For the BTD6 counterpart, see Bionic Boomerang.
This tower replaces its arm with a super strong bionic arm. The Bionic Boomer throws boomerangs twice as fast.
~ Official description in BTD5

BTD5 Flash upgrade artwork

Bionic Boomer is the third upgrade on the second path for the Boomerang Thrower that made its debut in Bloons TD 5. Although the description states it fires twice as fast, it actually shoots much faster. In BTD5, it actually fires around 3.2x as fast as a non-upgraded Boomerang Thrower, 4x faster than a non-upgraded Boomerang Thrower with the Glaive Thrower upgrade. The upgrade makes the tower shoot a nearly constant stream of projectiles, shredding the Bloons away. Although this upgrade diminishes the need for the Boomerang Thrower's need to be placed near an elliptical curve, the tower will do much better if it's placed near one. This is because the boomerangs/glaives' movement will "follow" the curve, covering that entire curve and popping bloons more effectively. However, it's almost impossible that the boomerangs or glaives follow that elliptical curve because, like most of the towers, the tower has its Target Priority. With the fully-upgraded Boomerang Dojo, this tower is extremely powerful as it is reliable. It costs $1360 (Easy), $1600 (Medium), $1730 (Hard), $1920 (Impoppable).

BTD6[edit | edit source]

In BTD6, it returns as Bionic Boomerang. See this page for further information about it.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a slight increase of speed when the boomerangs are upgraded into glaives with this tower.
    • People think it shoots three times as fast because most people use the glaive thrower upgrade first.
    • When Bionic Boomer attacks, it throws only 2 boomerangs before the third one. When it upgrades to glaive, it throws 3 glaives before the fourth.
  • While choosing an avatar on Ninja Kiwi, there is a Bionic Boomer/Turbo Charge with a glaive that doesn't have Red Hot 'Rangs.
    • It is unlocked on level 11.
  • The Bionic Boomer's arm looks like the Technological Terror's arms.
  • If combined with the tier III Boomerang Dojo and Double Ranga, this upgrade will become four times as powerful as a Glaive Thrower without the Specialty Building
  • This upgrade makes the boomerang thrower lose its jumpsuit.
  • The right eye of the Bionic Boomer is similar to the Super Monkey's goggles from Epic Range.
  • If glaives are already bought before this upgrade, the design on the glaive is a green dot in the center, brown around that, and grey blade tips.
    • When this upgrade is bought, the design changes to green in the center, red around that, and brown tips.
  • The art for this upgrade shows a bionic boomer monkey with a boomerang, regardless of whether glaives have been bought.
  • It has a mechanical eye, but still can't see Camo Bloons.
  • When the upgrade is purchased, it changes into a Dart Monkey with a bionic eye or a mechanical eye.
  • When you put it in fast forward with the Glaive Thrower upgrade, it feels like it is juggling the glaives.
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