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The elite of the Candy Military, the Banana Air Corps will defend the Kingdom at all costs. Their advanced jetpacks let them drop in on trouble no matter where it is.
~ BATTD description
Place them directly onto the track. Use the targeting option to move them any time.
~ Short description

Banana Air Corps is a Rare Ally that was added on Version 1.5.0. They are the movable version of Banana Guards, with the ability to move from one point of the bloon track to another. They can move anywhere by using the target options. They can pop up to 50 bloons before being overwhelmed. Just like Banana Guards, Banana Air Corps cannot pop Frozen Bloons, Lead Bloons, or Ghost Bloons. They can only be equipped to Princess Bubblegum and Warrior Bubblegum. They cost $700 to place.


  • Can be moved at any time using targeting options
  • Can't pop lead or ghost bloons


  • Razor Spears ($300): Increases the number of bloons they can pop [to 80 durability]
    • Battle Armor ($350): Tougher defenses to hold out against more bloons [to 100 durability]



  • The Banana Air Corps appear to have one guard in the portrait, even though there is visually two of them in game.
  • There is a bug where Banana Air Corps appears to "crash land" in their overwhelmed state at the selected point of the track between rounds.
  • Banana Air Corps has the same footprint as Banana Guards.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Not stated in their information screen, it just simply saying "N/A".
  2. Appears as "-1" in their information screen