I like 'em big, I like 'em chunkay
~ "Chunky Monkeys" BTD6 achievement description

Unlocking Big Monkey Option

Big Monkey Towers Option is a setting for Bloons Tower Defense 6 that was added in Version 21.0. It is unlocked after beating a secret achievement called "Chunky Monkeys". This can be revealed by completing 10 games on Medium or higher using only certain towers, generally with large footprints with some exceptions. Similarly to Big Bloon Option and Small Bloon Option, the effect is purely visual, and it can be enabled on CHIMPS Mode.

Earning the Achievement[edit | edit source]

Certain towers and heroes that are considered large can be used to unlock this achievement. Adding any non-qualifying tower will disqualify the game counting towards this achievement.

Specifically, only the following towers qualify for this achievement:

Only the following heroes qualify:

As of Version 22.0, beating games on Easy Mode variants do not progress this achievement. Medium and Hard Mode games still count.

For the most optimal results, play on Standard Medium on any Beginner Map with water using only the hero Captain Churchill and any of the listed towers above. Start with a 0-0-0 Monkey Buccaneer, upgrade it to Grape Shot and Faster Shooting. Then continue finishing the challenge using only the listed towers above.

It is worth noting that Dartling Gunner will not work for progress towards this achievement because it actually has the footprint of a Boomerang Monkey, unlike BTD5.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

The achievement has been bugged multiple times involving a tower that was supposed to count for the achievement suddenly failing to progress the achievement.

  • Before Version 22.0, Spike Factory counted as a large footprint tower. It temporarily ceased to count for the achievement after Version 22.0; however, as of Version 22.2.3481 (i.e. Version 22.2 on Build 3481), the Spike Factory once again qualifies for the achievement.
  • Version 24.0 bugged the achievement again, so that Pat Fusty no longer counted as a large-footprint tower when he did count in previous versions. Version 25.0 fixed this.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Towers with Big Monkey Towers Option[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The icon for Big Monkey Towers Option is a Pat Fusty hand grabbing a hand-sized MOAB.
  • In order to try making progress towards unlocking Big Monkey Towers Option on CHIMPS Mode, it is only ever possible to do a 0-0-0 Buccaneer start, as Buccaneer is the only "large footprint" tower that fits the criteria for this achievement while still being affordable on Round 6 with $650 cash.
  • Just like with Small Monkey Towers Option, some of the towers have their animations being of normal size even with Big Monkey Towers Option in effect: Paragon Sentries from Sentry Paragon will turn to normal size when they become unstable and about to explode, and when a Sun Temple is upgraded to True Sun God, the Temple's head will get smaller as it summons the True Sun God. Also, when a big Pat Fusty grabs a normal-sized or small MOAB-Class Bloon, it will become big too.
  • The name of the achievement, "Chunky Monkeys", may be a reference to a powerup in Donkey Kong 64 which has a similar name, "Hunky Chunky".
  • The description of the achievement is a reference to the Moto Moto song from Madagascar 2, which was a popular Internet meme.

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