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Not to be confused with the Tier 4 Ninja Monkey upgrade, Bloon Sabotage.

All MOAB-Class Bloons spawn in a partially damaged state.
~ In-game description

Big Bloon Sabotage is the final upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge tree. This upgrade makes all MOAB-Class Bloons spawn with 10% less health (besides Boss Bloons). It requires 14 military knowledge points invested, Sub Admiral, Master Defender, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon1,000.

A minimum of 15 Monkey Knowledge Points and BloonjaminsIcon3,500 are required to obtain this upgrade, which includes the BloonjaminsIcon1,000 one-time purchase.

Health Modifiers[]

Moab-Class Bloon Normal Big Bloon Sabotage Cumulative damage
MOAB 200 180 N/A
BFB 700 630 150
ZOMG 4000 3600 1000
DDT 400* 360* N/A
BAD 20000* 18000* 4120
*Doesn't account for Freeplay rules past 81+.
  • The instant health decrease applies to all Blimp layers (including Fortified).
    • E.g. BFB will spawn with 630 health and its resulting MOABs will have 180 HP, which results in 150 damage.
  • Stacks multiply with Grand Saboteur Percentage Damage, resulting in 32.5% damage on initial layer.



Reduces the health of all MOAB-Class bloons except Boss Bloons by 10%. It makes every MOAB-class layer slightly less difficult to destroy, such as destroying the Round 40 MOAB or Round 100 BAD. As this affects all outer MOAB-class layers from standard blimps, this MK is extremely helpful when achieving extreme late-game runs.


  • This Monkey Knowledge point can actually be detrimental in Boss Events because it reduces the amount of potential pops for higher degree Paragons by up to 10%. Thus, it may actually be necessary to disable this point to achieve a certain degree in Ranked Mode.