • Blade Maelstrom will deal more damage to bloons closer to its proximity, due to the higher density of blades.
  • The Blade Maelstrom has the fastest cooldown in BTD5, taking only 12 seconds to recharge in fast forward mode.
  • It is possible to take down the outer layer of a MOAB with this ability if players time it correctly. 10 Maelstroms can take down the outer layer of BFB.
  • Blade Maelstrom is the cheapest Activated Ability in BTD5, costing $4140 (in total as a 0/4) in Medium. The second cheapest is the Absolute Zero from the Ice Tower, costing $4800 (in total also as a 0/4).
  • If the Blade Maelstrom is placed near a Monkey Village with High Energy Beacon, and if the Hotter Cooldown premium upgrade is purchased, the Blade Maelstrom Ability's cooldown will last only 6 seconds in Fast Forward.
  • Despite the description stating it is "unstoppable," Blade Maelstrom will be stopped by Lead Bloons. This can be prevented by a 0/3 Monkey Village.
  • Each of the blades have unlimited pierce, making it good for thick groups of bloons (Helpful if Regen Farming gets out of control and it's cheaper than Ground Zero). However, you may need 2 or 3 to destroy all Regenerating Bloons. Several of them can destroy a whole map of regenerating Ceramic Bloons.
  • When the ability is activated during the time the rings show up the game is very likely to lag a bit, however nothing happens to the gameplay.
  • It will only do a little damage to the bloons if put far away from them.
  • It is named after a kind of vicious whirlpool.
  • It's possible to destroy a few MOABs at Monkey Lane if players put 8 Blade Maelstroms in the center of Monkey Lane. This works with x/4 Tack Shooters. Tacks must be 2x4 to do this. Activate the Blade Maelstrom Ability when the MOABs are in the right of the 2x4 Tack Space.
  • In BTD6, when under the effect of M.I.B. Call to Arms or Homeland Defense, the ability will shoot out much more blades, it happens on Super Maelstrom too.

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