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Not to be confused with the Tier 4 Ninja Monkey upgrade, Sabotage Supply Lines.

Big Bloon Sabotage Icon

The Big Bloon Sabotage icon in BTD5

Ninja Monkey success! All boss bloons enter play with 50% health. Gotta love all things ninja!
~ Official Bloons TD 5 description.

Big Bloon Sabotage is a Premium Upgrade for Bloons TD 5. It makes all MOAB-class bloons (MOAB, BFB and ZOMG) enter the game/track with 50% health, despite the full health depiction occasionally. It costs CoinsIcon45 in BTD5 and Monkey Dollar6000 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe.


  • The quote refers to all MOAB-class bloons as "boss bloons", even though they are technically not.
  • This Premium Upgrade will still work even though there are no Ninja Monkeys on the screen.
  • In Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile, in order to obtain this, you have to fully upgrade Big Bloon Sabotage (BTD5), in the Monkey Lab.