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Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for half the amount, and Banks autocollect when full.
~ BTD6 description

Banana Salvage is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Banana Farm in BTD6. It allows outdated bananas to be autocollected at half their original value. It doesn't help much when compared to the Marketplace upgrade, but it helps when trying to spam in higher Banana Farms without Banana Farmers or with terrible micro, as the Marketplace upgrade limits purchase of Banana Plantation or its subsequent upgrades. Additionally, this upgrade pairs well with Monkey Bank for players who desire regular automatic collections hands-off over increased income rate, although the automatic collection only starts one round after the Monkey Bank maxes out capacity.

It costs $170 on Easy, $200 on Medium, $215 on Hard, and $240 on Impoppable.



Banana Salvage is a rather simple upgrade whose purpose is purely about providing convenience to picked up bananas, compensating unpicked bananas for a smaller income gain. It's suitable for players who AFK, but it is still more efficient to be picking up the bananas anyway. The greatest downside for the Banana Salvage upgrade is that most of the time the superior upgrades for the Banana Farm are Path 1 for the increased income gain and Path 2 for longer banana lifespan and even more income gain, leaving this upgrade usually untouched unless saving for its higher upgrades.

Besides going for Marketplace, the Banana Salvage upgrade is still useful when paired with Monkey Banks for players who frequently utilize Bank Deposits, as it is generally more efficient than the Path 1 crosspath for players who rely mostly upon Bank Deposits for bonus income, due to a greater conservation of player energy.


  • This upgrade can be paired with Monkey Banks with the "Bank Deposits" MK to make it easier to shove extra income into multiple Monkey Banks with little trouble from accidentally leaving out a number of overdue maxed out Banks.
  • It is still preferable for Upper Path 1 to crosspath with the Valuable Bananas upgrade instead of this upgrade.

Version History[]

Minor quality-of-life changes.
Buff [undocumented] Monkey Bank with EZ Collect (or Banana Salvage) will now glow upon detecting full once it adds another pocket of cash, rather than just after the round it becomes full.




  • Purchasing both Monkey Bank and Banana Salvage will make the Monkey Bank automatically collect the full amount of bank cash once the bank is full after a round.
  • Before Version 13.0 (?), Banana Salvage didn't mention about the interaction with the Monkey Bank. This was since added on that update. Original description was "Uncollected Bananas auto-collect for half the amount.".
  • Although not mentioned in the patch notes, Monkey Banks with EZ Collect (or Banana Salvage) will now automatically glow upon detecting full, rather than glowing after the round it becomes full.