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Ice King's beloved princess has harnessed her magic against the bloons, although it can be unpredictable.
~ BATTD description
Fires magical bolts with unpredictable effects.
~ Short description

In-game info for Betty Grof

Betty Grof is an Epic Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that costs $780 to place. She can be equipped to Ice King or Sam.

Betty's magical bolts have random effects on each bloon they hit, including:

  • Sucking the soul from the bloon (affects up to ZOMGs/DDTs)
  • Turning the bloon into a red bloon (affects Blues to ZOMGs/DDTs)
  • Turning the bloon into a red or yellow bloon (affects Pinks to Ceramics)
  • Turning the bloon into a butterfly (affects up to Ceramics)
  • Polymorphing the bloon (affects up to ZOMGs/DDTs)
  • Stunning the bloon (affects up to ZOMGs/DDTs)
  • Painting the bloon gold (affects up to Ceramics)
  • Turning the bloon into a flamebit (affects up to Ceramics)
  • Freezing the bloon (affects up to Ceramics)


  • Creates a wide variety of magical effects


  • Special Skills ($800): Betty is able to cast spells quicker (decreased attack cooldown to 0.7s)
    • Spell Mastery ($1,600): Betty can cast spells even faster (decreased attack cooldown to 0.5s)
      • Double Magi ($2,000): Betty can cast two spells at once


Betty Grof is a suitable ally in beginning rounds, she can paint bloons gold and summon flambits. She is recommended to be not your main attacker but instead be a supporting attacker to because of her unpredictable attacks.

Betty Grof can be an alternative for Hunson Abadeer due to her soul sucking ability, she is best dealing with MOABS and upper class bloons.

Betty Grof has many spells with varying effects and you can increase the attack speed of Betty Grof by buffing her with Lemonhope so she can cast spells faster, especially when she is already upgraded to Double Magi, since that means you will be able to pop up to ZOMGS much quicker and easier than you would otherwise.


Update History[]

  • BUFF Attack speed upgrades now properly apply