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Using his elite hacking skills, Benjamin can create extra money for the cause.
~ Benjamin's description

Benjamin is a Hero in Bloons TD 6. Benjamin was released in Version 3.0 on August 22nd, 2018, as well as the advanced map, High Finance. He is unlocked with a one-off purchase of BloonjaminsIcon 3,000.

Unlike other heroes, Benjamin does not attack bloons directly. Instead, he uses his hacking skills to primarily provide extra money, as well as lives starting at Level 4. At Level 7, he gains a Bloon Trojan attack, which causes affected bloons to spawn no children when destroyed. At Level 10, he gains an ability that downgrades all incoming bloons (excludes DDTs without Level 18 and BADs) by one rank, as well as doubling cash per pop for all affected bloons, which is increased to triple at Level 20. Benjamin levels 1.5x slower than the base four heroes (Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker, and Obyn), or 0.66x as fast.

In version 11.0, he was given a new skin called DJ Benjammin', or just Benjammin', who has new voice lines and graphics. He wears slacky white clothes and a white cap which he wears backwards, and his computer is replaced with a DJ turntable and a laptop. This skin costs BloonjaminsIcon2,500 to unlock. A Sushi Bento skin was added in version 24.0, replacing Benjamin's laptop and desk with a sushi mat.

He costs $1,020 on Easy, $1,200 on Medium, $1,295 on Hard, and $1,440 on Impoppable. If Hero Favors is enabled, he will cost $920 on Easy, $1,080 on Medium, $1,165 on Hard, and $1,295 on Impoppable.


Benjamin will start upgrading himself every round upon placement. He earns more XP each round to unlock his next upgrade irrespective of how many bloons he pops. His upgrades can also be immediately bought with cash, though the amount of cash required to purchase the next upgrade will typically increase as the upgrades get higher, making self-upgrading an important element for his overall power.

Benjamin requires 1.5x as much experience points to upgrade towards each level compared to Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, or Obyn Greenfoot.

Level 1
COST: $1,020 / $1,200 / $1,295 / $1,440

Description: Hacks in $80 every round.
Effect: Generates $80 per round. Benjamin starts with a "dummy" range of 20.
Level 2
COST: $270

Description: Generates $120 per round instead of $80.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Level 3
COST: $690

Description: Biohack: 4 closest Monkeys pop an extra layer per attack for 6 seconds. Affected Monkeys can't attack for 2 seconds after effect ends.
Effect: Gains the Biohack ability. When activated, grants +1 damage to the nearest 4 Monkeys for 6 seconds. Affected Monkeys are disabled from attacking for 2 seconds after the buff expires. Cooldown is 30 seconds.
Level 4
COST: $1500
UNLOCK: 1,500 XP

Description: Cyber Security - Restores 5 lives at the end of each round.
Effect: Heals 5 lives at the end of each round. Will not heal if past full lives.
Level 5
COST: $2790
UNLOCK: 2,790 XP

Description: Bank Hack - all banks earn +5% income.
Effect: All Banks on screen generate +5% more cash via packets (i.e. "bananas").
Level 6
COST: $4920
UNLOCK: 4,920 XP

Description: Skimming - earns +$1 for every new Bloon spawned.
Effect: Every bloon spawned from the entrance earns $1.
Level 7
COST: $7770
UNLOCK: 7,770 XP

Description: Bloon Trojan - Every few seconds sends a Trojan software virus to random Bloon. Affected Bloons spawns no children when destroyed and produces 1 extra cash for every layer.
Effect: Benjamin regularly attacks bloons with Bloon Trojan every 5s-7s. Bloon Trojan homes towards the closest target, and cannot go through Line of Sight obstacles. Affected bloons up to MOABs spawn no children when popped, and generates $2 + $1 for each layer skipped. (So, a Zebra Bloon would be worth $8 when popped, because it has 6 different layers.)
Level 8
COST: $12480
UNLOCK: 12,480 XP

Description: Income increased to $250 per round.
Effect: Generates $250 per round instead of $120.
Level 9
COST: $14070
UNLOCK: 14,070 XP

Description: Bank hack increased to 12%
Effect: Improves Bank Hack benefit from 5% to 12%.
Level 10
COST: $20430
UNLOCK: 20,430 XP

Description: Syphon Funding: Downgrades most newly spawned Bloons by 1 rank. Cash per pop from affected Bloons is double. Lasts 10 seconds.
Effect: Gains the Syphon Funding ability. Syphon Funding downgrades all incoming Bloons by one layer except DDTs, BADs, and Bosses. Downgraded Bloons give double cash when popped. This ability lasts for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 65 seconds.
Level 11
COST: $24570
UNLOCK: 24,570 XP

Description: Income increased to $1000 per round.
Effect: Generates $1000 per round instead of $250.
Level 12
COST: $21600
UNLOCK: 21,600 XP

Description: Skimming increased to $2 per Bloon.
Effect: Skimming earns $2 per bloon instead of $1.
Level 13
COST: $24975
UNLOCK: 24,975 XP

Description: Biohack increases bonus damage and affects 6 Monkeys for 8 seconds.
Effect: Biohack bonus damage increased from +1 to +2, increases max number of biohacked towers from 4 to 6, and buffs them for 8 seconds.
Level 14
COST: $22410
UNLOCK: 22,410 XP

Description: Cyber Security adds 10 lives per round and can go up to 100 over starting lives.
Effect: Heals up to 10 lives per round, and can generate up to 100 lives over the starting lives.
Level 15
COST: $24570
UNLOCK: 24,570 XP

Description: Income increased to $2500 per round.
Effect: Generates $2500 per round instead of $1000.
Level 16
COST: $26730
UNLOCK: 26,730 XP

Description: Bloon Trojan is sent more often and earns more cash.
Effect: Bloon Trojan is sent every 3s-4s instead of 5s-7s. Popped bloons affected by Trojan now give $3 + 2 * number of layers skipped instead of $2 + number of layers skipped.
  • For example, a Zebra popped gives $15 ($3 + $12 = $15).
Level 17
COST: $28890
UNLOCK: 28,890 XP

Description: Income increased to $5000 per round.
Effect: Generates $5000 per round instead of $2500.
Level 18
COST: $31050
UNLOCK: 31,050 XP

Description: Bloon Trojan can affect BFB and DDT Bloons.
Effect: Bloon Trojan can now target BFBs and DDTs, and Benjamin gains camo detection. Benjamin's Syphon Funding also now affects DDTs.
Level 19
COST: $24705
UNLOCK: 24,705 XP

Description: Biohack lasts 9 seconds and affected Monkeys pop 3 extra layers instead of 2.
Effect: Biohack increases damage by +3 instead of +2, and lasts for 9 seconds.
Level 20
COST: $25920
UNLOCK: 25,920 XP

Description: Syphon Funding lasts 20 seconds and cash per pop is triple normal for affected Bloons.
Effect: Syphon Funding lasts for 20s instead of 10s, and affected bloons give 3x cash.

Activated Abilities[]

See also: Activated Abilities (BTD6)#Benjamin

Benjamin has two activated abilities: Biohack (Level 3+), and Syphon Funding (Level 10+).

Biohack Ability[]


Biohack Ability

When activated, a number of the closest Monkeys deal extra damage per attack for a specified amount of time. Affected Monkeys can't attack for 2 seconds after the effect ends. When first unlocked at Level 3, Biohack affects 4 of the closest Monkeys deal an extra layer of damage for 6 seconds. At Level 13-18, this improves to 6 monkeys gaining +2 damage for 8 seconds, and Level 19+ increases that to 8 monkeys gaining +3 damage for 9 seconds. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

Syphon Funding Ability[]


Syphon Funding Ability

When activated, it downgrades all newly spawned Bloons by 1 rank. Cash per pop from affected Bloons is doubled, or tripled at Level 20. Lasts 10 seconds, or 20 seconds at Level 20. Can downgrade all bloon types except BADs and Bosses, and needs Level 18+ to downgrade DDTs.

In terms of hierarchy, the following bloons downgrade to these types, excluding Fortified properties (which just add these properties, if applicable):

  • DDT → Camo Regrow Super Ceramic / Regrow Super Ceramic (Decamoed DDT)
  • ZOMG → BFB
  • BFB → MOAB
  • MOAB → Ceramic
  • Ceramic → Rainbow
  • Rainbow → Zebra
  • Zebra → Black
  • Lead → Black
  • White/Black/Purple → Pink
  • Pink → Yellow
  • Yellow → Green
  • Green → Blue
  • Blue → Red
  • Red → Red (not nothing)

Leveling up[]

Level Cost / XP Cumulative   
1 Base Base
2 270 270
3 690 960
4 1500 2460
5 2790 5250
6 4920 10,170
7 7770 17,940
8 12,480 30,420
9 14,070 44,490
10 20,430 64,920
11 24,570 89,490
12 21,600 111,090
13 24,975 136,065
14 22,410 158,475
15 24,570 183,045
16 26,730 209,775
17 28,890 238,665
18 31,050 269,715
19 24,705 294,420
20 25,920 320,340

Skimming income[]

Assuming Ben is placed in round 3 and not upgraded manually:

Round Income including skimming Cumulative
1 0
2 0
3 150 150
4 150 300
5 150 450
6 150 600
7 150 750
8 150 900
9 150 1050
10 150 1200
11 185 1385
12 180 1565
13 223 1788
14 233 2021
15 212 2233
16 198 2431
17 162 2593
18 230 2823
19 184 3007
20 156 3163
21 204 3367
22 166 3533
23 164 3697
24 171 3868
25 185 4053
26 177 4230
27 400 4630
28 156 4786
29 215 5001
30 159 5160
31 176 5336
32 195 5531
33 183 5714
34 316 6030
35 245 6275
36 310 6585
37 232 6817
38 235 7052
39 210 7262

Bloon Trojan[]


As of Version 11.0, the Bloon Trojan ability gives some money back from trojaned bloons, based on the number of layers destroyed by the ability. The Bloon Trojan will not target any bloon weaker than a Pink Bloon. Benjamin cannot target Camo Bloons with the Bloon Trojan ability without being given camo detection until he reaches level 18.

The amount of money a trojaned bloon gives can be calculated using the formula m = (t ⋅ l) + r where:

  • m = the amount of money given by the bloon
  • t = the level of the Bloon Trojan ability. t = 1 for levels 7-15 and t = 2 for levels 16-20.
  • l = the number of layers a bloon has upon being affected by the bloon trojan. (Despite having fewer layers than a BFB, DDT bloons are considered to have 12 layers by the bloon trojan.)
  • r = the pre round-60 bonus. Trojaned bloons give 1 extra dollar from rounds 1-60.

In addition, Bloon Trojan's income can only be boosted by Monkey City. Cash per pop multipliers, such as Rubber to Gold, Monkey Town, or even Benjamin's own Syphon Funding, do not affect Trojan.

For example, a Rainbow bloon on round 42 targeted by a level 7 Benjamin will give m = (1)(8) + 1 dollars, or 9 dollars. In contrast, a rainbow bloon on round 79 targeted by a level 20 Benjamin will give m = (2)(8) + 0 dollars, or 16 dollars.

Other than losing the $1 bonus after round 60, Benjamin does not give less money as rounds progress, compared to popping bloons normally. Because of this, although though Benjamin usually gives less money than popping bloons normally, the bloon trojan will make most bloons give more money than normal as rounds progress. This process is sped up when Benjamin reaches level 16. Bloons become profitable at the following points:

Any towers that pop a bloon affected by Trojan will still get the full pops, unlike Ezili's MOAB Hex.



Benjamin is a strong money-generation source in the earlier rounds, and can be helpful later on by healing lives and attacking bloons with Trojan. In fact, he is very useful in any game mode outside of CHIMPS and Deflation, even on Half Cash, mostly attributed to his valuable Trojan attack versus early MOABs. He is also extremely valuable on Boss Events, due to allowing the exponential growth of Banana Farms to occur on earlier rounds.

Compared to other income-boosting heroes like Geraldo (Rare Quincy Action Figure and Fertilizer) and Obyn Greenfoot (extra range to Jungle's Bounty, Wall of Trees), Benjamin is very straightforward and easy to use as an income generator. Simply speaking, Benjamin makes money at the end of each round, boosts the income of all Monkey Banks, and skims the money from incoming bloons. However, he does have the caveat of his Trojan eating away at the money he makes, in addition to "stealing" pops, such as lowering the potential income for Bloon Trap and Rubber to Gold.

Even if he cannot produce money on CHIMPS, Benjamin has some niche usage for his capability to greatly reduce RBE. In this game mode, he works best with Perma-Spike, as his Syphon Funding ability and Trojan reduce RBE of the downgraded Bloons, while the Permaspike can tank whatever is left.


  • Benjamin is largely useless in C.H.I.M.P.S. and Deflation modes because his abilities do not generate any extra cash due to the modes' limitations.
    • Occasionally, although still outclassed for the cash loss, Benjamin can help to eliminate round 40's child ceramics as a threat and continue to massively reduce any round's RBE with Bloon Syphon.
      • In 14.0, this strategy generally only helps Perma-Spike. However other heroes fill in roles that Benjamin cannot handle, while Perma-Spike finds more support in other towers.
  • As of 34.0, Bloon Trojan is affected by Line of Sight. This can be useful to avoid having Trojan take away income that would normally be earned, while still benefitting from Benjamin's income and biohack, as Bloon Trojan actually makes Benjamin lose money, even outside of CHIMPS.
    • This does not remove pops, so it is not detrimental to progress towards a higher degree Paragon, unless relying on XXXL Trap.
  • Bloon Trojan has the ability to affect MOABs (and BFBs and DDTs at Level 18), which can remove some hassle from earlier rounds or clean up children from a higher Bloon. This is most notable with round 40 in any mode, especially Half Cash, Alternate Bloon Rounds, or Double HP MOABs, where the MOAB is typically extremely difficult to deal with.
  • Skimming on rounds with lots of bloons can earn players a lot of cash quickly, especially when combined with Syphon Funding. This can also make the rush easier to deal with.
    • Round 27 is an ideal round for Skimming to operate. He will make $250 total if he is allowed to use his Skimming for the whole round. However, the new Level 6 Skimming prevents Benjamin from syphoning Round 27 on Beginner Maps, even if placed on Round 1.
  • Downtime from Biohack does not disable Activated Abilities.
  • Note that Trojaned MOAB-class bloons will not be able to grant cash from Monkey Pirates. This is because all types of Trojaned bloons will not gain the full income from popping.'
  • Benjamin is useful in the Half Cash game mode due to his abilities making it easier to gain cash. However, because of his base cost, it is better not to worry about him initially and to focus on building adequate defense for the first rounds. Otherwise, it may take a long time before he can be bought, and meanwhile the Bloons could easily overwhelm the towers.
  • Benjamin works best in Co-Op Mode, as due to the bloon pop cash being shared to each player but not cash distributed by him, he will be capable of producing massive amounts of cash per round that can easily counteract the reduced cash per pop. Skimming also works with all players of the co-op match. Even though Bloon Trojan can help counter the round 40 MOAB, it is not recommended to rely on this as if another player places a hero, the hero XP will be reduced and make Benjamin unable to obtain level 7 before round 40.
  • On Easy Difficulty, it is possible to leak an entire Bloon Trojaned MOAB if the Mana Shield MK is unlocked. This is mostly used in AFK strategies to reduce the threat of Round 40.
  • In late game, Syphon Funding is still helpful in reducing the difficulty of late-game rounds, including even the likes of 96 and 98. It is advised to plan for the BAD as it is unaffected by Syphon, as well as DDTs if Benjamin is not at Level 18; if he is, rounds 95 and 99 are also rendered easier.
  • If certain rounds are difficult, the Syphon Funding ability can help minimise the difficulty of rounds, particularly against high-density rounds or rounds with high HP. This is particularly useful against MOAB-class bloons.
  • Benjamin is a mainstay of Timed Boss Bloon Events and can be useful for Least Tiers Elite Bosses. In comparison to Geraldo, Benjamin will start to lag behind in income generation from the mid-game thanks to Fertilizer, but provides more income from the get-go, which can be the only way to afford certain strategies for Tier 1 Bosses.
  • Some players in Ranked Timed Bosses opt to sell Benjamin once he reaches Level 7 and then buy him back after about Round 60, where income-per-pop slows down immensely but still leaves enough time for Benjamin to pay back his cost and still catch up his levels.


  • When a Zebra Bloon has been affected by Syphon Funding, it will always downgrade to a White Bloon despite a Black Bloon also being a child of it. This is likely due to the fact that White Bloons are ranked above Black Bloons in the BTD games.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Benjamin received various buffs to his offensive roles and also to his Bank Hack at Level 9, which should allow him to scale better on harder rounds. He still remains a popular hero on non-CHIMPS games due to his highly cost-efficient early-game income. However, Version 42.0 reworked him to become worse at snowballing income but better as a solo income generator.

  • Released
  • BUFF Syphon Funding now gains bonus income from all layers.
  • BUFF Abilities are no longer cleared when a round ends.
  • BUFF Fixed bug in which "hacked" towers could use abilities, but no projectiles showed up.
  • Change Trojan art now sits correctly on MOABs.
  • BUFF Now acts as range for 2/x/x Monkey Subs.
  • Change Benjamin's Biohack will no longer apply to Benjamin, Tech Bot or Energizing Totem
  • BUFF Benjamin's level 3 Biohack cooldown reduced (45s -> 30s)
  • BUFF Benjamin's level 7 Trojan now awards $1 for each tier of Bloon affected with the virus
  • BUFF Benjamin's level 9 Bank hack increased (8% -> 12%)
  • BUFF Benjamin's level 13 Biohack damage bonus increased (+1 -> +2)
  • BUFF Benjamin's level 16 Trojan now awards $2 for each Bloon Tier
  • BUFF Benjamin's level 19 Biohack damage bonus increased (+2 -> +3)
  • NERF Benjamin's Cyber Security no longer does anything on Impoppable Difficulty by default unless players or developers modify the maximum amount of lives allowed.
  • Change Resolved a sequence of cash multipliers with Syphon Funding that could cause Bloons to give negative cash upon pop
  • Change Level 7 description changed from "Bloon Trojan - Every few seconds sends a Trojan software virus to random Bloon. Affected Bloon spawns no children when destroyed." to "Bloon Trojan - Every few seconds sends a Trojan software virus to random Bloon. Affected Bloon spawns no children when destroyed and produce 2x cash."
    • It is unknown if this is an accurate description.
  • Change Level 16 description updated to reflect 2x Trojan cash
    • Level 16 description changed from "Bloon Trojan is sent more often." to "Bloon Trojan is sent more often and earns more cash."
Biohack would attempt to buff/debuff Paragons but do nothing.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Lv3 Biohack no longer picks Paragons as valid targets
Some players don’t want their Trojan to activate until a certain point, or at all. The Trojan is as it is by design, however since currently Ben’s location doesn’t seem to matter much we feel that by limiting the Trojan to not target through walls this will allow that strategic use to be made if chosen via clever positioning depending on the map.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Benjamin's Bloon Trojan attack no longer ignores Line Of Sight
    • Considered a change because it is a nerf to reducing RBE, but a buff to the amount of total cash earned from pops in a round.
May as well be a general camo for Ben level given that Trojan gives camo at 18 too
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 18 Syphon Funding affects DDTs
Benjamin’s value as a farming hero is majorly tied to how much more efficient he is at Lv1 than base farms and at a lower cost, whereas his higher levels of cash generation are quite inconsequential. Given this along with his early game snowball being a general balance concern, we're lowering the base cash generation to not be so overwhelming but also pumping up cash generation into his higher levels so he brings a lot more to the table later.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Level 1 Benjamin's end-of-round cash generation reduced from $100 to $80
  • NERF Level 2 Benjamin's end-of-round cash generation reduced from $150 to $120
  • BUFF Level 11 Benjamin's end-of-round cash generation increased from $300 to $1,000
  • BUFF Level 15 Benjamin's end-of-round cash generation increased from $500 to $2,500
  • BUFF Level 17 Benjamin's end-of-round cash generation increased from $800 to $5,000
While we like giving players lots to choose from as early as possible, we’ve seen feedback that the current hero unlock flow can feel overwhelming with all Monkey Money unlockable heroes becoming available immediately at account level 10. To address this, we are spacing this period out with a few different groupings of Hero unlocks and holding back some of the more complex Heroes until account level 35.
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 42.0 preview notes
  • NERF Benjamin now unlocks at Level 15 instead of Level 10
Benjamin’s Cyber Security and Skimming levels have been swapped around so that the early game skimming cash snowball doesn’t come quite so soon, and Cyber Security can come in earlier where it will make a bigger impact proportionally to the lives being lost.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Skimming and Cyber Security levels swapped; now Cyber Security is Level 4 upgrade and Skimming is Level 6 upgrade
    • NERF Considered a nerf to overall income

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Updated Benjamin's income generation quantities, as per the Version 42.0 balance changes
  • Change Level 4 and Level 6 descriptions swapped


Benjamin has different cosmetics that can be bought to add visual flair to him. These are purely visual and do not influence how he performs in-game. Hero Skins for Benjamin are available once he is unlocked.


Benjamin has two additional skin that can each be bought for a one-off purchase of BloonjaminsIcon2500 each. The first additional skin is Benjammin', a skin themed on a 2000's DJ. Benjammin' wears 2000's DJ clothing and speaks outdated slang terms, and initially uses a DJ turntable and a laptop. The second skin is Sushi Benjamin, which transforms him into a sushi chef serving sushi at a sushi stall. Sushi Bento's Biohack turns the "hacks" into yellow pow speech bubbles with two red exclamation marks each, with the expiry turned into a black illusions on the floor. When Sushi Bento activates Syphon Funding, yellow pow speech bubbles are played above him.

Image Skin Description Added
BenjaminPortrait Original Benjamin Using his elite hacking skills, Benjamin can create extra money for the cause. 3.0
BenJamminPortrait DJ Benjammin' This party is gonna POP! 11.0
SushiBentoPortrait Sushi Bento Order up, sushi's on the menu! 24.0

Visual Improvements[]

DJ Benjammin Party Lights Placement
  • Description: Never put a DJ into action without party lights in full force. Benjammin only
  • Added: 19.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: DJ Ben Party Lights
    • For the first few seconds of placement, DJ Benjamin will produce vivid DJ party lights around a rectangular floor.
  • Trophies: Trophies 40
Benjamin Matrix Placement
  • Description: Woah, now I know kung fu! Original Benjamin only
  • Added: 24.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Benjamin Matrix
    • Benjamin appears on screen compiling himself with green assembly-like CLI data
  • Trophies: Trophies 50

Profile Pictures[]

Custom Avatar - Iconic DJ Ben
  • Description: DJ Benjammin in his iconic signature style
  • Added: 20.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: DJ Ben Avatar
    • Profile of DJ Benjamin in a discography artwork style
  • Trophies: Trophies 10
Custom Avatar - Best Ben
  • Description: Who's got your IT needs covered? This guy! Who plays the phat beats? This guy! And who can cater your next team event with delicious sushi? Well, this guy of course.
  • Added: 28.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Best Ben Avatar
    • Avatar of Benjamin showing from his tech glasses and being happy.
  • Trophies: Trophies 10

Co-Op Emotes[]

Cool Ben Emote
  • Description: Be like Ben and stay cool, live cool
  • Added: 29.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Cool Ben
    • Ben wears sunglasses, looking "cool". The emote appears to be glistening.
  • Trophies: Trophies 35

In-Game Quotes[]

Original Benjamin[]

When selected on the Heroes menu:

When Placed:

When Selected:

Leveling Up:

When MOAB-Class Bloons Appear:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon is Destroyed:

When Using an Activated Ability:

When Bloons Leak:

DJ Benjammin[]

When selected on the Heroes menu:

When Placed:

When Selected:

Leveling Up:

When MOAB Class bloons Appear:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon is Destroyed:

When Using an Activated Ability:

When Bloons Leak:

Sushi Bento[]

When Selected on the Heroes menu:

When Placed:

When Tapped:

Leveling Up:

When MOAB Class bloons Appear:

When a MOAB-Class Bloon is Destroyed:

When Using an Activated Ability:

When Bloons Leak:


Other sound effects related to Benjamin that are not specifically his voicelines are shown here.

When placing DJ Benjamin with Hero Voicelines off:

When infecting a bloon with trojan from any variant of Benjamin that is not Sushi Bento:

When infecting a bloon with trojan from Sushi Bento:

When activating his abilities with Hero Voicelines off from Original Benjamin:

When activating his abilities with Hero Voicelines off from DJ Benjammin:

When activating his abilities with Hero Voicelines off from Sushi Bento:


Several teasers were made for Benjamin before his release. Such as on his Twitter: Teaser 1, Teaser 2, Teaser 3, Teaser 4, Teaser 5. Much of these teasers tease the alleged hacking of BTD6.


See the Gallery Section!

Because of the size of the gallery, the gallery section here has been moved elsewhere so that this current page will be less cluttered.

See Benjamin (BTD6)/Gallery to find the new fresh gallery section!


  • Benjamin is the second Hero added to the game from an update. The first was Captain Churchill.
  • He is the first purchasable hero to received a second skin, the second hero is Ezili.
  • Benjamin has slight appearance changes on levels 4-6, but they all use the level 3 artwork instead of their own unique ones.
  • Even though his earlier levels feature Benjamin standing up, he actually sits on a rollable office chair until Level 10 onwards.
  • The Monklish on the Sushi Bento skin spells "sushi".
    • This is also the first time the letter "H" appears in Monklish.

Balance changes[]

  • When using the Infinite Heroes glitch on Steam, the syphon funding ability stacks. This glitch has been fixed as of Version 7.1, several days after initial release of the Steam version.
  • In Version 8.0, the voicelines for MOAB-class destruction are added.
  • In Version 30.0 when all sound effects are separated from voicelines, DJ Benjammin's Biohack and Syphon Funding abilities used to use normal Benjamin's sound effects. Starting from Version 31.0, DJ Benjammin's abilities correctly use a hip-hop tune sound effect that played before Version 30.0.

Blog posts[]

See Benjamin#Blog posts

Cultural references[]

For a list of cultural references not specific to this hero in the game Bloons TD 6, see Benjamin#Cultural references