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For the BTD6 Village upgrade, see Bigger Radius.

Bigger Beacons

Bigger Beacons is a Premium Upgrade for Bloons Tower Defense 5. It allows much bigger range for Monkey Villages. It costs CoinsIcon.png28, Monkey Dollar.png6500 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe, Monkey Dollar.png1000 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Steam or $0.99 USD in BTD5 Mobile.


  • With this premium upgrade, the Monkey Village range has massively increased. It will affect almost 9/10 of the map if placed in the middle with the upgrades that will increase the Monkey Village's Range like Monkey Town, High Energy Beacon, M.I.B., M.I.B. Call to Arms and Radar Scanner.
  • This premium upgrade works great with Energy Beacon, for it will have a huge attack range.


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