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Double starting cash, Double income from: Farms, Bloon Attacks, Supply Drops, Wired Funds, Support Chinook, Bloon Traps

Bananza is a Club Battle that is introduced in Bloons TD Battles Mobile. In this mode, all Farms, Bloon Attacks, Starting Cash, and Income is doubled in cash value. Occasionally, other income methods give double cash too (these other methods are Supply Drops, Wired Funds, Support Chinook, and Bloon Trap).

This mode can be played in the Battle Arena and opens for a limited time like MOAB Pit and BFB Colosseum, just as other clubs do.


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  • Bananza is the only club arena rule that doesn't have a quote.
  • Bananza may be a play on the word "bonanza", which is what was said during the California and Colorado Gold Rushes whenever someone struck rich with prospecting
    • The punned name "Bananza" only makes sense when using an American accent, as the British accent for "banana" doesn't quite make as much sense in the context of the origins of the punned name.