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The investments advisory generates $1000 each round and earns 20% interest on uncollected funds. Withdraw the cash at any time, can hold up to $20,000.
~ BTD5 Flash upgrade description

Banana Investments Advisory is the final upgrade of Banana Farm in Path 2 in Bloons TD 5. Just like its preceding upgrade the Monkey Bank, the Banana Investments Advisory does not drop bananas but instead generates money throughout the round, which is placed in its own "bank account", separate from that of other Monkey Banks and Banana Investments Advisory. Money is stored in the Bank, capped to a maximum amount, and the money can be withdrawn via the Collect button at any time.

It generates $1,000 per round which can be upgraded to $1,040 with the More Bananas upgrade and $1,180 with the Banana Plantation, respectively. It can store up to $20,000. At the end of each round, the currently stored balance earns 20% interest. Therefore, a Banana Investments Advisory can produce at least $1,200 per round at bare minimum when interest is taken into consideration.

In both the Flash and Mobile versions of Bloons Monkey City, the capacity and generation have increased by 50%.

In Bloons TD Battles Mobile, the Banana Investments Advisory also adds $80 to economy per round, along with normal generation of cash per round and normal capacity.

It costs $4,675 on Easy, $5500 on Medium, $5940 on Hard and $6,600 on Impoppable.



Targeting Priorities[]

Banana Investments Advisory, which stores money in its bank account, does not have a real targeting priority. Instead, it only has one buttons that alter its behavior, the Collect button, which withdraws all money from the current Banana Investments Advisory.


  • If you are utilizing Dartling Guns without the Dartling Ammo Dump's Tier 3 upgrade, it is advised you purchase path 2 instead of path 1 in order to maximise your firepower, although it will come as a lower net income from the farms compared to either the Banana Republic or the Banana Research Facility.
    • While a 4/0 Banana Research Facility generates more in the first few turns, a 0/4 Banana Investments Advisory actually generates more over time. In 9 turns, it fills up and generates $20,000 while a 4/0 Banana Research Facility only generates $18,000.
      • However, a 4/2 Banana Research Facility generates $27,000 in 9 rounds, making it much better over time.
    • You can have a BIA in the Deluxe and Mobile versions with Monkey Farmers/Pros, allowing you to not have to get this if you want Dartling Guns and Banana Farms.
  • If you are not in a dangerous situation, you are advised to collect the fund when it is almost full.
    • It is better not to withdraw the money until the bank is full, because you'll raise more Money.



  • Just as the Monkey Bank does, this upgrade makes the Banana Farm more like the one in Bloons TD 4, as you do not have to pick up the bananas.
  • Building this in Deflation Mode (By using the hotkey bug) will make it generate no money even if the money is withdrawn.
  • This is the only final path 2 upgrade not to have an ability in Bloons TD 5.
  • In Bloons TD5 Mobile, on the top of the building it says "B.I.A.", which is an initialism of Banana Investments Advisory.
  • In both Bloons Monkey City Flash and Bloons Monkey City Mobile, this is the only tier 4 upgrade not to require a special tier 4 upgrade building for its research, likely due to Banana Investments Advisory not having a Special Ability.
  • It is possible that the company that owns the Banana Research Facility and Banana Investments Advisory are the same because they have the same wall color, window color and logo.
  • IMF Loan, an upgrade in Bloons TD 6, succeeds the role of Banana Investments Advisory. Although both upgrades have a similar appearance and expand bank capacity, IMF Loan only has half the capacity and generates the same interest as its previous upgrade, but gives a proper activated ability for the Banana Farm which loans the player money at the cost of debt.