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Monkey Banks can hold 2500 extra money.
~ In-game description

Bigger Banks is a Support Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. It allows all Monkey Banks to increase their bank capacities by +$2,500, from $7,000 to $9,500. For IMF Loans and Monkey-Nomics, the bank capacity is increased to $12,500 instead of $10,000. It requires three support knowledge points invested and Insider Trades.



Adding extra bank capacity is helpful for maximizing the effectiveness of Banks. In this way, Banks can be waited for longer to receive a further bonus in maximum income and therefore better cost-efficiency in the short-term. This mostly affects Tier 3 Monkey Banks, but it does still have a big effect on IMF Loans too.


  • If possible, hold off the extra stored cash to increase potential maximum income when fully collected. While the player could now just collect when the Banks are just over the default maximum capacity, it's better off to wait until past ~$8,800 in order to collect a Monkey Bank's stored cash.
    • Likewise, for IMF Loan, ~$11,500 is about the point where collecting early would be helpful.
  • Purchase this MK Point if using a Monkey Bank spam strategy, as this will benefit Monkey Banks quite significantly when used wisely.



  • Bigger Banks was formerly the only MK specific to the Monkey Bank upgrade in BTD6 until the release of Bank Deposits, but lasted only for a total of 8 major updates (18.0 to 26.2).