Biomech Enhancements replace Monkey muscles with super fast cybernetic replacements. This allows Boomerang Throwers to learn the Turbo Charge ability and Super Monkeys to pursue the path of the Robo-Monkey.
~ Official BMC description

Biomech Enhancemments is a Special Building that unlocks research for the Robo-Monkey for Super Monkey and Turbo Charge for the Boomerang Thrower. It costs $30,000 to build, 36 hours to construct, and gives 500 XP. It consumes Lightning thing-040 and requires a 2x2 tile space. It requires Level 18 to unlock.


  • The Biomech Enhancements and a wide variety of other Special Buildings are unlocked before the corresponding upgrades. In the case of the Biomech Enhancements building, the Robo-Monkey and the Turbo Charge unlock at Level 20, yet the building unlocks at Level 18.
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