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Not to be confused with the track, Banana Factory.
Produces 5 large Banana crates every round worth $300 each. Each crate contains 15 Bananas.
~ In-game description

The Banana Research Facility (also known as BRF) is the fourth upgrade on Path 1 for the Banana Farm in BTD6. It increases the amount of overall income gained each round by producing crates of bananas instead of regular bananas. Compared to its BTD5 counterpart, the income gained is different, creating 5 crates worth $300 per round ($375 with Valuable Bananas), valued at up to $1,500 per round ($1,875 with Valuable Bananas).

It costs $16,150 on Easy, $19,000 on Medium, $20,520 on Hard, $22,800 on Impoppable.


Banana Research Facility upgrades the plantation of bananas into a banana production factory. It displays a banana logo at the front. There is a chimney that expels yellow smoke every so often, as well as a blue pipe at the factory's left (player's right) that chugs out liquid through it every so often too. The roof is slanted on the factory's right (player's left) and is apparently made of a long slab of concrete reinforced by three concrete sticks.



Banana Research Facility is a very expensive income option compared to other games, but when crosspathed with Valuable Bananas, it becomes one of the most efficient short-term Banana Farm options in BTD6, especially when paired with the global Banana Central buff. Although significant micro is needed to frequently collect the crates, it is easier to micromanage than Banana Plantations. Banana Research Facility often competes with Monkey Banks, as the Bank is considerably cheaper, doesn't require as much micromanagement, and is easily spammable because of these two benefits. However, it produces the highest amount of income per round for a single Banana Farm below Tier 5, making it the strongest at compact income generation, especially for creating the highest value Monkeyopolis sacrifices.


  • Use the 4-2-0 crosspath for maximum income gain. It is far more efficient for gaining more income per round. 4-0-2 can be useful for lazy income generation and when just out of range of an existing Banana Farmer, but try using 4-2-0 instead whenever possible.
  • Adding 4-2-0 Banana Research Facilities nearby a Monkey City in preparation for Monkeyopolis is very efficient for both maximal Monkeyopolis income production and the best Banana Farm when paired with Monkey City.
  • Major advantages of the Banana Research Facility is that they are the most space-efficient, and they are better than Central Market as a Tier 4 in terms of income generation and repayment rate, although still slower at repayment than Monkey Banks.
  • Depending on playstyle, one may find it easier to manually pick up Banana Research Facility crates across the entire map than to manually apply Bank Deposits into every individual IMF Loan on screen. This may also be the case depending on whether the player is playing on desktop or on mobile.

Version History[]

Banana Research Facility was nerfed too hard when it was first released in BTD6, so a considerable price drop for this upgrade was made in Version 2.0 to make the 4-2-0 crosspath become truly a highly cost-effective short-term income option.

  • Buff Banana Research Facility price decreased ($22,000 → $19,000).


Official artwork[]


  • Throughout the entire series, the 4-2-0 Banana Research Facility in BTD6 is the most expensive possible Banana Farm besides the Tier 5 Banana Farms.
  • The Banana Research Facility's logo is actually floating in mid-air, as there are no sprites for the supporting rods. This can only be observed through modding to enable tower rotation or free cam.