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Not to be confused with the track, Banana Factory.
High tech banana facility earns you a staggering 2,000 money per round.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description

The Banana Research Facility (BRF) is the fourth and final upgrade to the Banana Farm in Bloons TD 4, giving $2000 money every round. It costs $8500 on Easy, $10000 on Medium, and $10800 on Hard. It is unlocked at Rank 28. This tower is important to get you far in the game as most towers will be near useless in later levels and the ones that make the most difference (Sun God, Laser Cannon, Tempest Tornado, etc.) will be really expensive, making them a big payoff.

In BTD4 iPhone/iPod, this upgrade is called 'BRF'.


The Banana Research Facility is the only upgrade of the Banana Farm to have no open space. There is a grey rectangular prism at the bottom of the facility, it has a large light blue window, with two pipes on top of the right side and a trapezium prism on the left side, with a banana sign on top.

The icon represents a triangular beaker containing a green liquid with 2 dark green bananas inside, bubbling.

How to Use[]

  1. Use this strategy for Medium or Hard. You will need to buy the Banana Farm in the early rounds (ideally before Round 10), and then upgrade it to Banana Plantation as quickly as possible. Then after 5 more rounds, you should try to buy Banana Republic. Then when you get to Round 40+, try to buy the BRF. This upgrade should be bought at or before Round 53 on Medium, or Round 57 on Hard. Let the money roll in!
  2. Getting ten of these in BTD4 will make the player get $20000 per turn and will allow the player to get tons of Sun Gods. (1 each round, in fact, assuming that the player already has a plasma monkey at the end of each round)



Banana Research Facility is the ultimate income-producer in the entire game. It is additionally one of the most cost-efficient Farms in the game too.


  • Get as many of these as you can and as early as possible. They are the most efficient upgrade and with the money ramping added to this game, the money will allow you to place towers.
  • Even though they are the most efficient, wait until you have enough income to get them quick, otherwise waiting too many rounds could make you lose money that could have been invested in banana plantations.



  • The BTD4 counterpart of the Banana Research Facility is the cheapest among them all in terms of both upgrade price and cumulative price.

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