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This is the Big Airship of Doom. It's big, slow, and incredibly hard to take down.
~ Message upon first encounter on Round 100 (BTD6)
Congratulations on beating Round 100! Enjoy your reward!
~ Pre-Round Comment after beating Round 100 (BTD6)

The Big Airship of Doom, abbreviated as BAD, is a high-health blimp much stronger than the Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness. First debuted in Bloons TD 6, it is the strongest multi-HP bloon throughout the series excluding Boss Bloons, and is among the highest ranking MOAB-class bloons in the franchise, alongside Boss Bloons. The BAD naturally has 20,000 health (28,000 upon first encounter in BTD6) and will release 2 ZOMGs and 3 DDTs once popped. In Bloons TD 6, the BAD moves at 0.18x the speed of a Red Bloon, a Lead Bloon, or a MOAB, just as slow as a ZOMG.

As with all MOAB-class bloons, the BAD can be greatly damaged by attacks that inflict extra damage to MOAB-class bloons compared to normal bloons. The BAD is also much larger than any other MOAB-class bloon in games it appears, although smaller in Bloons Adventure Time TD, and therefore a BAD is even easier to be hit by multi-projectile attacks such as Tack Sprayer. Unlike weaker MOAB-class bloons, the BAD is fully immune to all forms of movement hinderances and almost all instakills. In BTD6 and BTD Battles 2, both after updates, BADs can be affected by specialized sources of extra damage to BADs, unlike almost all MOAB-class bloons.

BADs are capable of gaining extra health. In all BTD6 Generation games, the BAD can become a Fortified BAD, as the fortification layer gives it and its descendants with double health; in BTD6, a Fortified BAD has 40,000 health for the BAD layer instead of 20,000. In addition, Freeplay Mode will slowly accelerate their health and speed every round. On Round 100 in BTD6, where they will first naturally spawn, they start off with 28,000 health and 67,200 RBE. However, in BATTD, the BAD has a default 15,000 health, or 30,000 in Impoppable Difficulty. In BTDB2, the BAD starts with 12,500 health, 27,500 health when it actually debuts on Round 30.

The health of a BAD can be determined through multiple damage stages. Every 1/4 of the BAD's health, 5,000 by default, it will appear more damaged. These are usually rips and tears on the blimp's skin. The BAD will appear more and more worn out until it is fully destroyed.

For each BAD leaked, it costs 50300 lives (92900 if fortified).

Physical Appearance[]

The BAD has a physical appearance similar to that of the B.F.B., but is purple and much bigger. It also wields jet turbines instead of propeller engines, has three turbines (instead of two), has wings on its turbines, and lacks any symbol other than its eyes. Like all MOAB-Class Bloons, it shows visible damage and has five stages of health like all others in the game. It is by far the largest non-boss bloon in BTD6, significantly bigger than the ZOMG. When compared to BMC's Bloonarius the Inflator, it is only a bit smaller.


The BAD is also the strongest non-Boss Bloon in the game with a massive RBE of 50,720 (100,320 if fortified). It moves at the same speed as a ZOMG but is immune to any attacks or abilities that would normally hinder a ZOMG's movement. The BAD on natural rounds takes 28,000 hits to pop (20,000 without health ramping), and also carries 2 ZOMGs and 3 DDTs inside of it. The BAD first appears on round 100 in BTD6 and Round 75 in BATTD and a warning pop-up appears the first time the player encounters it. Later on, it can appear as a fortified version, first appearing on round 140 (or Round 100 in Alternate Bloons Rounds), that doubles its base health for a total of 40,000 HP (98,360 RBE) (Not accounting Freeplay HP increase) and contains 2 fortified ZOMGs and 3 fortified DDTs. The BAD contains 13,345 Bloons, or 13,346 Bloons if itself is included. The BAD was revealed in the App Store trailer of the game, and its name was confirmed in the app's description.

In BTD6 and BATTD, 1 BAD can be represented by the Formula:
(20000x [+20000x] +
2 × {4000x [+4000x] +
4 × {700x [+700x] +
4 × {200x [+200x] +
4 × {68 [+60] } }}} +
3 × {400x [+400x] +
4 × {68 [+60] }}

Total RBE is 9520+41200x (17920+82400x if fortified). For example, Round 100 has 1.4x blimp health due to ramping, therefore x = 1.4 and BAD's RBE on Round 100 is 41200*1.4+9520=67200. Round 140 has 5x blimp health, therefore x = 5 and Fortified BAD's RBE on Round 140 is 82400*5+17920=429,920. Its base health is 50,720 (x = 1), but they don't occur in normal gameplay until Round 100.
And if needed you would need about 143,201 lives at round 140 to survive without popping the Fortified BAD and BAD with one life remaining. However, this is impossible because you cannot have more than 5,000 lives in normal gameplay. Even if there is no lives cap, still you cannot earn that many lives before Round 140.

Bloons TD 6[]

The BAD will first spawn on Round 100 (or Round 99 in Alternate Bloons Rounds, Round 100 in ABR spawns Fortified BAD), where it will be the final boss of Impoppable and C.H.I.M.P.S.; clearing the round will declare victory on those game modes, in normal gameplay.

Here are the showcase of a regular BAD's RBE during Freeplay. Fortified ones approximately have double amount of RBE compared by their regular form, which means a Fortified BAD on Round 500 may have 40,518,640 RBE, and there are dozens of them. So every round past 500 has billions of RBE.

  • Rounds 1-80: 55,760 RBE
  • Rounds 81-100: 50,720 RBE (default) +824 RBE per round (r100: 67,200 RBE)
  • Rounds 101-124: +2060 RBE per round (r119: 106,340 RBE)
  • Rounds 125-150: +6180 RBE per round (r140: 215,520 RBE, r150: 277,320 RBE)
  • Rounds 151-250: +14420 RBE per round (r151: 291,740 RBE, r250: 1,719,320 RBE)
  • Rounds 251-300: +41200 RBE per round (r251: 1,760,520 RBE, r300: 3,779,320 RBE)
  • Rounds 301-400: +61800 RBE per round (r301: 3,841,120 RBE, r400: 9,959,320 RBE)
  • Rounds 401-500: +103000 RBE per round (r401: 10,062,320 RBE, r500: 20,259,320 RBE)
  • Rounds 501+: +206000 RBE per round (r501: 20,465,320 RBE, rN: 206,000N-82,740,680 RBE)

Bloon Adventure Time TD[]

The BAD reappears in this game, this time acting as the final boss for the final round of Impoppable on Round 75. It also appears on Martian Games as recurring enemies on much later rounds.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

BADs appear in Bloons TD Battles 2, being able to be sent for $15,000. Sending a BAD has an income penalty of 400 Eco (or 800 if Fortified). Spaced BADs unlock on Round 30, while Grouped BADs unlock on Round 32.

BADs each have 12,500 base health, but actually have 27,500 health when they debut on Round 30. Due to health ramping, BADs spawned during further rounds gain +40% base health per round; for reference, a Round 40 BAD has 72,500 health (max health before Sudden Death), a Round 50 BAD has 122,500 health (final round max health outside of Bananza), and the mighty Round 101 BAD has a staggering 377,500 health (final round on Bananza).

One natural BAD spawns on Round 50, the final round after Sudden Death.

Big Airships of Doom move at a base speed of 4.5, equal to 0.18 RBS.


The BAD is immune to any movement-altering effects, except the Workshop's Reverse Motors, Time Stop, and Jake's Butt Push. Unless Jake or a Time Stop slows down the BAD, the BAD moves as slow as the ZOMG, with exception of BTDB2 where the BAD is somewhat slower.

Excluding upgrades and abilities that ZOMGs and other MOAB-Class Bloons (excluding the DDT), are immune to, below is a list of all upgrades that the BAD is impervious to:

In Bloons TD 6[]






  • Striker Jones' stun from his Concussive Shell ability (Level 3+, although cannot use this ability if only appear BAD)
  • Obyn Greenfoot's Nature Ward's Totem slowdown (Level 4+)
  • Benjamin's Bloon Trojan and Syphon Funding ability, which DDTs also happen to be immune to (Level 10+)
  • Ezili's MOAB Hex before Level 20 (Level 20 allows her MOAB Hex to affect BADs)
  • Pat Fusty's Big Squeeze ability, stun effects, and knockback effects (Level 10+ for Big Squeeze, Level 6+ for Stun, and Level 5+ for Knockback)
  • Admiral Brickell's Mega Mines stun against surviving blimps
  • Psi's all attacks, including Psionic Blast ability and Level 20 Psi's psychic attacks.
  • Geraldo's various movement-altering effect shop items.


In Bloons Adventure Time TD
In Bloons TD Battles 2


Upon the destruction of the BAD's initial layer, it spawns two ZOMGs and three DDTs. If the BAD is fortified, its descendants also receive the Fortified property, yielding 2 fortified ZOMGs, and 3 fortified DDTs.


BTD6 generation games

Round Appearances[]

The following are all appearances on each round where BADs will spawn naturally from the entrance. Since the BAD is the incumbent strongest non-Boss blimp in the game, this section will only show rounds where the BAD will appear.

BTD6 Generation[]

Normal Gameplay[]

  • Round 100: 1 B.A.D. (also guaranteed to spawn in Apopalypse)
  • Round 119: 3 B.A.D.
  • Round 140: 1 Fortified B.A.D., 1 B.A.D.
  • Rounds 141-162: randomized
  • Rounds 164-199: randomized
  • Round 200: 2 Fortified B.A.D. (also guaranteed to spawn in Apopalypse)
  • Rounds 201-230: randomized, including Fortified BADs
  • Rounds 231-250: randomized, guaranteed BADs start to appear
  • Rounds 251-262: randomized, guaranteed Fortified BADs start to appear
  • Rounds 264+: randomized
  • Rounds 1,000+: 96 M.O.A.B., 64 Fortified M.O.A.B., 49 B.F.B., 34 Fortified B.F.B., 40 Z.O.M.G., 26 Fortified Z.O.M.G., 56 D.D.T., 60 Fortified D.D.T., 41 B.A.D., 38 Fortified B.A.D. (all bloon groups are guaranteed to spawn by this point, but they spawn in various orders)
  • Round 10,000: 100 Fortified B.A.D.
  • Round 10,006+: 100 Fortified B.A.D.

Alternate Bloons Rounds[]

  • Round 99: 30 M.O.A.B., 9 Fortified D.D.T., 1 B.A.D.
  • Round 100: 1 Fortified B.A.D.
  • Round 110+: randomized
    • On Week 156 Boss Bloon Event, Round 119 features 4 BADs, and Round 140 features 1 Fortified BAD, 2 BADs. The last 2 BADs are very close together.


  • Round 75: 1 BAD (may or may not be fortified)


  • Round 50: 1 BAD
  • Round 69: 3 BAD
  • Round 90: 1 Fortified BAD, 1 BAD
  • Rounds 91-99: randomized
  • Round 100: 2 Fortified BAD
  • Round 101: 10 Fortified BAD


Bloons TD 6[]

Image Trophy Store Icon Fortified Name Appearances
BTD63DBAD BadMaimMoabParticle BAD Round 100

Round 99 (Apopalypse and ABR)

BTD63DFortifiedBAD TickGreenIcon Fortified BAD Round 140

Round 199 (Apopalypse) Round 100 (ABR)

Googly Eyed BAD GooglyEyesBloonsIcon Googly Eyed Bloons
BTD6BADTopHat TopHatsBloonsIcon Top Hat Bloons
BTD6BADHatchet HatchetBloonsIcon Hatchet Bloons
BTD6BADRedNoseDecal RudolphNoseBloonsIcon Red Nose Decal Bloons
BTD6BADTruckerHat TruckerHatsBloonsIcon Trucker Hats Bloons
File:BTD6BADOldTimey.png SepiaMoabClassIcon Old Timey MOAB-class Bloons
File:BTD6PinataBAD PinataBadIcon Pinata BAD
Skelebad (1) BonesBadIcon Skeleton BAD
File:BTD6BADWhale.png WhaleBadIcon BAD Whale

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Image Fortified Name Appearances
BTD63DBAD BadMaimMoabParticle BAD Round 50 (Sudden Death)
BTD63DFortifiedBAD TickGreenIcon Fortified BAD Only can be spawned manually past round 30.
BTDB2KiteBAD Kite BAD (Season 5)
BTDB2GemBAD Gem BAD (Season 6)
BTDB2SharkBAD Shark BAD (Season 9)
BTDB2JunkyardBAD Junkyard BAD (Season 11)
BTDB2PlushieBAD Plushie BAD (Season 13)
BTDB2FootballBAD Football BAD (Season 15)
VoxelBAD Voxel Bad (Season 17)

Health Stages[]

Bloons TD 6[]

113x113px]] MegaBAD

Health Stages[]

Bloons TD 6[]

Health Stages
Variant BTD6FortifiedRed 1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage 4th Stage
Fortified B.A.D.
TickGreenIcon BTD6FortifiedBADHS1 BTD6FortifiedBADHS2
BAD Skins

Skeleton BAD:

Piñata BAD:

Whale BAD:


Bloon Layers
Big Airship of Doom
Dark Dirigible Titan
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Flying Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp

Bloon Layers
Big Airship of Doom
Dark Dirigible Titan
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Floating Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp

Bloon Layers
Dark Dirigible Titan
ZOMG rightways
Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness
Brutal Floating Behemoth
Massive Ornary Air Blimp
Ceramic Bloon
Rainbow Bloon
Zebra Bloon
Lead Bloon
Black Bloon
White Bloon
Pink Bloon
Yellow Bloon
Green Bloon
Blue Bloon
Red Bloon


Main article: Big Airship of Doom (BAD)/Strategies

Bloons TD 6[]

Having the highest health of any M.O.A.B. Class Bloon, the BAD requires a huge amount of focused firing to destroy. It first appears on round 75 of Bloons Adventure Time TD and on Round 100 in Bloons TD 6 (99 in Alternate Bloons Rounds), which makes it the final bloon to appear on Impoppable and CHIMPS.

It is immune to all slowdown, stun, and knockback effects and takes minor damage from most abilities, making them quite ineffective. Since stalling or slowing it down is not an option, the only strategy is to simply output enough damage to destroy it.

Any 5th tier Super Monkey, for example, can strip down the initial BAD layer quite well before it can get very far and by round 100 the player should easily have the income to afford such a level of defense. Some powerful anti-MOAB Tier-5 upgrades such as Archmage and Master Bomber can deal with heavy damage to a BAD which can help if a player has limited towers or low income. First Strike Capability can deal 10,000 damage to the BAD in one use, making it significantly easier to deal with.

A M.A.D can also easily shred the M.O.A.B. Class Bloon layers, but will require good Super Ceramic DPS towers towards the back to pop the remaining ceramics. Spike Storm is also a great support due to the MOAB Shredding Spikes T3 Upgrade, and can take care of the BAD layer quickly, allowing your defense to easily pop the remaining bloons.

It is also prudent to add a Cripple MOAB Sniper Monkey or a Super Brittle Ice Monkey to your team, as the BAD is not immune to the extra damage which massively aids in destroying it. The BAD moves at the same speed as a ZOMG, giving plenty of time for a player to react and destroy it. In addition, using enough Dark Knight (0-0-3) / Dark Champion (0-0-4) Super Monkeys can be effective because of their extra damage to M.O.A.B-Class Bloons and high fire rate. A few 2-3-0 Spike Factories can deal good damage too.

The primary threat is generally the ZOMGs that come out as the 3 DDTs will usually be destroyed quickly; however, destroying the BAD very late on the track can be dangerous, as the ZOMGs can easily overwhelm the player, especially if fortified. On the other hand, the 3 DDTs can easily speed by an unsuspecting defense, often as a result of improper positioning and not dealing sufficient damage at a fast enough rate. On beginner and longer tracks, the MOAB Eliminator is very effective against it as its high damage and low overall cooldown can be very powerful, granted enough firepower is allowed to deal with the children.

Note that when the ability of the Grand Saboteur is combined with Big Bloon Sabotage, the BAD can be defeated much quicker as its health will be reduced by 35% or to a mere 18200 health when it first appears. Ezili's MOAB Hex ability when level 20 can easily take down a BAD solo, since MOAB Hex damages by percentage, not amount. MOAB Hex is usually a requirement to achieve higher rounds on Freeplay ever since the freeplay buff on version 11.0. Legend of the Night can also use a black hole to allow BADs to leak for 8 seconds.

By far, the easiest and cheapest way to take down a BAD is First Strike Capability, with either a damaging tower combined that can do an extra 7,000 - 8,000 damage to the BAD layer, or the more riskier method by letting the First Strike Capability itself do 7,000-8,000 damage so after 2 First Strike abilities, there will not be any excess bloons or blimps.

After version 29.0, Navarch of the Seas's hook ability can instakill one BAD. However, the ability only can be used twice per round no matter what degree is.


The BAD on Impoppable appears alone on Round 75, fortified or not. It can be instantly defeated with a Dimension Disruptor or an Abraham Lincoln's Penny, both of which instakill it.

The Nightosphere Amulet will easily shred through the BAD layer's large pool of HP, leaving only its children to deal with. It is especially useful in seizing the Martian Throne in Martian Games, as it lasts for multiple rounds and can be used many times.

Barring powers, brute force is the only other means left. Equip all blimp-damaging characters with as many damage or MOAB-damage trinkets (e.g. Engineers Blueprints) as possible (or for C4 Charlie, Max, and Missile Finn, as much speed as possible). To decamo the DDT children, have C4 Charlie's Signal Flare ability ready.


The strategies here are mostly the same as the BTD 6 strategies, though be wary that bloon boosts and other bloon sends might overwhelm you while trying to take down a BAD.

  • It might be a good choice to overwhelm your opponent to make THEM stop attacking, like sending hordes of weaker yet faster bloons to pass through their defense. (Stacked Camo Fortified Ceramics, dense packed Fortified MOABs, grouped DDTs)
  • Panic spending might be your poison, as your opponent will most likely force you into spending all of your money, leaving you at a disadvantage in the eco game.


Congratulations on beating Round 100! Enjoy your reward!
~ Pre-Round Comment after beating Round 100 (BTD6)

Hero quotes[]

These quotes are always triggered upon encountering a BAD. Some quotes from heroes are identical to those for weaker MOAB-class bloons.


Super BAD
FIRST RELEASED: Initial Release
Description: Destroy 1,000 BADs

Version History[]

Bloons TD 6[]

Balance changes for BAD are shown in terms of player favorability.

Initial release
  • Released.
  • NERF Time Stop no longer affects BADs
As they do not spawn until after round 80 naturally, DDT and BAD Bloons will now spawn in sandbox with at least the minimum level of freeplay ramping they would normally have in regular game conditions.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change BAD spawned before round 100 will remain 28000 HP in Sandbox Mode.
As Timestop is not considered to be an actual application of 'slowing' it will now apply to all Bloon types including BAD. This is a unique case that isn't going to be changed for any Monkey Towers, just the Timestop.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Time Stop can slow BADs.






  • The BAD is the biggest and strongest blimp currently in the BTD Series, excluding the Boss Bloons.
  • The BAD is the third bloon in the main-game series that spawns two different bloons when popped (2 ZOMGs and 3 DDTs), the first being the Rainbow Bloon in BTD2 and BTD3 (2 Black Bloons and 2 White Bloons), followed by the Zebra Bloon from BTD4 onwards (1 Black Bloon and 1 White Bloon).
    • This is also the only M.O.A.B-Class Bloon that spawns two different quantities of bloons when fully popped.
  • It is the only MOAB-Class Bloon to have three turbines.
  • Similarly to the Z.O.M.G, its final damaged state shows it to have a comical bandage.
  • Due to its Sandbox icon being a recoloured Blastapopoulos icon, the BAD is erroneously shown to only have 2 turbines. It is also shown to have red eyes, even though the actual bloon itself has white eyes.
    • The icon also shows that the Bloon is pink with purple stripes when the actual Bloon is purple with dark purple stripes.
      • This, however, was changed in the 9.0 update to match its actual design.
  • In BTD6, the Fortified BAD's armour ring does not fit onto the BAD and thus it looks disjointed. This is possible because the ring sprites are the same as the one used on the ZOMG. This has been changed in version 8.0 to make it resemble the BATTD design.
  • Unlike other bloons Fortified BAD look significantly more different, instead of having 2 fortification rings (8.0) it has unique fortification having its front and turbines armored.
  • The BAD is the only bloon in BTD6 immune to all forms of glue slowing down the bloon or any slowdown at all.
  • The BAD is one of the 3 bloons that contain more than 4 bloons when popped, the others being the DDT in Bloons Monkey City, and the Bloom Bloon from Bloons 2.
  • Rounds that spawn BADs until Round 140 don't spawn any other types of bloons. Round 100 only spawns 1 BAD, Round 119 only spawns 3 BADs, and Round 140 only spawns a fortified BAD and BAD.
  • 2 Fortified BADs appear on Round 200.
  • Fortified BADs in Bloons Adventure Time TD has a different design compared to Bloons TD 6 BADs pre-8.0.
    • In BATTD, the Fortified BAD has armour on its wings, turbines, and nose, while in BTD6, before the 8.0 update, the Fortified BAD simply has two armour rings around itself.
  • In Sandbox Mode, the BAD has 20000 HP. However, the first naturally occurring B.A.D, which spawns on round 100, has 28000 HP. This is because MOAB-Class Bloons start becoming stronger and faster starting on round 81.
    • Likewise, while a regular Fortified BAD has 40000 HP, by the time it spawns on round 200, it has 960000 HP.
    • Fortified BADs become stronger than ghost bloons (>10 million HP) at round >404.
  • The BAD has the largest amount of rounds between itself and its Fortified version's appearance (which is 100 while the fortified appearance is 200) among all the Bloons that have a Fortified version in a normal game.
    • In Alternate Bloon Rounds, the Fortified BAD appears much earlier at Round 100 while the normal BAD appears on Round 99, and as of 26.0, a Fortified BAD Bloon and a normal BAD Bloon now appear on round 140.
      • Round 140 fortified BAD bloon has 200,000 health and 430,300 RBE. (2/3rds of total RBE in Round 140)
  • Unlike other MOAB-Class Bloons, the BAD has jet engines instead of propellers.
    • This is probably because it is immune to all knockback, stun, and slowdown effects.
  • In Bloons Adventure Time TD, before the 1.0.4 update, the BAD was affected by slowing, stunning, and insta-kill effects. This was later fixed.
    • However it can still be stunned/slowed by Jake's Butt Push and Tie 'em Up ability, and Captain Cassie's MOAB takedown ability.
  • In BATTD, there used to be a visual glitch where the BAD's final health stage showed a fully recovered blimp with its right turbine missing. This was later fixed to look more like the final health stage in BTD6, where it looks heavily beat up.
  • In terms of health, the BAD is about 5 times as strong as a ZOMG, 28.57 times as strong as a BFB, 50 times stronger than a DDT, and 100 times as strong as a MOAB.
  • A BAD will always spawn in every round starting from Round 231, except for Round 263.
    • Even before Round 231, BADs will spawn very frequently beyond Round 200.
  • Ironically, the BAD in BATTD was smaller than a ZOMG in said game.