This is the Big Airship of Doom. It's big, slow, and incredibly hard to take down.
~ Message upon first encounter on Round 100 (BTD6)
Congratulations on beating Round 100! Enjoy your reward!
~ Pre-Round Comment after beating Round 100 (BTD6)

The Big Airship of Doom (commonly known as the BAD) is a large purple M.O.A.B. Class Bloon that made its first appearance in BTD6, and also appears in Bloons Adventure Time TD. The BAD is also the strongest non-Boss Bloon in the game with a massive RBE of 55,760. It moves at the same speed as a ZOMG but is immune to any attacks or abilities that would normally hinder a ZOMG's movement. The BAD on natural rounds take 28,000 hits to pop (20,000 without health ramping), and also carries 2 ZOMGs and 3 DDTs inside of it. The BAD first appears on round 100 in BTD6 and Round 75 in BATTD and a warning pop-up appears the first time the player encounters it. Later on, it can appear as a fortified version, first appearing on round 200 (or Round 100 in Alternate Bloons Rounds), that doubles its health for a total of 40,000 HP (98,360 RBE) (Not accounting Freeplay HP increase) and contains 2 fortified ZOMGs and 3 fortified DDTs. The BAD contains 13,345 Bloons, or 13,346 Bloons if itself is included. The BAD was revealed in the App Store trailer of the game, and its name was confirmed in the app's description.

In BTD6 and BATTD, 1 BAD can be represented by the Formula:
(20000 [+20000] +
2 × {4000 [+4000] +
4 × {700 [+700] +
4 × {200 [+200] +
4 × {10 [+10] + {47 × 2}} }
3 × {400 [+400] +
6 × {10 [+10] + {47 × 2}} }

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The BAD has a physical appearance similar to that of the B.F.B., but is purple and much bigger. It also wields turbines instead of propeller engines, has three turbines (instead of two), has wings on its turbines, and lacks any symbol other than its eyes . Like all MOAB-Class Bloons, it shows visible damage and has five stages of health like all others in the game. It is by far the largest bloon in BTD6, significantly bigger than the ZOMG. When compared to BMC's Bloonarius the Inflator, it is only slightly smaller.

Children[edit | edit source]

The BAD is also incredibly dangerous on the account of its powerful children that spawn when it is destroyed. Upon the destruction of its initial layer, it spawns two ZOMGs and three DDTs, the latter of which can easily speed through an unsuspecting player's improper defenses. Additionally, if the BAD is fortified (on Round 200 during Normal gameplay or Round 100 during Alternate Bloon Rounds), it yields 2 fortified ZOMGs, and 3 fortified DDTs that make it even harder to deal with if unprepared.

Immunities[edit | edit source]

Excluding upgrades and abilities that ZOMGs and other MOAB-Class Bloons (excluding the DDT), are immune to, below is a list of all upgrades that the BAD is impervious to:

In Bloons TD 6:

In Bloons Adventure Time TD:

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Big Airship of Doom (BAD)/Strategies

Having the highest health of any M.O.A.B. Class Bloon, the BAD requires a huge amount of focused firing to destroy. It first appears in round 75 of BATTD, in round 100 in BTD6 (99 in Alternate Bloons Rounds) or via C.H.I.M.P.S.

It is immune to all slow down, stun, and knockback effects and only takes small damage from most damaging abilities, making most abilities quite ineffective. Since stalling or slowing it down is not an option, the only strategy is to simply output enough damage to destroy it.

Any 5th tier Super Monkey, for example, can strip down the initial BAD layer quite well before it can get very far and by round 100 the player should easily have the income to afford such a level of defence. Some powerful Anti-MOAB Tier-5 upgrades such as Archmage and Master Bomber can deal with heavy damage to a BAD which can help if a player has limited towers or low income. First Strike Capability can deal 10,000 damage to the BAD in one use, making it significantly easier to deal with.

A M.A.D can also easily shred the M.O.A.B. Class Bloon layers, but will need good Super Ceramic DPS towers towards the back to pop the remaining ceramics. Spike Storm is also a great support due to the MOAB Shredding Spikes T3 Upgrade, and can take care of the BAD layer quickly, allowing your defense to easily pop the remaining bloons.

It is also good to add a Cripple MOAB Sniper Monkey or a Super Brittle Ice Monkey to your team, as the BAD is not immune to the extra damage which massively aids in destroying it. The BAD moves at the same speed as a ZOMG, giving plenty of time for a player to react and destroy it. Also, using enough Dark Knight (0-0-3) / Dark Champion (0-0-4) Super Monkeys can be effective because of their extra damage to M.O.A.B-Class Bloons and high fire rate. A few 2-3-0 Spike Factories can deal good damage too.

The primary threat would be the ZOMGs that come out as generally 3 DDTs will usually be destroyed quickly, however having 2 ZOMGs be spawned in very late into the track can easily spell doom for that run, especially if fortified. On beginner and longer tracks, the MOAB Eliminator is very effective against it as its high damage and low overall cooldown can be very powerful, granted enough firepower is allowed to deal with the children.

Note that when the ability of the Grand Saboteur is combined with Big Bloon Sabotage, the BAD be defeated much quicker as its health will be reduced by 32.5% or to a mere 18900 health when it first appears. Ezili's MOAB Hex ability when level 20 can easily take down a BAD solo, since MOAB Hex damages by percentage, not amount. MOAB Hex is usually a requirement to achieve higher rounds on Freeplay ever since the freeplay buff on version 11.0. Legend of the Night can also use a black hole to allow BADs to leak for 8 seconds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The BAD is the biggest and strongest blimp currently in the BTD Series, excluding the Boss Bloons.
  • The BAD is the third bloon in the main-game series that spawns two different bloons when popped (2 ZOMGs and 3 DDTs), the first being the Rainbow Bloon in BTD2 and BTD3 (2 Black Bloons and 2 White Bloons), followed by the Zebra Bloon from BTD4 onwards (1 Black Bloon and 1 White Bloon).
    • This is also the only M.O.A.B-Class Bloon that spawns two different quantities of bloons when fully popped.
  • Even though it spawns 3 DDTs when popped, the BAD itself doesn't have any Lead, Black, Camo or Regrowth properties. It is simply a regular M.O.A.B-Class bloon with massive health and similar resistances and immunities to other M.O.A.B-Class Bloons (excluding DDTs).
  • It is the only MOAB-Class Bloon to have three turbines.
  • Similarly to the Z.O.M.G, its final damaged state shows it to have a comical bandage.
  • It should move faster than a ZOMG since it has jet turbines but instead moves at the same speed as one, though this is easily explained as ZOMGs have an aerodynamic "football" shape, while its own front-heavy shape would be very un-aerodynamic, hence its slow speed despite the better engines. These jet turbines may also contribute to its immunity to stuns or slows.
  • Due to its Sandbox icon being a recoloured Blastapopoulos icon, the BAD is erroneously shown to only have 2 turbines. It is also shown to have red eyes, even though the actual bloon itself has white eyes.
    • The icon also shows that the Bloon is pink with purple stripes when the actual Bloon is purple with dark purple stripes.
      • This, however, was changed in the 9.0 update to match its actual design.
  • In BTD6, the Fortified BAD's armour ring does not fit onto the BAD and thus it looks disjointed. This is possible because the ring sprites are the same as the one used on the ZOMG This has been changed in version 8.0 to make it resemble the BATTD design.
  • The BAD is the only bloon in BTD6 immune to all forms of glue slowing down the bloon or any slowdown at all.
    • This property is shared with the BAD's equivalent in BTDX, the Party Blimp.
  • The BAD is one of the 3 bloons that contain more than 4 bloons when popped. The others being the DDT in Bloons Monkey City and the Bloom Bloon from Bloons 2.
  • 2 Fortified BADs appear on Round 200.
  • Fortified BADs in Bloons Adventure Time TD has a different design compared to Bloons TD 6 BADs pre-8.0.
    • In BATTD, the Fortified BAD has armour on its wings, turbines, and nose, while in BTD6, before the 8.0 update, the Fortified BAD simply has two armour rings around itself.
  • In Sandbox Mode, the BAD has 20000 HP. However, the first naturally occurring B.A.D, which spawns on round 100, has 28000 HP. This is because MOAB-Class Bloons start becoming stronger and faster starting on round 81.
    • Likewise, while a regular Fortified BAD has 40000 HP, by the time it spawns on round 200, it has more than 1.3 million HP.
    • BADs become stronger than ghost bloons (>10 million HP) at some point.
  • The BAD has the largest amount of rounds between itself and its Fortified version's appearance (which is 100 while the fortified appearance is 200) among all the Bloons that have a Fortified version in a normal game.
    • In Alternate Bloon Rounds, the Fortified BAD appears much earlier at Round 100 while the normal BAD appears on Round 99.
  • Unlike other MOAB-Class Bloons, the B.A.D has jet engines instead of propellers.
    • This is probably because it is immune to all knockback, stun, and slowdown effects.
  • In Bloons Adventure Time TD, before the 1.0.4 update, the BAD was affected by slowing, stunning, and insta-kill effects. This was later fixed.
    • However it can still be stunned/slowed by Jake's Butt Push and Tie 'em Up ability, and Captain Cassie's MOAB takedown ability.
  • In BATTD, there used to be a visual glitch where the BAD's final health stage showed a fully recovered blimp with its right turbine missing. This was later fixed to look more like the final health stage in BTD6, where it looks heavily beat up.
  • In terms of health, the BAD is about 5 times as strong as a ZOMG, 28.57 times as strong as a BFB, 50 times stronger than a DDT, and 100 times as strong as a MOAB.
  • A BAD will always spawn in every round starting from Round 231, except for Round 263.
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