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Ballistic missile seeks its target over any distance and does extra damage to Ceramic and MOAB class bloons.
~ Description from BTD 5 iOS
Ballistic missile seeks its target over any distance and does huge damage to all bloons in its blast radius.
~ Description from BTD5 Flash
Ballistic btd5 flash spam

Many Ballistic Missiles in BTD5 Flash

Ballistic Missile is the third upgrade along path 2 for the Monkey Sub in BTD5. It allows the sub to fire missiles at bloons, as well as its darts. The missiles have infinite range and seeks at bloons according to targeting priority (even though the missiles might miss and disappear) and pop Lead Bloons, but does not affect Black or Zebra Bloons. It does 3 damage to Ceramic Bloons and M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. Its blast radius is bigger than the Cannon Ship upgrade of Monkey Buccaneer. Missiles are shot every 2.0s, or every 1.0s in BTDB Mobile.

It costs $1275 on Easy, $1500 on Medium, $1620 on Hard and $1800 on Impoppable.



Accurate popping power that has a great effect on Ceramics and MOAB-class. It isn't as outstanding as Airburst Darts, since its semi-slow missiles deal only a minor bonus to Ceramics and MOAB-class compared to the rapid splitting darts of Airburst Darts, but nonetheless a strong upgrade when spammed.


  • Ballistic Missile doesn't need Advanced Intel to target bloons, though it may need it if needing to target Camo Bloons within range of a camo tower.



  • In BTD5 Flash, there is no difference in tower appearances in Flash, but there are differences when upgrading on the left side too.
  • In BTD5, there is a very rare glitch were ballistic missile subs will fire the missiles at the rate of a 1-2 Super Monkey.
  • Ballistic Missile projectiles in BTD5 do not actually resemble ballistic missiles. In fact, they resemble cruise missiles, since these missiles actively home at bloons while in flight.