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The cornerstone of candy law enforcement, the Banana Guards might not be the brightest bunch, but they're determined and skilled with their spears. They'll hold off all bloon attacks until they're overwhelmed.
~ BATTD description
Place them directly onto the track and they'll pop any bloons that come near.
~ Short description

Banana Guards (for more information, see Banana Guards) are a Common ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that cost $250 to place. They use their spears to impale the bloons and have a health meter (indicated by a green heart above them that turns redder as its level drops) that refills every round when in battle, which can be compared to a Bloonberry Bush in BTD5 with only the self-health regeneration aspect. Banana Guards can only be placed on the path of the bloons, blocking up to 30 Bloons before they are overwhelmed, and the path where they are has to be on top of land. Once overwhelmed, they stay overwhelmed for another round before getting up again. They cannot pop Frozen Bloons, Lead Bloons, or Ghost Bloons. Upgrading them allows them to withstand more Bloons and do more damage to them.



  • Placed directly on the track


  • Easily overwhelmed


Icon upgrade pierce
Sharper Spears
COST: $200
Description: The Guards pop more Bloons before they're overwhelmed.
Effect: +10 pierce
Icon upgrade pierce
Thicker Skin
COST: $300
Upgrade(s) Required:
Sharper Spears
Description: The Guards hold out against even more Bloons.
Effect: +10 pierce


Place the Banana Guards near the exit, then upgrade them. This can stop some early game bloons leaks that swept past the main defense from leaking.



  • There is an independently movable version of Banana Guards called Banana Air Corps.
  • They are set to a unique targeting option called "Track", which cannot be changed.
  • If upgraded during a round or between rounds, the increased durability will apply when starting the next round.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Not stated in their information screen, it just simply saying "N/A".
  2. Appears as "-1" in their information screen