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Remember you can build another Banana Farm in your City every 5 levels. Build another one to maximise your income.
~ "Third Farm" Quest description
Level 5 Farm Upgrade

A display for the Level 5 Banana Farm upgrade

Banana Farms are Resource Buildings in Bloons Monkey City. It produces City Cash. Each Banana Farm costs City cash2000 to build and, once construction is complete, produces City cash1 every 7.2 seconds, reaching its cap of City cash500 in one hour. Upgrading to level 2 requires rank 18 and costs City cash20000. It produces cash twice as fast (City cash1/3.6 secs) and takes an hour to reach its cap of City cash1000. This is the only resource building that will give the player towers, at 1 in-game Banana Farm for every city farm built.


The Banana Farm requires a space of 2x2 tiles. On Mobile, the Farm takes up 7x7 small tiles. Also, it seems like the 4 tiles must not include any Volcano Terrain tiles.


As of 18th August 2015 on Flash, Levels 3 to 5 of the Banana Farm are available, as well as changing the looks of the upgraded Banana Farms. The additional levels do not affect the production rate, only the maximum cash it can hold. This makes it useful if the player decides to leave the game for a while without wasting a perfect opportunity to collect a large amount of cash. Unfortunately, there is no Mobile version of Levels 3 to 5.

Upgrade Level Required City Level Cost Building Time Capacity Rate of Cash Generation Additional Capacity vs Cost Time to Max Amount XP
1 1 City cash2000 01:00:00 City cash500 7.2 seconds per City cash1

(10 sec. if Mobile)

4 collections 1 hour (1.3888... if mobile) 200 XP
2 18 City cash20000 18:00:00 City cash1000 3.6 seconds per City cash1

(5 sec. if Mobile)

40 collections 1 hour (1.3888... if mobile) 500 XP

(Flash only)

25 City cash100000 36:00:00 City cash2000 3.6 seconds per City cash1 100 collections 2 hours 1000 XP

(Flash only)

26 City cash180000 48:00:00 City cash4000 3.6 seconds per City cash1 90 collections 4 hours 1000 XP

(Flash only)

27 City cash300000 72:00:00 City cash6000 3.6 seconds per City cash1 150 collections 6 hours 1000 XP


In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, a Monkey Farmer walks around the paths, if there are any.


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