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The bloons are no match for the Hero of Legend. His mighty axe is a force to be reckoned with.
~ BATTD Description

In-game info for Billy

Billy is an Epic Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD, first introduced in Version 1.1. He throws axes with high pierce and high damage at bloons. He costs $950 to place.


  • High damage, high pierce
  • Slow attack speed


  • Hero's Haste ($600): Billy can throw his axe faster and more often
    • Hero's Might ($700): Axe attacks do more damage
      • Double Axes ($2200): Using two axes significantly increases attack speed


Billy’s extremely high pierce and damage make him a great starting unit, and is easily able to handle up to black and white balloons that being said he lacks Camo vision and is unable to pop lead ballons but with upgrades and support he can be a great unit to deal with hordes of strong balloons and support with MOABs


Version History[]


  • BUFFBilly attack speed increased to 0.5 from 0.25
  • ChangeBilly's Hero's Haste upgrade cost changed to $600 from $400. It now increases his attack speed to 1 (formerly 0.5).
  • ChangeBilly's Hero's Might cost increased to $700 from $560. It now increases his damage to 4 (formerly 2).
  • BUFFBilly's axe is now bigger