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Not to be confused with the track, Banana Factory.
Produces 10 boxes of bananas every round. Each box is worth 200 cash.
~ Bloons TD 5 Flash Description
Produces 5 boxes of bananas every round.
~ Bloons TD 5 Mobile Description
Produces 6 boxes of bananas every round.
~ Bloons TD Battles Mobile Description
Banana Research Facility (BRF)

Upgraded From

Banana Plantation

Upgrade #

Path 1, Upgrade 4


Easy: $11900, Medium: $14000, Hard: $15120, Impoppable: $16800

Price with Previous Upgrades

BTD5: Easy: $16915 ($20740 at 4/2), Medium: $19900 ($24400 at 4/2), Hard: $21490 ($26350 at 4/2), Impoppable: $23880 ($29280 at 4/2)

Official Description

High tech Banana Facility earns you a staggering 2000 per round.

First Appearance

Bloons TD 4


BTD4, BTD4 Expansion, BTD5

The Banana Research Facility (BRF) is the final upgrade for path 1 in BTD5, giving $2000 money every round. It costs $11900 on easy, $14000 on medium, $15120 on hard, and $16800 on Impoppable. It is unlocked at Rank 36. This tower is important to get you far in the game as most towers will be near useless in later levels and the ones that make the most difference will be really expensive, making them a big payoff.

Because there are fewer rounds in Bloons Monkey City, the Banana Research Facility brings $300 per box ($450 as a 4/2) instead of the normal $200, giving a possible total of either $3000 or $4500 per round if all banana boxes are collected. Also, due to the competitive nature of Bloons TD Battles, each box grants 50% more money compared to BTD5. In Bloons TD Battles Mobile the Banana Research Facility also produces 6 boxes per round instead of 5, giving a possible total of $3600 or $5400 per round (presuming all boxes are collected).


The Banana Research Facility is the only upgrade of the Banana Farm to have no open space. There is a grey rectangular prism at the bottom of the facility. There is a large light blue window on the prism. Then there are two pipes on top of the right side of the prism. Finally, there is a cube on the left side of the prism, looking exactly like it. The only difference is that there is a banana sign on top of the cube.

How to Use[]

  1. Use this strategy for Medium or Hard. You will need to buy the Banana Farm in the early rounds (ideally before Round 10), and then upgrade it to Banana Plantation as quickly as possible. Then after 5 more rounds, you should try to buy Banana Republic. Then when you get to Round 40+, try to buy the BRF. This upgrade should be bought at or before Round 53 on Medium, or Round 57 on Hard. Let the money roll in!

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]

Initial release

BUFF Each crate from Banana Research Facility is worth 50% more cash (without Valuable Bananas: $400 → $600; with Valuable Bananas: $600 → $900).


NERF Banana Research Facility price increased ($14000 → $15000).


NERF The Banana Research Facility can no longer be exploited to produce more crates than normal.


BUFF Banana Research Facility price decreased ($15000 → $14000).

BUFF Banana Research Facility produces more crates per round (5 → 6).



  • The track Banana Factory could be the inside of a Banana Research Facility.
  • Whether or not the Banana Research Facility is more useful in BTD4 or BTD5 is debatable, as in BTD4 it's cheaper, but in BTD5 it has the potential to make more money due to Valuable Bananas.
  • It is possible that the company that owns the Banana Research Facility and Banana Investments Advisory are the same because they have the same wall color, window color and logo.

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