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Beginner is one of the track difficulties the player can choose in the Bloons Tower Defense games starting in Bloons Tower Defense 4. This type of difficulty level tells how hard the map's layout will make it to win. It does not affect how much Money or how many lives the player starts with, as it is only affected by difficulty, premiums, and Monkey Knowledge.

These tracks are typically ideal for beginners (hence the name) and for getting to high rounds, since the rounds will be easier to work with. These maps are often long in length, have only one entrance and exit path, has a lot of space to place towers, and often has very small gimmicks if any.

In Bloons Tower Defense 6, these maps generally have no removable blockers and often lacks intrusive Line of Sight blockers. They are intended to be easier than Intermediate tracks.

In Bloons Tower Defense 2, the only beginner track would be paired with easy difficulty, as with the other two tracks.

Bloons TD 6Edit

The tracks are ordered by their release date and then their order of appearance in the map selection menu.  The Beginner tracks in Bloons TD 6 are:

Bloons TD 5Edit

The beginner tracks in Bloons TD 5 are:

Missions in BTD5 on Beginner Difficulty tracksEdit

Monkey Lane Missions

Park Path Missions

Bloons TD 5 DeluxeEdit

There are three beginner tracks exclusive to BTD5 Deluxe. Here they are:

Missions in BTD5 Deluxe on Beginner Difficulty tracksEdit

Monkey Lane Missions

Park Path Missions

Ocean Road Missions

Military Base Missions

Bloonhenge Missions

BTD5 MobileEdit

Bloons TD 4Edit

Default TracksEdit

Premium TracksEdit

iOS exclusive tracksEdit


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