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Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for almost their full amount, and Banks autocollect when full. Farm sellback rate increased by 10%
~ BTD6 description

Banana Salvage is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Banana Farm in BTD6. It allows outdated bananas to be autocollected at 85% their original value instead of 50%. In addition, all Farms with this upgrade sell for +10% more, including later upgrades. For Banks, they will autocollect immediately once full after a round ends; this also means a full Bank with this upgrade will always autocollect if end-of-round interest overflows bank capacity.

The benefits of Banana Salvage doesn't help much when compared to the Marketplace upgrade, but it helps when trying to spam in higher Banana Farms without Banana Farmers or with terrible micro, as the Marketplace upgrade limits purchase of Banana Plantation or its subsequent upgrades. Additionally, this upgrade pairs well with Monkey Bank for players who desire regular automatic collections hands-off over increased income rate. The higher sellback also helps with strategizing short-term Farm value if anticipating an early act of selling.

When paired with Favored Trades and Monkey Knowledge, a farm with Banana Salvage can reach the maximum sellback value of 95%, allowing it to pay itself off almost immediately.

It costs $170 on Easy, $200 on Medium, $215 on Hard, and $240 on Impoppable.



The brown crates around Banana Farm are now replaced with cyan crate with Banana label on them.



Targeting Priorities[]

Banana Salvage produces bananas that are tossed erratically around its range. Like most Banana Farm upgrades, Banana Salvage lacks any real targeting priority.


Tower Prices[]

Updated as of Version 29.4

This section only covers costs of Banana Salvage up to Tier 2, for now. For the costs of other variants of Banana Salvage, refer to the other upgrade pages.

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade Cost (x-x-2) $170 $200 $215 $240
Total Cost (0-0-2) $1,440 $1,700 $1,845 $2,040
Total Cost (1-0-2) $1,865 $2,200 $2,375 $2,640
Total Cost (2-0-2) $2,375 $2,800 $3,025 $3,360
Total Cost (0-1-2) $1,695 $2,000 $2,160 $2,400
Total Cost (0-2-2) $2,375 $2,800 $3,025 $3,360

Sell Potency[]

The quantity of sell potency of a Farm gaining the Banana Salvage upgrade's bonus sellback is determined by following equation:

(Where P = sell potency, Sn = sell price of Farm without Banana Salvage, Sw = sell price of Farm with Banana Salvage, and Cb is cost of getting the Banana Salvage upgrade)

Essentially, it is the amount of extra cash the player receives for selling with the Banana Salvage upgrade purchased. It is listed in parentheses in the following table. Banana Salvage is worth buying over other crosspaths if you plan on selling the farm before it can pay off the cost of the other crosspath plus the number in parentheses.

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Sell Price (0-0-2) $1,152 (+$30) $1,360 (+$35) $1468 (+$38) $1632 (+$42)
Sell Price (1-0-2) $1,492 (+$72) $1,760 (+$85) $1,900 (+$92) $2,112 (+$102)
Sell Price (2-0-2) $1,900 (+$123) $2,240 (+$145) $2,420 (+$157) $2,688 (+$174)
Sell Price (0-1-2) $1,356 (+$55) $1,600 (+$65) $1,728 (+$70) $1,920 (+$78)
Sell Price (0-2-2) $1,900 (+$123) $2,240 (+$145) $2,420 (+$157) $2,688 (+$174)


Instead of directly superior income gain, Banana Salvage further improves autocollection salvages and improves sell value of the Farm itself. This type of Banana Salvage strategy encourages a more conservative playstyle than greedy, focusing more attention elsewhere as convenience in exchange for a worse overall income. Banks also benefit largely off this upgrade by immediately emptying themselves upon reaching full at the end of a round, which actually may be more economic if not for manual collections.

As with EZ Collect's autocollection portion, Banana Salvage is also suitable for players who AFK, but it is still more efficient to be picking up the bananas anyway. The greatest downside for the Banana Salvage upgrade is that most of the time the superior upgrades for the Banana Farm are Path 1 for the increased income gain and Path 2 for longer banana lifespan and even more income gain, and hence may hinder crosspath options if opting for that upgrade. Banana Salvage, however, works incredibly well when paired with lower-tier Farms.

Besides going for Marketplace and its later upgrades, the Banana Salvage upgrade is still useful when paired with IMF Loans for players who frequently utilize Bank Deposits, as it is generally more efficient than the Path 1 crosspath for players who rely mostly upon Bank Deposits for bonus income, due to a greater conservation of player energy.


  • This upgrade can be paired with IMF Loans with the "Bank Deposits" MK to make it easier to shove extra income into multiple Monkey Banks with little trouble from accidentally leaving out a number of overdue maxed out Banks.
  • It is still generally preferable for Upper Path 1 to crosspath with the Valuable Bananas upgrade instead of this upgrade.
  • Existing Farms can be bought with Banana Salvage to gains more money overall from selling compared to without Banana Salvage, provided there's sufficient money to buy this upgrade and its previous upgrade right away. This tactic is mainly useful for lower-tier Farms, as these Farms do not require crosspaths to function as efficient income generation and are generally spammable due to their low costs.
    • For instance, 0-0-0 on Medium gives $875 from the 70% sellback of $1250, but 0-0-2 on Medium gives $1360 from 80% sellback of $1700 rewarding $485 just by upgrading an existing 0-0-0 to 0-0-2.
  • The 85% compensatory income from autocollected bananas can be used as a way of detecting if bananas from early-tier Farms were collected manually or not. Instead of neat numbers, an unbuffed Farm without Valuable Bananas upgrade or the More Valuable Bananas MK causes the income counter to not read in groups of 5 or 0, thus indicating a possibility of salvage autocollection. For a normal banana, that would be $17.

Version History[]

Minor quality-of-life changes. Also much more aggressive buffs to challenge Path 3 crosspathing against other more popular crosspaths.

  • Buff [undocumented] Monkey Bank with EZ Collect (or Banana Salvage) will now glow upon detecting full once it adds another pocket of cash, rather than just after the round it becomes full.
Banana Farm's xx2 upgrade is the inferior crosspath, so we've amped up the utility with the lazy aspect so that if it's going to be inferior for production, it's at least going to be extra lazy & less far behind. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff 0-3-2 Monkey Bank now autocollects at the end of the round it fills with no delay
  • Buff Banana Salvage, salvage value is now increased from 50% -> 85%
  • Buff Banana Salvage, now also increases this farm's sellback rate from 70% -> 80%

Description changes[]

13.0 (?)
  • Change Description changed from "Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for half the amount." to "Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for half the amount, and Banks autocollect when full."
    • Before Version 13.0 (?), Banana Salvage didn't mention about the interaction with the Monkey Bank. This was since added on that update. Original description was "Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for half the amount'".
  • Change Description changed from "Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for half the amount, and Banks autocollect when full." to "Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for almost their full amount, and Banks autocollect when full. Farm sellback rate increased by 10%"




  • Purchasing both Monkey Bank and Banana Salvage will make the Monkey Bank automatically collect the full amount of bank cash once the bank is full after a round.
  • Although not mentioned in the patch notes, Monkey Banks with EZ Collect (or Banana Salvage) will now automatically glow upon detecting full, rather than glowing after the round it becomes full.