Banana Split is the fiftieth and final level of Even More Bloons.


To complete this level, you need to shoot a dart at the bouncy platform. The dart's power should be average-to-high. Once the first Tack Bloon pops, the two other ones will pop along with a Spike Ball Bloon, which will drop at the Triple Dart Bloon. Next, use the triple darts by making them bounce until they hit the Ceramic Blocks (do not power the darts too much, otherwise, they'll hit the Iron Blocks). In case if they didn't hit the Boomerang Bloon, pop it with another dart. Finally, aim for the bloon group that has two tack bloons. In case if you have supplementary darts and you still haven't completed the level, pop the bloons that are in the bloon group above the monkey.


  • It is the final level of Even More Bloons.
  • Despite it being called "Banana Split", it doesn't look way too much like one.
  • It has been given the name "Banana Split", which is a dessert in real life.
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