The Bee Bloon is a Bloon that appears in Bloons 2 series. When popped, bees come out and follow the cursor. The bees, when they contact bricks, die while destroying the brick. The bees also slowly die over time, around 5-10 seconds.

It looks like a Yellow Bloon with 2 wide black stripes. It first appears in the ninth level of the game, Bees Knees. Like darts, they cannot pop Metal Rubber Blocks. If they try to pop a block that needs 2 hits to pop, 2 bees will be used. Also, if you pop Bee Bloons with bees, 3 bees are added to the swarm. You can only have limited amounts of bees out at a time. This isn't shown as much in the normal mode, but if you place a whole load of Bee Bloons and pop them all, you'll see that no bees are added after.

This likely inspired the Beekeeper, a tower that appears in Bloons TD 4 iOS and Bloons TD 5 (as a Special Agent) and sends bees to pop Bloons overtime.
Hive mind

Bee Bloons in the Hive Mind level


Bee bloon


  • The Bee Bloon is similar to the Pac-Man Bloon, as they are both player controlled. The Pac-Man Bloon may have inspired the bee bloon.
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