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Battle Points (Battlepoint icon small) were a currency used for unlocking Battle Chests. They were primarily earned from winning games. They could also be earned from the shop by watching an ad (Mobile only) or clicking the free Battle Points option (Desktop only).

Battle Points were announced to become retired by Season 13, per Ninja Kiwi post 21st May 2023. They were removed in Version 2.0.

Earning and Spending[]


  • 35 Battle Points are needed to unlock a Battle Chest, 100 for a Great Chest, and 200 for a Mighty Chest.


  • Before multipliers, a win grants 3 Battle Points and a loss grants 1.
  • First Blood and No Lives Lost each give an extra Battle Point.
  • Watched advertisements give Battlepoint icon small2 each.
  • In-app purchases
    • Battlepoint icon small100: $1.99 USD
    • ...