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Generates Bananas that convert into game money to spend on more stuff.
~ Bloons TD 6 description

The Banana Farm is a money-generating tower, and is the only tower (non-agent) that has nothing to do with actually popping Bloons. This tower made its debut in BTD4. The tower generates income every round, the amount depending on what upgrades you have purchased. The Banana Farm itself generates $80 per round and costs $850 on Easy, $1,000 on Medium, $1,080 on Hard and $1,200 on Impoppable. It even gives money during Apopalypse Mode. It is generally a good idea to buy these early in the game, as it will result in a bigger payoff, but do not get carried away as without strong enough defense you may lose.

Game appearances[]

Banana Farm makes up to 11 appearances:

Bloons TD 4[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTD4)

In Bloons TD 4, the Banana Farm makes a debut. It automatically produces income at the end of each round without need of user input.

Bloons TD 5[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTD5)

The Banana Farm makes a return in Bloons TD 5. Instead of automatically producing income at the end of each round, the Banana Farm produces bananas that can be picked up for bonus income. It also gains an upgrade that converts the Banana Farm into a Monkey Bank, extrapolating any generated cash stored in the Bank until its maximum capacity, and can be manually withdrawn at any time.

Bloons Monkey City[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BMC)

On top of having a placeable tower, another type of Banana Farm exists in Bloons Monkey City. In a player's city, it is a city building that generates City Cash, used to upgrade the player's city. By default, a Banana Farm produces up to City Cash500 at a time, but it can be upgraded to have a greater capacity. Each Banana Farm placed in the city allows one more Banana Farm to be placeable in-game, provided they have the Micro Agriculture Development Building unlocked too (unlocks at City Level 15+).

Bloons TD 6[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTD6)

The majority of the Banana Farm has been overwhelmingly reworked in Bloons TD 6, modifying the cost values and income values of many of its money-generating capabilities throughout. In addition to this is the option to upgrade the Farm into an automatically generating income source, similar to the BTD4 Farm.

Bloons TD Battles 2[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTDB2)

It is the same as BTD6, but cash generation is doubled for most Farm upgrades. Base Farm produces only +50% more overall income with double cash but only 3 bananas per round instead of 4. Various upgrades are also adjusted to account for battle scenarios.


Bloons TD 4[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTD4)#Upgrades

Bloons TD 5[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTD5) #Upgrades

Bloons TD 6[]

Main article: Banana Farm (BTD6) #Upgrades


Bloons TD 4[]

See Banana Farm (BTD4) #Finances

Bloons TD 5[]

See Banana Farm (BTD5) #Efficiency

Bloons TD 6[]

See Banana Farm (BTD6) #Efficiency


Main article: Banana Farm/Strategies


Use Banana Farms on tracks where you need more income per round. Plant them early to get max value. Powerful upgrades include: Banana Plantation, Banana Republic, Valuable Bananas.
~ BMC Flash description
Generates extra money at the end of every round, but doesn't attack anything. Can upgrade to increase the money bonus.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description
Banana Farms work hard to bring in extra cash every round. They do not attack, so place them away from strategic areas.
~ Description upon unlocking in BTD4
Banana Farms can be a good long term investment. The earlier in the game you buy them, the better their payoff will be.
~ Round 54 on Bloons TD 4
Banana Farms grow bananas that you can collect to turn into cash. When your farm produces some bananas, collect them by moving your mouse over them. Don't leave them too long however, or they will spoil!
~ Bloons TD 5 Description






  • The Healthy Bananas premium upgrade gives the player 1 life per Banana Farm upgrade, per round. For example, if in BTD4, the player has 2 Banana Farms that are both fully upgraded with the 4th upgrade (Banana Research Facility), they will get 10 lives at the end of each round. If the player saves up enough lives, even a MOAB-Class Bloon can be let through and still leave the player with spare lives.
  • If the Banana Farm is upgraded along the left path during a round, the amount of bananas it will produce stays the same. (BTD5 and BMC mobile only)
    • For example, upgrading a Banana Plantation to a Banana Republic only kicks in starting the round after.
    • This can be exploited if you upgrade from a Banana Republic to a Banana Research Facility at the start of the round. The number of bananas per round stays the same, but you get crates instead, letting you make up to $4680 extra money for each upgrade to BRF.
  • If you are playing with Double Cash Mode enabled, you can use a Dart Monkey and build a Banana Farm before Round 1 begins.
  • The Path 1 upgrades in BTD5 are the same as the upgrades in BTD4.
  • In Deflation Mode, the Banana Farm is disabled. However, you can still use it (if you have enough money) by pressing its hotkey (V). They will generate bananas/crates/money in banks, but picking up the bananas/crates/money in banks will not give you any money.
    • Hotkey banana farms were fixed and does not work anymore.
    • You can also get a Banana Farm if you slide your cursor under the Monkey Apprentice when you cannot see the Banana Farm icon and you may be able to click the Banana Farm. However this does not always work.
  • The Banana Farm is the only source of reliable income in Apopalypse Mode.
  • You need about 14 Banana Research Facilities to buy a fully upgraded Sun God every round in Easy, or 9 if Valuable Bananas is purchased.
  • The Banana Farm is the only tower without an ability.
  • Due to Monkey Village's High Energy Beacon, this is the only tower that doesn't attack.
    • This also makes it the only tower (other than the COBRA, exclusive to BTD Battles Mobile) to not have an upgrade that allows it to pop Lead Bloons.
      • Funnily enough there is still a pop count even though it never pops bloons.
      • In Bloons TD6, the pop count instead counts how much money the farm has earned.
  • Unless you are planning to play in Freeplay Mode, in BTD5 the basic tower stops being worth it at round 39 on easy, round 52 on medium, and round 71 on hard.
    • This assumes that you plan to buy and hold the farm; you can make a profit purchasing it later in the game if you sell the farm just before or during the final round.
  • The Banana Farm is better in BTD5. This is because of the following reasons:
    • The upgrade Banana Plantation generates $250 cash every round in BTD4. In BTD5 the Banana Plantation generates $260 cash ($280 in iOS) per round.
    • With Valuable Bananas you can grow up the reward to 150%.
    • With Banana Investments Advisory, you can get to 20000 cash waiting 8-9 rounds (and 7 rounds to earn its cost), and buying 5 you can get 100000, enough to earn a Temple of the Monkey God. A Banana Research Facility will give you that money in 7 or 10 rounds (and 9 or 11 rounds to earn its cost).
    • When the player lacks money, and the player needs to place Road Spikes in Bloons TD 4 the player has to wait to the end of the round. But in Bloons TD 5, in that time, the bananas are produced and the player can use the Road Spikes immediately.
  • If you have the Healthy Bananas premium upgrade in BTD5, each (4/2) or (2/4) banana farm gives you 7 lives each round. (1 from the tower itself, 4 from the path with 4 upgrades (5) and 2 from the other path (7).
  • The Banana Investments Advisory or the Monkey Bank is useful if you have Dartling guns.
  • In Bloons TD Battles (flash version) and Bloons Monkey City (flash version only), the Banana Farm has been buffed so that each regular banana gives $30, each box of bananas gives 300 money, and with Valuable Bananas, they give 45 money per banana and $450 per crate.
    • In the Bloons TD Battles Mobile, the amount of money given per banana/crate doubles, but the number of bananas/crates is halved, rounded up.
    • To make the game balanced, the tower price for the Banana Farm has increased to $1200. The first two tier 1 upgrade prices are also increased, alongside Monkey Bank being decreased.
  • Right-clicking above a Banana Farm and moving the cursor outside the window will still collect the bananas, as the game (as with any SWF file) will assume the mouse is still where it previously was.
  • In Bloons TD 5 iOS, if a farm is upgraded during a round, it will not change the quantity of what it produces, only the value. This glitch can be exploited by upgrading a farm to 3-x, starting the round on regular speed, and quickly upgrading it to 4-x. this will cause it to generate 13 Banana Crates instead of Banana Bunches, earning the player 5200 cash or 7800 if Valuable bananas is bought. The profit gained from this exploit is greater than the loss made from selling it if a Monkey Village is used, allowing the player to sell farms, build 3-2 farms, start the round and rapidly upgrade all of them to 4-2 every round (except on very short rounds, like Round 24, 46, 60, etc.) thus generating a massive amount of profit from an exceptionally low number of Banana Research Facilities. After a while, the process will become too tedious (unless you are playing on a map with very little land for farms, i.e Archipelago) and you can just build up permanent farms.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, Banana Investments Advisory is the only 4th tier upgrade that does not require a special building to unlock for research.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, Banana Farms cannot get damaged from losing a Monkey vs. Monkey defense without sufficient City Cash. This is because they are under the Resource Buildings tab, and not the Unit Buildings tab.
  • In BTD4 Mobile games, its Pre-Round Comment does not show the sum of the round reward and the banana profit, it just shows the round money.
  • In a rare glitch, one can select the blank space and it will display "Target: None."
    • Players can do this glitch in BTD5 mobile by tapping one tower and pressing the info button and then when players switch to the Banana Farm it will say "Target: None." This can only be done on the iPhone and Android versions, however.
  • The Monkey Knowledge point Flat Pack Buildings, reducing the cost of Banana Farms and Monkey Villages by 2% and increasing their sell prices by 2% is disabled if a player leaves the game and returns at a later point, increasing the cost of each tower by $25 as a result.