Ballistic missile seeks its target over any distance and does extra damage to Ceramic and MOAB class bloons.
~ Description from BTD 5 iOS

Ballistic Missile is the third upgrade along path 2 for the Monkey Sub in BTD5. It costs $1275 on Easy, $1500 on Medium, $1620 on Hard and $1800 on Impoppable. It allows the sub to fire missiles at bloons, as well as its darts. The missiles have infinite range (even though the missiles might miss and disappear) and pop Lead Bloons, but cannot harm Black or Zebra Bloons (similar to Bomb Towers). It does 3 damage to Ceramic Bloons and M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. Its blast radius is bigger than the Cannon Ship upgrade of Monkey Buccaneer.

This upgrade returns in BTD6. See more information about it on this page.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In BTD5 Flash, there is no difference in tower appearances in Flash, but there are differences when upgrading on the left side too.
  • In BTD5, there is a very rare glitch were ballistic missile subs will fire the missiles at the rate of a 1-2 Super Monkey.
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