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Bazaar is an Intermediate Map in Bloons TD 6. It was introduced in Version 18.0 on 27th May 2020. It was based on one of five winners featured on the final vote of the 50,000 Subscribers Milestone Map Competition on the official BTD6 subreddit. The original concept artwork was designed by Reddit user u/polavux, and can be found here.


This map is located in a desert marketplace. There are two lanes, alternating each round. On odd rounds, bloons start from the top-left path entrance and exit towards the top-right lane exit. On even rounds, bloons start from the bottom-right path entrance and exit towards the bottom-left lane exit.

There are four marketplaces on each side of the central part of the map. Both the trees and the marketplaces are obstacles for Line of Sight. The marketplaces cannot be removed, but the trees can be removed for $500 each. There are two other wooden buildings on each side, and also serve as Line of Sight obstacles. There is also a monkey with a fez towards the left of the small bushy tunnel from the bottom-right side and blocks placement of towers there. The narrow central space separating the two lanes can fit towers up to the size of the Boomerang Monkey.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney.png Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $150
Completed $30


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Version History[]

Because of the difficulty of Bazaar compared to other Intermediate Maps, its central area has been adjusted to allow medium-sized towers to be placed there, making this map slightly easier.

Balance changes are listed in terms of favorability for the player.

  • Buff Bazaar's central area can now fit up to medium-sized footprint towers.


Concept Artwork[]


  • This is the fourth community-created map released into a Bloons TD series game, and second community-created map in BTD6, the previous one being Geared.
  • In the concept artwork, Bazaar was Advanced Difficulty but has changed to Intermediate Difficulty in the official release.
  • At the bottom-right corner of the map, there is a lamp. If you click it, it will spawn a sprite-like object.
  • Also at the bottom-right corner, there is a stall with a cat. If you click this cat, it meows.
  • At the top-left corner, there is a stall written with an encrypted language that reads "KL Tea Co."
    • It is possible to be "Kiwi Labour Tea Corporation".
    • There is also a bamboo basket nearby. If you click it, a kiwi bird will take a peek outside and sneak back into it.
  • At the bottom-left corner, there is a building that reads "closed" at its door, using the same encrypted language.
  • It is the first new map to play the "Sunshine Serenade" track, which was previously exclusive to Monkey Meadow.
  • This track is the only intermediate track that has 2 paths that are separated from each other in Bloons TD6.
  • On less powerful devices, the monkey with the fez stands completely still instead of moving idly side to side.