Makes powerful balls of lightning that shoot additional lightning bolts.
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Ball Lightning is the 4th upgrade of the 1st path for the Druid. It makes the Druid shoot slow-moving electric balls that make additional lightning bolts. The Ball is shot every 6 seconds and the lightning from Ball Lightning spawns every 0.35 seconds dealing 2 damage to up to 30 bloons per lightning.

It costs $5,100 on Easy, $6,000 on Medium, $6,480 on Hard and $7,200 on Impoppable.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Ball Lightning allows the Druid to launch a new type of slow-moving projectile alongside previous spells from upgrades Heart of Thunder, Druid of the Storm, and typical Druid thorns.

The projectile itself fires off Lightning Bolt attacks from itself, attacking bloons close to itself at a quick pace. If no bloons are present, it will not release these arcs of lightning. The slow movement, instead of hampering potency, is meant to help maximize the lightning strikes in this case, letting the ball attack multiple times to the same bloons.

Ball Lightning is usually used in combination with Poplust Druid strategies to help with bloon rounds. However, do note that in many cases, Poplusts themselves already defeat these rounds, especially with pierce buff/Wall of Trees support from Obyn Greenfoot, so it may be better to buy a cheaper variant of Druid, or to simply save the money for your other upgrades.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The slow attack speed of the ball lightning attack means that it can easily miss the large groups of bloons it is meant to target. Poplust boosting the Ball Lightning helps with this by increasing the ball's fire rate.
  • Given the nature of the projectile benefiting from being in the range of bloons for a long period of time, using a Ball Lightning Druid similarly to a Juggernaut or Spike-o-pult would be ideal, allowing it to pass down the path and shock as many bloons as many times as possible before disappearing or going off the screen.
  • One notable aspect for Ball Lightning can also be unlocked with Monkey Knowledge Point called "Cold Front", allowing the ball to freeze bloons it attacks. Because this freeze is fairly weak, it usually only adds a small bonus to the actual power of the Ball Lightning.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ball Lightning does not follow the trend of the older Monkey Apprentice, which would typically be that stronger whirlwinds are made with the Tempest Tornado upgrade.
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