Battle River in BTDB Flash

Battle River is a track in Bloons TD Battles.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

This track takes place in a grassy area with a river which is split at the entrance. The river's path is the bloons' path. Bloons come at the left-most and right-most entrances, for both sides. After that, they go downwards, then go at the intersection. After that, they follow the river's path going downwards, then curving various times. In Assault Mode, sent bloons will come from the top-center entrance and, after the intersection, they follow the normal bloons' path. The curvy path makes the track a good space for Ice Towers and Tack Shooters. Spike Factories can be good here as well. This track maybe based on the Snake River track in BTD5. This track will is about easy difficulty if in BTD5.

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