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The Bee Bloon is a Bloon that appears in Bloons 2 series. When popped, bees come out and follow the cursor. The bees, when they contact bricks, die while destroying the brick. The bees also slowly die over time, around 5-10 seconds.

It looks like a Yellow Bloon with 2 wide black stripes. It first appears in the ninth level of the game, Bees Knees. Like darts, they cannot pop Metal Rubber Blocks. If they try to pop a block that needs 2 hits to pop, 2 bees will be used. Also, if you pop Bee Bloons with bees, 3 bees are added to the swarm. You can only have limited amounts of bees out at a time. This isn't shown as much in the normal mode, but if you place a whole load of Bee Bloons and pop them all, you'll see that no bees are added after.

This likely inspired the Beekeeper, a tower that appears in Bloons TD 4 Mobile (not Bloons TD 4 DSi) and Bloons TD 5 (as a Special Agent) and sends bees to pop Bloons overtime.

Hive mind

Bee Bloons in the Hive Mind level





  • The Bee Bloon is similar to the Pac-Man Bloon, as they are both player controlled. The Pac-Man Bloon likely was the original basis for the bee bloon.
  • The Bee Bloon is internally called the Bird Bloon. This suggests that it was initially a bird being controlled, potentially even more like the Pac-Man Bloon, before being changed into the Bee Bloon. The brown particles produced by the Bee Bloon are also called "feather", suggesting that the Bee Bloon was changed late in development.