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If you find strategies that only feature popping the B.A.D then then it is suggested to view these links. They should contain useful information on how to deal with the B.A.D.'s children.

While most bloons can normally be allowed to leak with loss of life, you lose 50,300 lives when a B.A.D. leaks, making this strategy practically impossible unless using Legend of the Night, which pops it when it leaks without loss of lives. Due to the lives capping at 5000 in a normal game, it is impossible to tank the B.A.D without using Legend of the Night or Challenge Editor. These strategies feature popping both the main bloon and/or its children.

The player should have a strong DDT and ZOMG defense for the 3 DDT and 2 ZOMG Children anyway before Round 100 hits because of Round 95's 30 DDTs, Round 99's 9 Fortified DDTs and round 87, 97 and 98's ZOMGs.

Strategies By Users[]

Strategies that feature Popping the BAD and its Children[]

OrganicStormMeep's Strategy[]

This doesn't require Farms or Spike Factories

What to do when there isn't any water:

So long you have an Archmage, an Apache Prime, a few Dark Knights (2,x,3) or 1 Dark Champion (2,x,4), a Commanche Commander under the influence of a (4-x-2) Alchemist and a (x-5-2) Village, you should be fine. As for camo, put a couple of Ninja Monkeys with (x-2-4) or (x-2-5). These do not have to be under the influence of the Alchemist or the Villages. Do not worry about money. It sure sounds expensive but it works and it's much cheaper than the True Sun God.

What to do when there is water:

Put 2 or 3 (x-2-4) Ninja Monkeys at the front of the track. Place a few Dark Knights or 1 Dark Champion, a Commanche Commander, an Apache Prime, an Archmage and if you like, a Sun God at the end of the track to get rid of non-M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. All of those should be under the influence of a (5-2-x) Alchemist (the Sun God is OK with (4-2-x) Alchemist) and a (4-x-2) Monkey Village. LAST PRIORITY: In the water, place 5-8 (3-2-x) Buccanneers. They don't seem to be used by many people but for me, they are insanely powerful and they are better than Monkey Subs if they are in the range of the Bloons themselves.

If your map is short (it will require banana farms):

Put some x-2-4 or 2-x-4 banana farms in a corner while making sure you can put a druid and make sure the druid's range reach these banana farms. Then, get the druid to x-4-2 (must be last path so more range= more money) and it's easier if you just buy 2 of these x-4-2 druids (you can get x-5-2 druid if you like).

Now that you're probably making a lot of money, make sure you have an Archmage and lots of Arcane Spike Wizard Monkeys (4-x-2) and 1 or 2 Commanche Defense (can upgrade to Commanche Commander later) under the influence of a 2-3-x or 2-4-x Monkey Village(s). When you have these, start saving for a 2-x-4 Monkey Ace (making sure it's in the Monkey Village range) and start saving for a Flying Fortress. This is very expensive and you may not be able to get this before Round 100 but you should be fine anyway. You probably want a Flying Fortress later on when you go onto higher rounds (if you do) to like Round 200 (which have 2 fortified BADs that have like 20x health of the Round 100 BAD and move a hell of a lot quicker) which is incredibly hard if not impossible without high popping power towers.

But then if you have the Legend of the Night, on some maps it will completely destroy the BAD and its children by itself.

Strategy by Eventlesstew[]

Name: I Don't Know What To Call it.

If you have farms then you can make tons of cash before round 100 hits, which spawns the first B.A.D. It is recommended to use Spike Factories with the Red Hot Spikes upgrade with MOAB-SHREDR Spikes to take care of the 3 D.D.T.s.

If you used farms and you can afford to get a True Sun Temple and TONS of Sun Temples, buy Super Monkeys, sacrifice enhancements and get as many Sun Temples (along with a TSG first) as possible. If you don't have enough to get your first temple then just use 0/2/4 Super Monkeys (X/X/4 Super Monkeys don't need Plasma Vision To Pop The DDTs and your Super Monkeys need a lot of range). You also need some MOAB Maulers to take care of the 2 Z.O.M.G.s that are inside the B.A.D.

Don't just rely on your MOAB Maulers because you need other monkeys to pop the 3 DDTs! Therefore I'd suggest MOAB Assassins boosted by a X/3/X Monkey Village. I have not tested this strategy yet but I'd suggest you try it yourself :)

Strategy by secret[]

Just use an Apache Prime (5/2/X) and you can beat all 80 rounds including defeating the B.A.D. Bloon. This will defeat the B.A.D. Bloon, and the ZOMGs and the DDTs with virtually no effort. It is a truly insane tower.

Note: on the latest update the Apache Prime has been nerfed, so this may no longer be true.

Update on Note: It is no longer possible to beat all the DDT waves with just an Apache Prime.

Another Strategy By Eventlesstew[]

Just use tons of 2/0/3 Super Monkeys! You need all the popping power you need to pop the B.A.D. and its children. I have tested this in Sandbox Mode with 6 2/0/3 Super Monkeys but some of the ordinary Bloon children got past, so I Suggest using more Dark Knights with Plasma or 2/3/0 Robo-Monkeys boosted by a X/2/X Village.

Yea... 2/X/3 Super Monkeys have camo detection, since you need to upgrade the Super Monkey to Ultra Vision (which lets Super Monkeys detect camo) before upgrading to Dark Knight. :) You need camo detection in order to deal with the 3 DDT children!

There are 2 Fortified B.A.D.s in round 200, so use quadruple as many Super Monkeys that you used, since Fortified B.A.D.s take 40K hits to pop :) (Quadruple means 4x)

Strategy by Solacress[]


Get a 0/2/5 spike factory and place it under the range of a 2/3/0 village. Let it build up spikes for four rounds. It should be able to destroy an entire BAD and it's children with ease.

Yet another Strategy By Eventlesstew[]

Strategy name: [[Program]_Erradicate BAD]_{INITIATE}

Do farming until you've got enough to get 7 0/4/2 Super Monkeys and 1 Anti-Bloon, before Round 100. Then when the B.A.D. is near all 7 Tech Terrors, activate their abilities! Their Plasma can destroy the B.A.D's Children. (The D.D.T.s are the main reason why you should use the Ultravision upgrade).

I did this on Hard-sandbox and it worked! However I made the Tech Terrors and the Anti-Bloon close up to one other.

Strategy By BMC pro the 4th[]

Works best on Impoppable and C.H.I.M.P.S. . Get a 0-2-1 dart monkey and when you can, upgrade to 0-3-2. Then either use Gwendolin or Captain Churchill. Get a 0-0-2 village near the spot where you want to place Super Monkeys. Get a super monkey, upgrade to 3-0-2 as soon as you can, and then get a 4-0-0 alchemist in the range of the super monkey. Note: in CHIMPS, its recommended to get a 4-0-1 ninja on round 62(outside the range of the alchemist) for the purples. Then get another super monkey in the range of the alchemist. Upgrade it to 2-0-3 and then save up money for the 2-0-4. Also, when you're getting overwhelmed, don't hesitate to use your hero's ability(s). When you get your 2-0-4 super monkey, you'll wreck the BAD.(Note: yeah i might have gone into a guide on how to beat nimpoppable/chimps but they require you to beat the BAD)

Strategy by Mathbrush[]

An Avatar of Wrath will activate at full strength when a BAD approaches, and can kill it alone on a good map. A Monkey Intelligence Bureau will let it kill the DDT's.

Even on bad maps, if the Avatar of Wrath is supplemented by 5 Poplust druids and a Lvl 11 or higher Obyn, it becomes far more powerful. In this combo, the 0-2-5 crosspath is the best.

On the very worst maps, you can, in addition, overclock the Avatar for total destruction. This works easily on Ouch, for instance.

Strategy by Keane26092005[]

Adora, the new hero added in Version 14.0 can solo a BAD and children if given Camo detection for the DDTs on Logs or Adora's Temple. Can probably solo on other maps too.

On short maps (Like Cornfield for example), you can overclock or Perma-Brew her to pop it on shorter maps.

Strat For Popping the B.A.D at round 100 CHIMPS

Get 5 populust(0-1-4) and 1 more populust which will be your Avatar Of Wrath(0-1-5). This will give 175% attack speed and it will have max rage. Have a 2-3-0 village to help against the DDT's. Have obyn buff all the druids and have wall of trees just in case(you dont need it). You will need a 4-0-2 alchemist to buff your populust and your avatar of wrath. On shorter tracks like dark castle you MAY need a perma spike(0-2-5) at the back to kill of the leaks from the bad. THe perma spike should be overclocked and be buffed by alchamist

Strat To pop a B.A.D with Dartling Gunner Easily By TopMaster

This strategy involves the MOAB Exterminator Upgrade For Dartling Gunner : The M.A.D . the strategy is : Have a 2-5-0 M.A.D, then, when the B.A.D appears, dont use the ability yet, point at the B.A.D. after some seconds, the B.A.D will Pop! The last thing you need to deal is with 2 ZOMGS and 3 DDTS, after popping the 3 DDTS, USE THE ABILITY (Wait at least 2 Seconds Before using the ability). first, point at the Camgrow Ceramics , after they pop, Point at the ZOMGS, Pop the 3 ZOMGS as fast as you can, and, depending on the timing of ability, you are either have to deal with the Ceramics From the MOABS, or with nothing. if you dont have good timing, then you may want support, i recommend you to have of support a 2-4-0 Rocket Storm Dartling Gunner,since its more cheaper than the other dartling gunner upgrades, and excels at Popping Ceramics!

A Fandom User Strat

This strategy is pretty simple. You have a 4/2/0 alchemist buffing a 5/0/2 ninja and 5/0/2 magic monkey, and a 2/4/0 or 2/5/0 monkey sub, at least 3 of them buffed by a 2/4/0 or 2/5/0 village. if you spam your abilities, you should be able to pop the BAD, as well as the DDTs and ZOMGs. This strategy works in Impoppable if you have enough monkey banks, making it a useful strategy.

Strategies That Feature Only Popping the BAD[]

Another Strategy by Solacress[]

In any track with water (or if you are willing to buy Portable Lakes), you will need 2/X/4 Monkey Subs. I suggest getting at least 8. You will need them to be able to shoot at most/all of the track (by removing as many objects as possible and having whole track coverage with other towers). You will need more for shorter tracks, and you will need a way to get rid of the children (especially the 3 DDTs).

Yet Again Another Strategy By Eventlesstew[]

Strategy Name: BAD Strike Capability!

Get 2 X/4/X Subs (0/4/0 subs are cheapest) and when Round 100 hits use their abilities. Cheap As hell!

Cameron's Quincy Strategy[]

Use a Cripple MOAB, Max Level Quincy, and MIB call to arms. Credit to some guy for making this strat. It's a good idea to also place some Pernament Brews near the exit. Also, might wanna make your MIB a Homeland Defense. Only tested on Monkey Lane. Oh, yeah! Also, might want to place the calltoarms near Quincy. Use the abilities!!!

Eliminator spam[]

Simple. Get a 0/5/0 bomb shooter and use its ability and then sell it and replace it and upgrade to 0/5/0 and use its ability again.Do this until you destroy the BAD

Dartmonkey67's Ezili Strategy[]

Have Ezili placed since the begining of the game to get max level. During round 99, turn off auto-start. Then, in the break between levels, you sell all the towers except Ezili to get max money. Upgrade Ezili to lvl 20 and use her 'MOAB Hex' ability to destroy the B.A.D. this doesn't spawn offspring because of the hex's benefits. On longer maps, might also work on Fortified BADs.

Strategies that feature Popping a Fortified BAD[]

Eventlesstew's Fortified BAD Strategy[]

Strategy Name: Triple Champions

Do as many Cash Drops, Farming and Thrives as possible. If done properly you should be able to get 3 0/2/4 Super Monkeys.

The 0/2/4 Super Monkey's great MOAB-Class popping power can damage all MOAB-Class Bloons (including D.D.T.s) and this also works on rounds above 200! Just set the 3 Super Monkeys on strong and they should be able to focus on popping the Fortified B.A.D. because the game marks it as "The Highest Bloon Type In the Game"

And just TRUST ME! A 0/X/4 Super Monkey Can Pop Leads and D.D.T.s! I found out on Sandbox and if you don't believe me get a 0/0/4 Super Monkey and use it against a Lead Bloon/D.D.T.

BMC pro the 4th's strategy[]

Get level 20 Ezili. Use MOAB Hex ability

Some guy's strategy


DartHero7077's strategy

Getting God Boosted Inferno Rings are pretty hard, but they can beat the Big Airship of Doom by themselves. I got mine up by round 64.

GamerSanssskeletonyou Srategy[]

on resort,you can use MAD and Glaive lord,Glaive lord is 5-0-2 mad you know, 2-5-0,put the Boomersng monkey on the loop hole and put the dartling near the sunroof,or just use megalodon.