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More powerful jets enable the Heli to move much faster.
~ Official Bloons TD 5 Mobile description.

Bigger Jets is the first upgrade on the second path for the Heli Pilot. It gives the Heli Pilot bigger jets, so the Heli Pilot will travel faster.


BTD5 Mobile/BMC Mobile/BTDB Mobile

Easy: $425, Medium: $500, Hard: $540, Impoppable: $600, BTDB Mobile: $250

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]


BUFF Bigger Jets price decreased ($500 → $250).



  • Despite the name, the Heli Pilot's helicopter does not have visible jet engines before or after purchasing this upgrade. This applies to every game that the Heli Pilot has been in.
    • However, most helicopters drive their rotor using what is known as a turboshaft jet engine. This is a jet engine similar to those on winged aircraft, but modified so that the engine's primary output is spinning a shaft rather than expelling high velocity exhaust. This shaft is connected to the rotor of the helicopter. Thus the Bigger Jets upgrade likely increases the size of this turboshaft engine, giving the Heli Pilot a much more powerful rotor.