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Missile seeks target within range and does extra MOAB and Ceramic damage.
~ BTD6 description

Ballistic Missile is the 3rd upgrade for Path 2 for the Monkey Sub in Bloons Tower Defense 6. This upgrade adds ballistic missiles that shoot above the sky and crash onto target bloons on screen, which will increase reliability of the missiles overall due to the missiles not being able to disappear from projectile expiry. These ballistic missiles will attack at any bloon within increased range (from 42 to 50, or anywhere on screen with Advanced Intel), but these missiles cannot attack camo bloons at all without camo support.

Each ballistic missile deals 1 damage each, deals an extra +5 damage versus Ceramics and MOAB-class, have 100 pierce each, and are shot every 1.5s (every 1.313s with Twin Guns, every 0.984s with Airburst Darts). The blast radius for a Ballistic Missile is approximately ~25 units diameter.

It costs $1190 on Easy, $1400 on Medium, $1510 on Hard, and $1680 on Impoppable.


  • 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile is useful when spamming the entire map with Ballistic Missiles, although better anti-MOAB options are available for this purpose.
  • Use 0-3-2 Ballistic Missiles when nearby a map with good central spots. Pair with Monkey Villages to ensure their ballistic missiles can reach enough of the track.
  • Ballistic Missiles can deal double damage to all bloons by pairing with Sub Commander, allowing each ballistic missile to deal 12 damage to Ceramics and MOAB-class. Pair with Admiral Brickell's Naval Tactics ability to unleash a barrage of fast-attacking Ballistic Missiles, especially with the 0-3-2 crosspath.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff 2/3/0 Ballistic Missile can now target Camo Bloons with Advanced Intel.

Change balloon Ballistic Missile will no longer target the Sub if the original target was destroyed.


Buff Missile fire rate increased (2s → 1.5s)


Buff 2/3/0 Missiles now (correctly) have unrestricted range.

  • Buff Ballistic missiles can deal 2x more damage if nearby Sub Commander.
  • Buff Ballistic Missile's base range increased (42 --> 60)
  • Nerf Ballistic Missile's ballistic missiles are now limited to base range, unless Advanced Intel is purchased.
  • Buff Adding Twin Guns increases ballistic missile rate from 1.5s to 1.275s
  • Buff Adding Airburst Darts increases ballistic missile rate from 1.5s to 0.75s
  • Buff Ballistic Missiles now deal more damage to Ceramics and MOABs (5 --> 6)
  • Buff Ballstic Missile costs less ($1500 --> $1400)
  • Nerf 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile's missiles no longer detect camo via the range of other camo-detecting towers without support
  • Nerf Ballistic Missile range reduced (60 -> 50, only +8 range)
  • Nerf 0-3-1 Ballistic Missile crosspath's fire rate reduced (1.275s -> 1.3125s)
  • Nerf 0-3-2 Ballistic Missile crosspath's fire rate reduced (0.75s -> 0.984375s)
  • Nerf Ballistic Missile's splash no longer hits Camo without Camo Detection, even with a camo detecting tower sharing its camo vision through Advanced Intel.



  • Purchasing Ballistic Missile in BTD6 will give the monkey a Russian appearance. There were no visual changes to the monkey in the BTD5 version of the Ballistic Missile upgrade besides a hat color change.
  • In BTD6, the description was "Missile seeks target over any distance and does extra MOAB and Ceramic damage." until Version 19.0, although the missile range was nerfed in Version 18.0.
  • Prior to the Version 19.0 nerfs to the Path 3 crosspathed Ballistic Missile, Brickell + 0-3-2 Ballistic spam + 2-0-5 Sub Commander was used to easily beat Quad CHIMPS, and could even be easily done with Black Border.
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